Who we are!

Born out of passion for fishing

My name is Joris Nieuwenhoff and I was born on July 29, 1970. As a young boy I walked together with my brother Lars down the canals and ponds of Arnhem and surroundings to fish for anything that moved. From the moment we were 10 years old we were allowed to go out to sea with our grandfather. And that is where it all started. That is where our fishing career took of to sea.
In 1995 I completed the Hotel School in The Hague. After that there was more free time again and together with my brother I took up fishing again. The emphasis is on predatory fish. Every second Sunday at sea chasing cod and sea bass or on the lakes and polders mainly focused on pike.
In the past 30 years we have travelled to different locations in the world. America, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK, Cape Verde, etc. I have organized these trips with a lot of pleasure every time and it went very well every time. That's why I decided in 2006 to combine my passion for fishing with a part of my education. That resulted in the creation of the company VISREIS.NL. Here we offered our fishing trips to Dutch and Belgian fishermen.
At the end of 2018 I quit my regular day time job and from that moment on I worked full time to offer our guests an optimal fishing experience in different countries in the world. I am also always working on the further growth of the organization by discovering new locations and offering them on the website.
Of course I can not guarantee catching the fish, but I value that you as a customer are well informed and guided in the preparation process. My goal is to offer different fishing trips at worldsbestfsihingtrips.com and to support the guests as good as possible with knowledge and information. Worldsbestfishingtrips.com is a place where every fisherman can find a beautiful fishing trip to fulfil his or her passion.


My name is Nathalie van den Berg and I was born on 25 January 1977. I am mother of two daughters (twins) and live in Uithoorn. 

With my father and mother both fishing, I could not stay behind ion developing a passion for fishing as well, which could be described as "hereditary"!  I grew up in the Amsterdam Rivierenbuurt neighbourhood, in a flat. My parents often went to the Bosbaan to fish and I joined them from a very young age. Always being outside and when I got older, we moved to a little house in Bakkum, by the sea. There we always went to the beach and of course the fishing rods (or the shrimp net) came along!  As a family, we were just always fishing. 

My parents were boardmembers of our local fishingclub,  HSV Seagull, and our home was often a meeting location. Competitions, meetings, tying lines, casting our own lead, self-caught fish in the freezer: I don't know any better. And I'm proud of it. Sweet or salty, it doesn't matter to me. Although I do find my greatest relaxation and satisfaction in the Salty fishing.

In 2015, I started sharing my fishing moments on social media after which I was approached by Sportvisserij Nederland. Whether I wanted to collaborate on an article for Het Visblad one day.  That conversation went so well that they decided to send a cameraman along. The video 'Stylish Beach Fishing', together with Marco Kraal, became a great success. I was then allowed to collaborate on an episode for VisTV and an episode of VisTV XL.  

With the rise of fishing women and their ever-increasing popularity, the idea for a female fishing programme was born. We are now shooting the 5th season of "De visvrouwen" on RTL4, who would have thought?   

Whenever I go on holiday, a fishing rod always goes with me. The lines have already been cast in Ireland, Spain, Greece and Norway. Fishing in Norway is absolutely crazy, what a mega-fishery there... But there are so many more great fishing trips: The Cape Verde and Costa Rica locations are still on my bucket list. 

From June 2022, I have been working at Worldsbestfishingtrips.com and that has been a very good move! It's a lot of fun to help fellow anglers have a great fishingtrip and to be able to give them the service and information so they make the right choices and have a wonderful memory of their adventure abroad! You are then helping to realise a dream - that is just great, isn't it?

At Wordlsbestfishingtrips.com, you don't just book a trip. You also book with a guarantee, recieve appropriate personal advice as well as guidance, and all this organised with pleasure by a team who is passionate for fishing. 



My name is John Smit and I was born in 1966. Father of a son and a daughter and living in Huizen, Netherlands.


My mother claims I crawled to the local pond to watch the fish even before I could walk. And that passion has always remained. Whether in the Netherlands or abroad, John knows how to figure out what species to catch and he usually succeeds quite well. And preferably the biggest of them all! Pike, zander, perch, catfish, etc. in the Netherlands. And on foreign trips a long list of fish including arapaima, alligator gar, rooster fish, various shark species, tuna, cubera snappers, and many many more. 

John enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience which is also the feedback from those who have travelled with him. For several years he has been writing articles for the Dutch angling magazine BEET, was one of the founders of the Dutchanglers online platform, was one of the organisers of one of the biggest angling competitions in Europe (Luremasters) and has already accompanied several group trips and festivals of Worldsbestfishingtrips.

John is Operations Manager and in that role he coordinates all the international group trips.