HART Cape Verde Festival april 2022


HART Cape Verde Festival april 2022

Maio is one of the nine Cape Verde Islands. And the island has made many fisherman's heart beat faster. And that is mainly because of the variety and size of fish that are being caught here. From bonefish on a 10 gram rod to 500 kilo sharks and everything in between! Here you can update your species list in a serious way.
And that is exactly what the modern, adventurous fisherman is looking for. Challenge, different fishing spots and many possibilities in terms of fishing and fish species. With this new festival you will have just that! In cooperation with our local partner we have developed this completely new festival. It appeals to the qualities of the fishermen and we are going to practise all the different kinds of fishing possible on the island. Every day a different ftype of fishing is scheduled. And in order to win this festival you need to be good (or lucky) in all disciplnes.
  • Trolling for tuna, wahoo, mahi mahi, barracuda, marlin, etc with the Faeton 780
  • Jigging (light & heavy) with the Faeton 680 
  • Bottom fishing with natural bait with local wooden boat 
  • Shore fishing for shark 
  • Active shore fishing with lures
  • Shore fishing fishing with natural bait
We can maximum take up to 6 groups of 3 people each. So be quick to claim your place. It is also possible to register as an individual or a couple on the condition that we can form a team per 3 participants or for an additional fee with fewer people. The minimum for this trip is 5 groups.
From Friday 22nd April 2022 to Saturday 30th April 2022
- central online meeting in February 2022
- 1 overnight stay in Praia in VIP hotel in shared double rooms
- 6 days of fishing, a different type of fshing every day
- all transfers on Maio
- all angling equipment and bait are included
- staying in your own 4 persons apartment per team
- bed linen, towels, water, electricity and final cleaning included
- full board excluding drinks
- personal guidance by 1 person from Worldsbestfishingtrips.com
- Great prizes from HART to win for the best team, the biggest fish, most species etc.
- Photobook of the trip
The cost of this trip is 1895,- euro excluding flights. As soon as all flights are officially available we will arrange them. Alle flights are expected to be available by September 2021. Additional costs are; visum, personal care during the travel days, drinks on the spot and tips.
The fish you can catch here are almost endless. Horse eye jack, wahoo, dorado, marlin, sailfish, amberjack, yellowfin tuna, groupers, snappers, various shark species such as mako, tiger, nurse, hammer and lemon sharks as well as rays, bonefish and blue runners. Large specimens are also caught, with sharks up to 4.5 metres and over 500 kilos and rays of 2 metres in diameter and 200 kilos have already been caught here. You will be short of time!
Because the island Maio is not so well known, there are no large streams of tourists and it is very quiet and you can enjoy the sun, sea, nature and the wonderful climate. It is therefore not surprising that this is the place where Michael has lost his heart to fishing. Michael is Dutch but lives on this island for several years and works here as a fishing guide and is also a fanatic fisherman.
Check here the film of a group of guests catching a tigershark of 1000 lbs from shore.

Michael has done a lot of scouting work here in recent years and with success! All types of fishing are imaginable here. Jigging, trolling and (bottom) fishing with natural bait but also casting from the shore or going for sharks and rays. During trolling, especially tuna, wahoo and dorado are the main species and sometimes marlin and sailfish in the right period show up during this type of fishing. But also several tiger sharks between 200 and 500 (!) kilos are regularly caught here. So also varied fishing is certainly possible for the enthusiast. The fishing for shark is based on strict catch & release unless the fish is too severely damaged or has no chance anymore. Other fish are occasionally used for dinner but are also put back neatly if possible. The pictures speak for themselves, so let your imagination run wild and think about what you would like to catch here! You will certainly run out of time!
This is what our own trip here looked like.


read the aadventures of the Dutchanglers on Maio: part 1, part 2 en part 3
Read here the story of Dutch fishing TV presentor Marco Kraal and his wife on this location.

There are several 4 person apartments on the island. Each team has its own home with 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, shower toilet etc. The houses are neat and tidy and have more than enough comfort. The rooms are provided with ventilation and also the bed linen, towels and final cleaning is included.


