Terms and conditions

1. Bookings are accepted at Worldsbestfishingtrips.com by mail, telephone or post. The necessary information about the contact person and possible fellow travellers as well as the desired location and dates must be provided to have a complete booking.
2. Published prices of worldsbestfishingtrips.com are based on the full costs as they were known at the time of publication of the prices. If changes occur in transport costs, exchange rates, taxes and other related costs, which are directly related to the booking, worldsbestfishingtrips.com reserves the right to adjust the travel sum.
3. Worldsbestfishingtrips.com aims to confirm your booking as soon as possible. In certain cases specific parts of a trip must be requested separately. In these cases you will receive the final confirmation a few days later.
4. All confirmations of worldsbestfishingtrips.com that are issued can be subject to printing and typographical errors and or mistakes. For this worldsbestfishingtrips.com accepts no liability. You will be informed as soon as possible if parts of your booking change.
5. The person who places the booking with worldsbestfishingtrips.com is personally responsible and liable for the other travel companions who are registered by him / her. If a person who wishes to make a reservation is a minor, a parent / guardian must co-sign the booking form. In addition, specific personal circumstances that may influence the course of the trip (such as age or disability) must be stated at the time of booking.
6. All payments for the fishing trip you have booked will be made to Worldsbestfishingtrips.com. The invoice for the down payment amounts to 100% of flight tickets, ferry tickets and/or insurances plus 25% of the remaining amount. The customer will receive the remaining invoice 8 weeks before departure and a payment deadline of 14 days applies to both invoices. Each booking is subject to a contribution for the VZR travel guarantee fund. In this way we comply with the statutory guarantee program for package holidays. The costs for this are € 9,- per person. These costs are at the expense of the traveller.
7. Bookings are final if the deposit of the travel sum has been received by Worldsbestfishingtrips.com.
8. The final payment must be in the possession of Worldsbestfishingtrips.com 6 weeks prior to the starting date of the trip. If a booking is made within the period of 7 weeks prior to the starting date of the trip the entire travel sum must be paid by the traveller immediately after the invoice of worldsbestfishingtrips.com has been sent.
9. In case of late (down) payment, the traveller will receive a payment reminder with the request to pay the outstanding amount immediately. If the (down) payment after five working days is not paid in full, the agreement is deemed to be cancelled on the sixth day after the reminder and the amount not being paid. Worldsbestfishingtrips.com will in this case charge the regular cancellation costs. These costs depend on the cancellation arrangement, which can be found in article 11 of these terms and conditions.
10. Worldsbestfishingtrips.com strives to provide the final travel documents two to three weeks before the start of the trip by post or e-mail to the travellers.
11. Only written cancellations can be processed. The day of receipt will be used as the cancellation date.
Cancellation costs will be charged:
- up to 90 days before departure € 35, - per person up to 20% of the fare plus any already by worldsbestfishingtrips.com purchased airline tickets, rental car, etc. by the supplier can not be refunded.
- from 89 to 60 days before departure 50 % of the travel sum
- from 59 to 30 days before departure 75 % of the fare
- from 29 to 15 days before departure 90 % of the fare
- from 14 days before the departure date 100 % of the travel sum
For specially organized group tours other conditions may apply, which will be mentioned on the confirmation. In case of cancellation of "non-refundable" tickets worldsbestfishingtrips.com is obliged to charge 100 %. It is wise to cover the risk of cancellation by arranging your own cancellation insurance.
12. For each reservation up to and including 8 persons worldsbestfishingtrips.com charges € 30,- booking fee. From 9 to 15 persons € 60,- and for 16 or more people € 125,-.
13. Some rental companies or other intermediaries have different cancellation conditions. If applicable, the traveller will be informed on this.
14. After receipt of the confirmation, the traveller may request a change of reservation up to 28 days before departure. Worldsbestfishingtrips.com will make every effort to
implement these changes in consultation with the relevant authorities / organizations. Actual changes will be confirmed in writing by worldsbestfishingtrips.com. Change costs amount to € 30,- per change with the addition of possible communication costs. Also any change in rates will be charged to the customer. These costs must be paid immediately after invoicing. If the change can not be arranged, the original agreement remains valid.
15. If a traveller wishes to be replaced by another traveller who has not previously booked, that is only possible if all authorities and organisations agree to this. The original registered traveller as well as the person replacing him must both sign a request for a replacement. Both are individually liable for any additional costs or alteration/communication costs arising from the substitution. The request can be submitted up to 21 days before departure. The substitute traveller takes over all obligations arising from the travel agreement from the original traveller.
