Who we are!

Born out of passion for fishing


My name is Joe Nieuwenhoff and I was born on July 29, 1970. As a young boy I walked together with my brother Lars down the canals and ponds of Arnhem and surroundings to fish for anything that moved. From the moment we were 10 years old we were allowed to go out to sea with our grandfather. And that is where it all started. That is where our fishing career took of to sea.


In 1995 I completed the Hotel School in The Hague. After that there was more free time again and together with my brother I took up fishing again. The emphasis is on predatory fish. Every second Sunday at sea chasing cod and sea bass or on the lakes and polders mainly focused on pike.


In the past 30 years we have travelled to different locations in the world. America, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK, Cape Verde, etc. I have organized these trips with a lot of pleasure every time and it went very well every time. That's why I decided in 2006 to combine my passion for fishing with a part of my education. That resulted in the creation of the company VISREIS.NL. Here we offered our fishing trips to Dutch and Belgian fishermen.


At the end of 2018 I quit my regular day time job and from that moment on I worked full time to offer our guests an optimal fishing experience in different countries in the world. I am also always working on the further growth of the organization by discovering new locations and offering them on the website.


Of course I can not guarantee catching the fish, but I value that you as a customer are well informed and guided in the preparation process. My goal is to offer different fishing trips at worldsbestfsihingtrips.com and to support the guests as good as possible with knowledge and information. Worldsbestfishingtrips.com is a place where every fisherman can find a beautiful fishing trip to fulfil his or her passion.