Transportation to and from the restaurant and fishing spots on site is provided. For breakfast you will be picked up and brought to the restaurant. Here you will enjoy an extensive breakfast and you can also prepare your lunch for the afternoon. After breakfast you will go with your guide to the fishing that is planned for that day. Transportation will be arranged. After returning from fishing you can freshen up in your own apartment. After that you will be picked up again and you can go to the restaurant for a delicious cold beer after which the dinner will be served.


In other words: Everything has been thought of and all you have to do is fish, relax and enjoy.

For sea fishing we use the following boats:
- The Faeton 780 with a Yanmar inboard diesel is used for trolling for the large species. 
- The Faeton 680 has a yamaha outboard f100 and will be used for jigging. 
These boats are equipped with the necessary safety materials and equipped with gps and fishfinders from Lowrance. The Faeton 780 and 680 are equipped with fighting chairs and cabin. All boats are also equipped with a spare engine for safety.

Furthermore, 1 day of fishing is done from a spacious local wooden boat not too far from the coast with natural bait. This boat is over 8 meters long and is skippered by a local captain. The boat has a bait bun and a 15 HP engine. With this fishery we will target many and different species of fish that you will find just a short boatride from the shore. A day back to basics and here it also comes down to the quality of the fishermen to be successful.

Naturally, the boats are equipped with all the necessary angling equipment. There is a large set of 20, 30, 50 and 80 lbs material with the necessary lures and other baits. High-quality materials from well-known brands such as Shimano and Penn are used here.

But also for shore fishing all the necessary materials are available. Self-designed rods are available to cast heavy bait for shark fishing as well as shorter ones when fishing from the beach. Every spot here is different and requires different material and Michael is happy to be of service and has all material available.
For all fishing, fishing equipment and bait are included. So it is not necessary to bring your own equipment. If you would like to do so anyway, it is possible to do so for shore fishing with lures and natural bait. Light or medium spinning rods of 2.4 to 3 meters are the appropriate materials here with a 4000 reel, dyneema with a breaking strength of 15 kilos and a fluocarbon leder of 40/100.  

The location is run by Michael and he is a Dutchman. He is the absolute fish lunatic,who you would like to have at every location as your guide. A lover of fishing and next to that he knows all the fishing spots on the island like the back of his hand.

The program looks like this:

Thursday 21 April 2022  
Flying in to Praia
Transfer from airport to VIP hotel 
Overnight stay in VIP hotel in double rooms including breakfast

Friday 22 April 2022
Bus transfer VIP hotel airport
Domestic flight Praia - Maio with Binter around 13 to 14 hours
Arrival and transport to restaurant Michael 
Welcome and explanation of practical stuff
Draw of the fishing program

Saturday 23 April 2022 Fishing Day 1
Sunday 24 April 2022 Fishing Day 2
Monday 25 April 2022 Fishing Day 3
Tuesday 26 April 2022 Fishing Day 4
Wednesday 27 April 2022 Fishing Day 5
Thursday 28 April 2022 Fishing day 6 + Closing dinner with award ceremony
Friday 29 April 2022
Sleep out + transfer to airport
Domestic flight from Maio to Praia with Binter
Evening flight from Praia to home airport

This fishing trip can accommodate up to 6 groups of 3 people each. A minimum of 5 groups is required. So be quick to claim your place.

- Online central meeting in February 2021
- 1 hotel night in Praia in VIP hotel in shared double rooms
- 6 days of fishing, a different type of fishing every day
- transfers on the island of Maio
- all angling equipment and bait are included
- stay in own 4 persons apartment per team
- bed linen, towels, water, electricity and final cleaning included
- full board excluding drinks
- personal guidance by 1 person from worldsbestfishingtrips.com
- Great prizes from HART to win for the best team, the biggest fish, most species etc.
- Photobook of the trip

The price of this trip is 1895,- euro excluding flights. Additional costs are; personal care during the travel days, drinks on the spot and possible tips.

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