Egypt Nile Perch

Egypt Nile Perch




Egypt, the land of the pharaohs. But also of the great Nile perch, tigerfish and catfish! Due to the construction of the Aswan dam in the 60's, Lake Nasser is now a lake of more than 5,000 km2. This trip is a real adventure! You live, sail and fish on a fishing boat or a houseboat. That choice is yours and depends on the size of your group. In any case you will be on or on the water 24/7. On the boats the staff will cook for you and you will see the crocodiles, lizards, marraboes and other tropical animals pass by while sailing. After dinner on the boat in the evening you can take the fishing rod to fish for catfish or Nile perch along the banks of the Nile where you see the sun slowly disappear behind the horizon.


Here you follow in the footsteps of Hemmingway only now in the form of a fishing safari! The combination of beautiful nature and overwhelming fishing make this trip unforgettable. Add to this the cordiality and hospitality of the Egyptian guides and you are here for a week (or longer) full of adventure and unforgettable memories.



There are two options:


  1. The Lake Nasser Safari; Here you join the group. This can consist of 2 or 16 participants. This depends on the number of reservations. This trip starts with the arrival and departure on Monday.
  2. The Nubian Safari: Depending on the size of the group you choose a mother boat or houseboat and in both cases accompanied by a number of fishing boats. This private safari can start and end on any desired day.


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Nile perch, Tigerfish, Vundu and Bagrus catfish are fished here. There are several boats that are used here:


1. the mother boat:

This ship has built-in kitchen, shower and toilet facilities, bedrooms and a large upper deck where you can eat and relax. This ship is a kind of floating mini hotel in Hemmingway style. Not luxurious but surpringly good. These boats are used for larger groups as a base for fishing with the smaller fishing boats.


2. the houseboat:

has 2 spacious cabins where up to 6 people can sleep. On the upper sun deck you can relax and enjoy the view and there is a shower and toilet. This boat is not suitable for fishing but is ideal for your own group and private safari. These boats are complemented with fishing boats.


3. the fishing boat:

has 2 separate parts; the cabin annex living space and the fishing aft deck. You can sleep with max 2 persons on these boats. This is a real adventure with no luxury but an absolute perfect adventure. You will be amazed how well you will sleep here. The fore and aft deck are ideal to cast from. It has large fuel tanks, a 12 volt electrical system, fish finder and plenty of room for your stuff. Toilet and shower can be used on the mother boat.


It is also possible to use Monark (aluminium) boats on request to increase the number of fishermen per boat and thus the fishing comfort.


Because the Nile perch has no natural enemies here except the crocodile, specimens of more than 150 lbs have already been caught. However, the average weight is around 20 to 40 lbs. The fishing takes place casting or trolling. After a long day of fishing you will be welcomed on your 'accommodation boat' with a delicious Egyptian meal. If you have the stamina you can than after dinner cast a rod for catfish or cast from the shore on tigerfish and more Nile perch.


As fishing material we use medium to heavy spinning rods. For trolling we even use 10 to 20 lbs rods from 2 to 2.5 meters. Typical examples of reels that are used here are the TLD 15 and ABU 7000. For shore casting the rods have to be a bit longer and a bit less heavy. But a casting weight of up to 120 grams and a length of up to 3 metres is fine. Braided line with a breaking strength of around 20 kilo is perfect here. For fishing tigerfish the set has to be a bit lighter and it is important to use a steel wire because of the razor sharp teeth.


Lures in the shape of wobblers are mostly used. Such as the Rapala shad raps, Rapala Magnums, depth raiders etc etc etc. Both the floating and the deep diving variants are recommended. But also with shads, dead and live bait can be fished succesfully. It goes without saying that the fly fishermen can also fully enjoy themselves here. By using the monark boats there is plenty of room to cast and two people can use one boat. Both in the Nubian and Lake Nasser Safari. When you do not feel like sorting out everything yourself in terms of rods, reels, lures etc. You can rent complete rod sets and lure boxes (with 50 pieces of lures).


In principle, fishing can take place all year round. Private fishing safaris can start every day of the year and group safaris to start every Monday. Depending on the rainfall in Ethiopia and East Africa the water rises in a period of 6 to 8 weeks in Lake Aswan. In this period of rising water the fishing is less good than in the other periods. For the rest of the period the fishing is simply good. In the summer period temperatures up to 40 degrees in the desert are no exception. In all cases the weather is fine and you can wear shorts and a t-shirt during the day. But don't forget the sun lotion! Or put on a t-shirt with long sleeves. The fish cap and sunglasses are a must!


Whether you choose the Nubian or the Lake Nasser Safari, you fly to Aswan with a potential stopover in Cairo. You will be picked up on the spot and brought to your hotel for the first evening. The next morning you'll be picked up early and taken to the boat and your adventure begins immediately. To give you an idea of the costs: the average price for 4 persons on 1 houseboat with 2 fishing boats for a week with 6 fishing days is about 1600 euro per person. That includes first and last night stay in hotel in Aswan, transport to the boats, all meals and thus two own fishing boats. The average price for four people to join the Lake Nasser Safari with their own fishing boat and extra monark boat is 1450 euros per person. Of course prices depend on dates, availability and period of departure. To get your exact quotation simply send us an e-mail with your requested period and number of persons and you will receive make a custom made quote. Additional costs are tips for the crew and your flight.


This trip can also be made very well with the family where 1 boat goes on a wildlife safari and 1 boat goes fishing. In this way it is possible to combine holiday, adventure, family and fun.


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