Cinnetic Northcape Festival june 2022

Cinnetic Northcape Festival june 2022




Minimum 9 and maximum 17 participants


Registration is done on a first come first serve basis due to the maximum number of participants.

The trip consists of:

  • Personal guidance on the spot by
  • Return transfer from Alta to Skarsvag
  • We have reserved the entire fishing camp (max 20 persons)
  • Towels, bedlinen and final cleaning included
  • Boat Arronet 18 feet 70 HP 4 stroke, GPS / fishfinder and max 3 anglers per boat
  • Joint final dinner on last evening
  • Personal photo album after the trip for each participant
  • Booking fees are included


Costs of this trip are € 1095,- per person excluding flights.


This is how it looked like in 2019:





Right next to the North Cape on the northernmost fishing location in Europe, this location is situated in an impressive and beautiful environment. This top location is new and very complete in terms of accommodation, boats and possibilities for fishing. Practically every angler has this location on his bucket list and we offer you the exclusive opportunity to fish here. The North Cape is a super cool part of the world where you want to have fished! There is always fish gathering here. Cod, coalfish, pollack, redfish, haddock, wolffish and halibut are the main predators here. You are going to find it all here. Because of its location on the peninsula, it offers a good protection against any wind from southeast to northwest. The potential in this place is enormous.


There is a varied bottom structure where, in addition to halibut, cod and wolffish, you can expect monkfish, redfish and coalfish. Underneath the schools of coalfish in the deeper parts the cod and halibut await you. All in all, all the conditions are in place for a perfect fishery. You fish at depths of 20 to 200 meters where both large and small fish swim around. In order to make a choice between these depths, the size of the (artificial) bait is decisive. Halibut is also regularly caught here! Make no mistake. Halibut fishing is one for go-getters but the key to success is making hours. From June till October these beautiful fish can be caught regularly. In the house bay at literally 5 minutes sailing a halibut of 146 kilos has already been caught and the day after our pilot visit a specimen of 80 kilos was caught!


There is a local guide available who speaks English and an employee of is present to guide the group. He is happy to assist you throughout the week with help and advice. On the spot he can provide you with the latest information regarding the hotspots and the material and methods to be used. He also joins in daily on a different boat to guide the guests.


We have the entire fish camp at our disposal, which consists of two large residential units. In one house there are 5 double bedrooms each with 2 single beds and the other one has three double rooms and two singles. Each room opens onto the large central living room with kitchen. You share this living room and the kitchen with your fellow anglers. This room is comfortably furnished at 90 m2. The kitchen is fully equipped and has all the comforts such as dishwasher, 4 burner stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave etc.


In addition, the houses look very nice since everything is made of wood and first opened its doors in 2018. Per house there are two spacious showers and toilets available. The houses are only a few metres walk from the boats and the service house. The bedrooms are practical but since we are fishing during the daytime, that is not an issue for anyone.


In terms of boats we use luxurious, high quality 18-foot aluminium Arronet boats with a 70 HP motor. All boats are standard equipped with fish finder and GPS plotter, nautical chart, paddles, life jackets and 10 rod holders. Refuelling the boats takes place in the fishing camp itself using jerry cans that are pre-filled and ready for use. The costs are noted per boat and can be paid by credit card or cash at the end of the week. These boats leave nothing to be desired and offer a high degree of sailing comfort. The 70 HP engines offer enough power to get quickly and comfortably to the desired fishing spot. For the 20 anglers there are a total of 7 boats available. This means that there is a maximum of 3 anglers per boat.


Fishing is done with lures as well as natural bait. Pilks / shads vary from 50 to 450 grams depending on the depth and current. If you no longer feel like jigging, you can easily switch to herring, mackerel or coalfish on a live bait rig. This system works excellent for halibut and large cod. The largest fish are generally caught with natural bait. Besides the heavy work on cod and halibut, it is certainly also fun spinning on more moderate sized species with a "lighter" set. In the shallower areas you can experience an attractive fishing for smaller cod and coalfish with, for example, a medium spinning rod of 50 to 150 grams, and you will be amazed what you can bring to the surface with such light material.


PS. It is a century-old tradition that whoever catches a halibut of 50 kilos or more has to take a jump in the harbour. We are happy to follow up on this tradition during this fishing trip!


We have intentionally chosen the best season for mixed fisheries for halibut, cod, coalfish, haddock, wolffish etc. The weather conditions in northern Norway can be irregular and can change completely within an hour. That is why it is important to always inform before each departure about the latest weather forecast and predictions. So make sure you have serious and warm fishing gear and always take it with you on the boat. Don't forget the hands and head. It is wise to build up your clothing in several thin layers, so that (if necessary) you can take some off as well.


On Wednesday June 15, 2022 you will depart from your local airport to Oslo and then the entire group comes together and we will fly directly to Alta with SAS. We will of course assist you with booking your tickets. Each passenger is entitled to 2 x 23 kilos of luggage + 8 kilos of hand luggage. The bus will be waiting for us here and will drop us off at our location in Alta after a ride of about three hours through the impressive surroundings.


On arrival: assignment of the houses and explanation boats and use of on-board equipment. Six days fishing in 18 foot Arronet boats with 70 hp 4 stroke engines fish finder and GPS. We stay a week in the complex and you fish 6 full days on a boat with a maximum of 3 anglers. For shopping we have local transport which is driven by the organization to go to the supermarket in the village and assist with shopping.


Or fill in the registration form directly! CLICK HERE


Additional costs include flights. The earlier you book the lower the price! As soon as we have reached the minimum number of people we can book the tickets. For the flight 2 x 23 kilos of luggage and 8 kilos of hand luggage per person are allowed. The flight is scheduled to fly on 1 day from Amsterdam to Oslo and then directly to Alta. Other additional costs: personal care (food and drinks), food. If there are fewer people per house and boat, other prices apply.


There is a supermarket with a wide range of groceries available in Honningsvag. During the outward journey a first stop will be made here to do the first shopping. During the week there will be 2 or 3 evening transfers by car from the location to the supermarket to do the remaining grocery shopping. There will also be a farewell dinner on the last evening where the prize winners will be revealed. At the end of the trip, all participants will receive a photo album as a personal reminder. If you would like to enquire about the availability of this special group trip, please contact: [email protected]


Of course, there are great prizes to be won again for the most beautiful and biggest fish! This new group trip promises to be another fun and beautiful fish week so don't wait too long and sign up because full = full!

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