Corona virus

We have stopped updating on all the different countries and what is allowed and what is not. If you have any questions, please contact us and we can provide you with the latest information or find out for you (if you have booked with us). [email protected] or +31 348  702 620.

We are a travel organisation and in most cases we offer package holidays. Therefore we are obliged by law to reimburse booked trips to guest where their holiday is cancelled due to Corona related causes). This is the case when the guest is not able to travel to the location due to the prevailing regulations of the country. This decision will be made by us at the latest two weeks before departure.

However, we ask all our guests to reschedule their trip in the first instance. This is what over 95% of our guests have done in the past period and it is best for everyone. It is all a lot of extra work for us but it is always better than cancelling completely. Basically, the trip will be offered for the same amount. However, it can happen that a part of the trip is higher or lower in price. If that is the case, the total amount will also be adjusted for the new travel date.

In concrete terms, this means that you have the choice of rescheduling your trip to a new date or getting your money back if it is not possible to travel into the destination country. If you cancel your trip, we charge a non-refundable booking fee of EUR 25.

This is a legal requirement and a travel organisation must always comply with it. Therefore, when you book a fishing trip, make sure that the organisation is a member of a travel guarantee fund. Is this not the case? Then the organisation is not working according to European law and you run the risk that if they go bankrupt, you will not get your holiday money back! So pay attention and know that we fulfil all requirements!