Rest, relax and enjoy top fishing in the north of the Lofoten!


This renovated old local school is the ideal place for fishing in the northern part of the Lofoten. The beautiful nature with its mountains and islands offers a lot of protection from possible wind. From Toppsundet, it is a pleasure to fish. Peace, space, relaxed and good fishing through a very interesting bottom structure.


Practically all fish are caught in an environment of maximum 30 minutes by boat. And there are also very large sizes. A look at the nautical chart tells us that due to the continuous current from Kongsvika there is a good supply and discharge of nutrient-rich seawater here and so there is a large amount of cod, coalfish, haddock, redfish, wolffish, halibut etc. present. But also the fact that there are very few fish camps in this area makes it extra attractive because of the low fishing pressure.


From the airport of Evenes it is less than an hour's drive! This short transfer makes it complete. It is a small and authentic location that makes it a very popular place with guests. So if you want to make a reservation here you have to be there on time!


The Anfjord is located between Vesteralen and the island of Senja and here, with great regularity, beautiful numbers of halibut, cod, wolffish, coalfish and other species of fish are caught. In this region you will find a multitude of different platforms (many of which are sandy and there for ideal for halibut!) but also underwater depths that ensure a perfect current due to the rise and fall of the tides. And this is not only the case in narrow trenches but also in the middle of the fjord and at less obvious locations. They are the perfect spots for small bait and therefore also for larger fish. It is therefore necessary to bring large shads so you can select large fish. The smaller your bait, the bigger the chance of catching a small fish. And vice versa. The bigger the bait the bigger the fish.


There are different underwater mountains such as Mefjordingen, Vester,- Inner- and Medbåen but also Daggrunnen und Skotskallen where you can always find fish. In summer and autumn, the coalfish are present here in large numbers. And on the "abysses" under water the redfish are quickly found.


The house is 130 m2 and has 6 + 3 beds and is only 30 meters from the water. The house is built against the mountain so you have a beautiful view over the fjord. There are 4 bedrooms available of which 1 with 2 single beds, 2 rooms with bunk beds and 1 separate summer house (15 m2) with 3 single beds. There is also a sauna and this is included in the price. As well as electricity, water, bedlinen, towels and final cleaning. Of course there is also a shower and toilet and a fully equipped kitchen with all imaginable necessities such as dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven, coffee maker and kettle.


The house is a 10 minute drive from Harstad where the necessary groceries can be arranged. But if you give the owner your shopping list he will be happy to get it for you. The owner is staying at the same location in his own house and will assist you with advice and assist the guests during their stay.


The boats are only 30 metres away where you will also find the filleting tables with running water as well as the large freezer in the service house. Here you can freeze the self-caught fish you want to take home. If you need more space there is also a large freezer in the house. In the service house there is also petrol available which the owner will happy to fill up the boat for you. These extra costs can be paid locally at the end of the fishing trip in cash.


At this location you will also receive a local sea map with the most relevant fishing spots. If you are interested in going trout fishing for a day there are 4 smaller lakes nearby where you can have fun with a local permit. These trout have never seen a fly or lure!


There are 3 boats available at this location.


2 x 19 foot Kvaerno boats with 50 HP Honda motor and GPS / fishfinder

1 x 17 foot Kvearno boat with 50 HP Honda engine and GPS / fishfinder


The boats have a steering console and the engines are started electrically. They have 10 rod holders per boat on board. They are comfortable and widely used boats in most places in Norway. They are easy to steer and the necessary petrol can be refuelled on site by the local host. The boats are suitable for up to 4 people. The cost for the boats is 640 euros per week excluding fuel.


House € 1649,- week with 6 persons and each person more € 93,- week

Fishing boat € 667,- week


A transfer from the airport Evenes is possible for an amount of 310 euros one way. This amount is the same for 2 to 8 persons. Another option is that we provide a rental car for you.


This location can be booked from the beginning of May until the end of October and it is possible to stay here for 7, 10, 12 or 14 days. Would you like to visit this top location next year? Then contact us quickly.

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