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Savage Gear Heilbot festival sep 26
Gericht heilbot vissen in Soroya!
Fauna goes Madagascar! okt 25
Groepsreis nomadisch Popperen & Jiggen
Lucipara islands oct 25
Live aboard at remote islands of Indonesia
Clinic Light Tackle Norway sep 25
Light tackle fishing at its finest
Savage Gear Heilbot festival sep 25
Groepsreis met max 27 deelnemers op een toplocatie!
Roofmeister Zweden Avontuur 2025
Sjoerd en Bo go Sweden part 3!
Nile Perch Uganda mar 25
Nile Perch Uganda mar 25
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yah From fishermen for fishermen!

From fishermen for fishermen!

Professional fishing trips

With more than 40 years of personal fishing experience and a master degree in hotel management, we know better than anyone what you require for a well-organised fishing trip.

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yah Who we are!

Who we are!

Born out of passion for fishing

We have been fishing since we were 4 years old and this passion has led to many private fishing trips in our younger years. The creation of in 2006 is a long cherished dream come true. And now transforming that to is the cherry on the cake.

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yah Broad choice

Broad choice

We have a wide range of different fishing trips in our portfolio. A large part of it is in Norway but we also have a wide choice of fishing trips in the rest of the world. We have many partners with whom we have worked for a long time. 

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