With all our fishing trips, sometimes something can go wrong. An accident is just around the corner and it can be small but sometiimes be big! It can vary from a fishing rod breaking down to a hospital admission with subsequent repatriation to your home. Not only will you face extra, unforeseen costs, but it also involves a lot of improvisation and organisation. With a good travel and medical insurance you can count on good assistance and adequate compensation for damages.


And if you are unexpectedly unable to go on a trip, or have to break it off prematurely due to unforeseen circumstances, a cancellation insurance offers a good solution. Some cancellation insurances even reimburse the entire amount of your trip, if you have to stop the trip prematurely, regardless of the time of the trip.


So we strongly advise all of our customers to prepare and arrange these insurances. PLease be aware that you are repsonsible fot his yourself. We can not be held responsbile in case something happens during a fishing trip and you are not properly insured!


An accident is just around the corner!