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More than 330 fishing trips experience!

Tour leaders
A tour leader is an important part of a group trip. For all our group trips, we have a team of highly experienced anglers who enjoy watching the guest catching his or her fish of a lifetime. Supporting you if necessary and letting you enjoy the trip in peace if possible. Guiding group trips might look easy but it requires not only knowledge of organising and fishing, but also adaptability to solve local issues and determination to get things done. 
We are therefore proud to introduce our team of permanent and highly experienced guides to you! Please note: this group can boast a staggering 330 + fishing trips of experience. 

John Smit : (1966) Fished in 47 countries and 50+ fishing trips
His mother claims he crawled to the local pond to watch the fish even before he could walk. And that passion has always remained. Whether in the Netherlands or abroad, John knows how to figure out what species to catch and he usually succeeds quite well. And preferably the biggest of them all! Pike, zander, perch, catfish, etc. in the Netherlands. And on foreign trips a long list of fish including arapaima, alligator gar, rooster fish, various shark species, tuna, cubera snappers, and many many more. 
John enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience which is also the feedback from those who have travelled with him. For several years he has been writing articles for the Dutch angling magazine BEET, was one of the founders of the Dutchanglers online platform, was one of the organisers of one of the biggest angling competitions in Europe (Luremasters) and has already accompanied several group trips and festivals of Worldsbestfishingtrips. John is Operations Manager and in that role he coordinates all the international group trips. 

Tom Sintobin: (1974) Fished in 40+ countries and 50+ fishing trips
Tom has been fishing for more than 45 years for everything that has fins and gills and he enjoys every moment at the water. As an angling journalist, he has written more than 100 articles for both national and international fishing magazines and websites, and he is currently one of the editors-in-chief of BEET magazine. He is very skilled in his fishing techniques, manages to catch a large specimen of his target fish 9 times out of 10. He always gathers in-depth knowledge extensively, has a large network at home and abroad and can empathise with the habitat of fish like no other. His top three best fishing trips: Tom likes all fisheries, but among his most cherished memories are casting for Nile perch in Uganda, drifting for halibut above the Arctic Circle and fly-fishing for wild brown trout in the Pyrenees. 
Hendrik- Jan Verheij : (1975) Fished in 30+ countries and 40+ fishing trips
Hendrik-Jan has been fishing since childhood and is a true passionate all-rounder who knows how to catch his fish anywhere and anytime using a wide variety of techniques. For the last 15 years, his personal focus has been on catching iconic freshwater fish such as arapaima, goliath tigerfish, piraiba and yellow cheeck. Besides all these iconic species, Hendrik-Jan can also thoroughly enjoy fishing in countries like Norway, France and our own Netherlands for species like catfish, carp, pike, zander, perch and asp.

Volkmar Strikkers : (1987) Fished in 25+ countries and 20+ fishing trips
Predator, lure enthusiast, techie, knowledge based. You can turn to Volkmar for information on any kind of fishing in every corner of the world. He is devoted to tropical saltwater fishing; popping, jigging, fly-fishing, but also to other active fisheries. With his experience as a tourleader and guide at every challenging destination, he is able to make every fishing trip a memorable adventure. 
Nathalie van den Berg : (1977) Fished in 10+ countries and 15+ fishing trips.
Nathalie has been fishing for many years and has also done several fishing trips to Norway, Cape Verde, Ireland, England, Belgium, Greece, Spain etc, among others. With this experience, it is also not surprising that she has co-presented a fishing  TV show in the Netherlands (De Visvrouwen) and recently joined the 25 years running TV show Vis TV as a co-host. She is a permanent author for BEET fishing magazine nd can regularly be found as a special guest at local and national fishing events in the Netherlands.
Since June 2022, she is working at Worldsbestfishingtrips as office manager and she arranges all fishing trip related matters like rental cars, flights, travel documents etcetera. Nathalie is the ideal combination of enthusiasm and knowledge when it comes to fishing and the execution of your fishing trip.
Lars Nieuwenhoff : (1967) Fished in 25+ countries and 60+ fishing trips
Brother of Joris Nieuwenhoff and involved since the start of Worldsbestfishingtrips as fishing buddy, guide and sparring partner. Addicted to active fishing; big game fishing with popper, and shad and fireball fishing for halibut. But also fishing for sea trout in waders, or trolling for pike or targeting asp. Lars prefers fishing in the most extreme conditions possible, he does not fear any experiment and loves 'innovating our game'. He also loves helping customers and seeing them catch the fish of their dreams.

Joris Nieuwenhoff: (1970) Fished in 49 countries and 100+ fishing trips
Director of Worldsbestfishingtrips. Inspired by his grandfather, he has been fishing with his brother Lars since the age of 4. Meanwhile, he has fished all the seas of the world and he is no stranger to any type of fishing. Fly fishing, shore fishing, popping, jigging, predatory fishing, boat fishing in Norway, India, Costa Rica and so on. Joris is the driving force behind the company and has put a lot of time and energy into its growth and development. As a result, he has lead Worldsbestfishingtrips to become a leading fishing trip agency and generated a large number of happy and returning guests.