Arapaima Bolivia sep 2024

Prime target Arapaima in the Amazone!

Arapaima Bolivia sep 2024

Prime target Arapaima in the Amazone!
We cooperate with Amazon-Angler for this fishing trip. This company has specialised in perfectly organized fishing trips to the furthest corners of the Amazon for many years. Steve Townson, the owner of Amazon Angler, has arranged these fishing trips in detail and you are in the best of hands. All these trips are unique fishing trips to different locations in the Amazon jungle.

This fishing trip is designed for the fisherman who is looking for an unforgettable experience in the hunt for really big Amazon fish. The giant and wild arapaima is very high on the wish list of many anglers. But what about jau, jundia, red-tailed and surubim catfish, payara, thornback ray, corvina and pacu. A long list of big fish and also world records have been broken at this location.
Worldsbestfishingtrips is cooperating with Amazon-Angler for this fishing trip. This organization has specialized in fishing trips to the farthest reaches of the Amazon for many years. Steve Townson, the owner of Amazon Angler, has worked out these fishing trips in detail and are completely taken care of. All of these fishing trips are all unique fishing trips to different fishing locations in the Amazon jungle.
After the successful group trip in the second half of 2022, we have again managed to secure a week for 2024 to go here with our own group and experience this adventure.
Departure on Saturday 31 August and return on Tuesday 10 September 2024
31 - 8 International flight to santa Cruz and overnight in shared double room
1 - 9   Flight Santa Cruz - Riberalta in the morning
          Afternoon charter flight to the Lodge and overnight stay for the next 7 nights (all included).
2 till 7- 9 Six full days of guided fishing all meals, beer water, coffee, tea and soft drinks included
8 - 9   Morning charter flight to Riberalta
           Afternoon flight Riberalta - Santa Cruz and overnight in shared double room 
9 - 9   International flight Santa Cruz - home airport and expected arrival on 10-9
The price is € 4,650,- per person.
This is what happened at our last grouptrip to Bolivia.
In the morning, you will be taken by local tractor to the transport boat and this boat will then take you to the various secluded lagoons and enclosed lakes where the giant arapaima reside. There are more than 100 of these spots in this region, which are in the middle of the jungle and without commercial fishing. Here, hundreds of arapaima can be found in an impressive environment.
These mighty ancient fish are the Holy Grail of all fish species in the Amazon for every fisherman. The Arapaima lurk in the many closed systems, lagoons and lakes alongside the main river. This fish is prehistoric in every way, it is an air-breathing fish, but at the same time it is an incredibly strong but also delicate fish for its size.
Arapaima 'roll' on the surface to take in air and they easily give away their presence. There is a strict catch and release policy whereby they are gently recovere after being caught and then immediately released so that they may be caught again at a later date.
These incredible river monsters can grow to over 4.5 metres and weigh in at over 500 lbs! The fishing areas contain many arapaima and we fish for them with large flies, artificial lures or with live, cut or entire dead bait. Catching an arapaima on the fly is the most epic experience for any angler in the world! But bring your heaviest rod of 10-12 wt. and big flies are a must here.
We also fish with 'lighter' outfits with medium-sized lures to provoke amazingly strong and aggressive bites from large arapaima. A heavy or medium set-up with 65lbs of dyneema provides some of the most unprecedented fishing for these freshwater giants.
Huge catfish can be found in the deep holes of the river system itself. All species can be caught on cutbait, live bait or entire dead fish.
There are two species of surubim or shovel-nosed tiger cats (including the easy-to-catch and very strange, elongated 'paleta' or firewood shovel-nose) to be caught and both are fast, streamlined and give a phenomenal bite. These beautifully drawn predatory fish are also caught on lures. Weighing up to 50 lbs, they are strong fish to catch.
The flat-whiskered cat is a real dynamite of a fish for its size. On average, it weighs 15 pounds, but its maximum weight is around 25 pounds and it is the tastiest fish in the Amazon.
The fast redtail catfish is considered to be the strongest catfish species in the Amazon considering its size. An 80 lb redtail will take you all over the river and happily show you the back of your reel and line with screaming runs.
The jau catfish get up to 180 lbs here and are the rottweilers of the river. They lurk under rocks and in the fast flowing water! You really need to entice them into making a strike and then use brute force to land one of these behemoths.
Are you interested in this fishing trip of a lifetime? Then please contact us and we will help you as best as I can.


The arapaima paradise lodge is built on the premises of an active hacienda where nuts are grown deep in the jungle of Bolivia. 

This location has two separate houses with a total of four double rooms with a high standard of comfort. A total of 8 fishermen can stay here during the fishing week.  Each house has its own bathroom and shower and there is air conditioning in all rooms. 

There is a bar, dining area, TV room/lounge and a fully equipped kitchen where the most delicious meals are served every day, including the barbecue.

The rooms are cleaned daily and there is also a laundry service available which is included in the price.


Several types of fishing boats are used at this location. These are flat-bottomed and local fishing boats of around 16 feet and are moved by local guides. Because the arapaima are very shy animals, fishing here is done without an outboard motor but only by paddle. This way, the fish are less scared off and the chances of catching them are much higher.

You fish with two persons per boat and one guide who will do everything to let you catch the best and biggest fish.

A list of recommended tackle will be provided with your travel documents but count on sturdy jerkbait rods, strong boat rods and ditto reels and lines to resist these fish. And also a good selection of surface lures, jerks/stickbaits, bucktails, crankbaits, jigs, super strong hooks and leaders.

You need to bring your own equipment on this fishing trip. It is not possible to rent or buy equipment locally.


The season for this location runs from June to November. It is usually warm with temperatures of over 20° C at night and 25 to 30° C during the day. Due to the mostly present wind, it usually feels cooler during most of the year.

The programme is as follows:

  • Day 1: Arrival from Santa Cruz to Riberalta no later than this day in the morning. Charter flight to the Lodge and overnight stay for the next 7 nights (all included).
  • Day 2 to 7: Six full days of guided fishing.
  • Day 8: Return to Riberalta in the early afternoon. The flights back to Santa Cruz are in the late afternoon.

The price of this fishing trip with 6 full days of fishing is € 4.350,- per person.

Includes charter from Riberalta to the lodge and back, seven nights' accommodation in the camp on the basis of a shared double room, fishing with guide and 2 persons per boat, daily laundry service, all meals, water, soft drinks and beer in the camp.

Excluding international flight and flight to Riberalta, additional nights in Santa Cruz 2 x, visa, alcoholic drinks, vaccinations and tips. 

For tips, count on a total amount of USD 250,- for all staff together. So both for the guide and the camp staff.  Prices are indicative and may be subject to currency and seasonal variations.

Payment terms: 50% as a deposit at reservation, 50% to be paid 90 days before arrival.

Of course we are happy to take care of the international flights for the traveller.

Check whether you have been vaccinated against yellow fever and take your vaccination certificate with you in case you need to show it (yellow fever vaccinations are now valid for life). Also check with your doctor about any other necessary medication or vaccinations.

All fishing trips to the Amazon are a true fishing adventure. Despite years of experience and thorough organisation of the trips, it can always happen that on these expeditions things happen that are not in the regular script. Participants of this fishing trip must therefore realise that in exceptional cases the trip may not go entirely according to plan and that a certain flexibility may be desirable.

Are you interested in this fishing trip of a lifetime? Then please contact us and we will help you as best as I can.

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