Corona virus

February 24, 2021
Now that the European countries are vaccinating, we all have an increasing urge to travel again. We do hope that all planned fishing trips can go ahead, but to be honest: the chance that we can go out in April, May and June this year is not very big. Our trips to Iceland in April, for example, have already been rescheduled at the request of our local partner. To be on the safe side, we are already looking at alternative dates with our guests so that we can still go on fishing trips this year. We are aiming for the second half of this year as a serious alternative.
Within the framework of the Corona measures we organize NO fishing trips to countries that at the time of the trip are marked as orange and as "Necessary Travel Only".
Our full considerations for this are:
1. The government asks us NOT to travel to countries marked as orange. We complied with this last year and will do so again in 2021.
2. If you are a traveler to a country marked as orange, your travel insurance will not be valid in 99% of the cases.
3. If you are a traveler to a country marked orange, your health insurance is not valid in all cases.
4. After returning from an orange country, you most likely have to go into quarantine (differs per country). For travelers who are employed and do not work from home, this means taking an extra 10 days leave of absence.
5. If a country goes into lock-down during your trip, the travelcompany (we) is responsible for repatriation. However, there is no fishing travel agency that can cover these costs, and since the travel insurance does not cover this either, you as a traveler are at the mercy of the country and your own wallet. In addition, people in paid employment will probably want a good word from their boss about why they went on the trip. With all its consequences.
Do not get us wrong. We are also really fed uip with it! And we would love to travel and fish again asap. However, we believe that by being honest with ourselves we can make the greatest contribution to the best, safest and quickest solution for all our guests, for the individual countries, our local partners and for our own company in the long run. 
If you have any questions about this, you can of course contact us via 0031 - 348 702 620 or by e-mail at [email protected]

13 December 2020

We have stopped updating the information about all the different countries and what is allowed and what is not. At the moment it is very limited to travel abroad and we contact the client 7 to 8 weeks before departure to discuss the situation and come to a solution together.

We are a travel agency and offer a package holiday. Therefore, we are obliged by law to reimburse the booked trip to the guest if they wish to do so. This is actual in case it is not possible to travel to the country of holiday. This decision is taken by us ultimately two weeks before departure.

However, we initially request all our guests to reschedule the journey. More than 95% of our guests have done so in the past period and it is best for everyone. It's all a lot of extra work for us but that's always better than cancelling completely. Basically the trip is offered for the same amount. However, it can happen that a part of the trip will be higher or lower in price. If that is the case, the total amount will also be adjusted for the new travel date.

In concrete terms, this means that you have the choice to move the trip to a new date or to get your money back in case it is not possible to travel to the country of destination. In the event of cancellation of the trip, we charge a booking fee of 25 euros, which is non-refundable.