16. Upon departure and during the entire journey, the participating persons must all have the necessary and valid travel documents such as visa, passport, driving licence, vaccination card, green card, etc. The traveller is responsible for the correctness and completeness of these documents. Worldsbestfishingtrips.com accepts no liability if travellers are unable to participate in the trip or parts thereof due to a shortcoming in the travel documents.
17. A shortcoming in the execution of the travel agreement must be reported within 48 hours (preferably in writing) to the tour leader or service provider concerned. The relevant tour leader / service provider can find a suitable solution on the spot faster than can be arranged by worldsbestfishingtrips.com.
18. If a complaint is not satisfactorily resolved after it has been reported during the trip, it can be submitted to worldsbestfishingtrips.com in writing, stating clear reasons, as soon as possible so we can intervene and otheriwse within 14 days after returning to the Netherlands at the latest.
19. Every traveller must take notice of the exact time of departure with the relevant authorities at the latest 24 hours before the indicated time of departure on the return journey.
20. Worldsbestfishingtrips.com is liable for the proper execution of the obligations arising from the travel agreement. The obligations arising from the travel agreement are also understood to be the expectations which the traveller could reasonably have on the basis of the publications of worldsbestfishingtrips.com. In doing so, account should be taken of generally known facts that apply to our special destinations. The execution of the travel agreement should also be assessed against the local peculiarities, technical possibilities and limitations and habits that our special destinations involvel, as well as the adventurous nature of the trips.
21. In the event of special situations such as storms, excessive rain and other natural inconveniences, no compensation can be paid for non-fished days. This will be done in consultation with the supplier on the spot. He/she is the one who decides on this.
22. The participant(s) is/are aware that participation in fishing trips entails risks of damage to him/herself, his/her goods and/or goods of third parties. The participant(s) takes these risks for his/her own account. Worldsbestfishingtrips.com and its affiliated parties and its/their board members and employees shall not be held liable for any damage experienced by the participant and/or his/her fellow travellers and/or third parties, including personal injury and immaterial damage, except in the case that the damage is due to an explicit intentional act or gross negligence on the part of Worldsbestfioshingtrips.com
23. As far as worldsbestfishingtrips.com can be held liable for damages suffered by the traveller as loss of joy of travel or damage suffered by the traveller in the exercise of his profession or business, the compensation will not exceed one time the travel sum.
24. As far as worldsbestfishingtrips.com can be held liable for other damage than mentioned above, the compensation will not exceed twice the travel sum.
25. The participant(s) agree that all consequences arising from his/her participation are for his/her own account. This includes damage caused to boats, rental cars and/or houses and/or own damage (materialistic and/or personal damage). Worldsbestfishingtriops.com and the local partner cannot be held liable for the above. Therefore, we strongly advise the participant(s) to arrange a good travel and accident insurance. 
26. Worldsbestfishingtrips.com reserves the right to cancel the trip if, after being summoned, conditions are not met. In that case all costs arising from the cancellation will be charged to the customer and money already paid will not be refunded.
27. All published prices are in Euro's unless otherwise stated.
28. With a group trip worldsbestfishingtrips.com reserves the right to cancel the trip if the number of bookings is lower than the minimum number of participants mentioned. If worldsbestfishingtrips.com within the specified deadline cancels the trip, the money paid by the traveller will be fully refunded within 14 days after the written cancellation of worldsbestfishingtrips.com. The traveller has no right to any extra compensation.
29. When participating in a (group) trip, the traveller has to follow all instructions of the staff in order to ensure the proper execution of the trip. A traveller who obstructs the proper execution of the trip can be excluded by the travel organization of the trip, or its continuation. All costs resulting from this will be borne by the traveller.
30. If there are compelling reasons to make changes to already booked (group) trips, you will be informed of this in writing within 5 working days after the situation becomes known. An alternative will be offered. If you do not agree with the proposed alternative, you can cancel the trip free of charge within 3 days of receipt of the written amendment proposal. If parts of the trip prove impractical after departure, worldsbestfishingtrips.com will try to provide a suitable alternative.
31. Per location different conditions may apply. In such a case you will be informed at the time of booking.
32. Prizes that are won must be used within 1 year after winning (per date) to be recorded and definitively booked. After that the prizes will expire.
33. Worldsbestfishingtrips.com cannot be held responsible for changes that take place due to circumstances such as terrorism, natural violence, (civil) war, government decisions and other situations of force majeure. Already made and possible extra costs (such as for flights with non-refundable tickets, etc.) resulting from this are at the expense of the customer.
Dutch law applies to the travel agreement and all resulting obligations.
Last revised November 30, 2022
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