The most northern part of the Lofoten


The most northern part of the Lofoten




This place is located at the northern tip of the Lofoten. It is very strategically located because when the weather conditions are good you go left on the open sea in the direction of the countless top spots such as Senholmleia, Svebaan, Skallen, Fjellbakken and so on. You can reach the better spots in just a few minutes by boat.


If the weather is less favourable, you can turn right and fish in the protection of the island of Andoya. And because it is an island, the water just flows around it and on this side of the island there are also beautiful fishing spots with associated fish.


Read here the story of John Smit about his adventures at this location in the Dutch national fishing magazine ‘BEET’ of September 2018.


The climate here is relatively mild due to the Gulf Stream and these waters are packed with fish such as wolffish, halibut, cod, coalfish, haddock, redfish and so on. The area has enormous potential.



Andenes is located at the last spur of the Lofoten Mountains and offers a magnificent view of the surroundings. Puffins, seals, seagulls and so on are all to be found here because of the rich feeding grounds. You also have a good chance of encountering migrating whales and orcas here. They too come here because of the large quantities of bait and fish that live here.


Another reason to go to this location is the beautiful nature. The ridge of the Lofoten that ends here, or starts if you like, runs all the way to the southern tip of the Lofoten. The combination of sea, gulf stream, mountains and the resulting flora and fauna make the lofoten an attraction in itself.


There are several apartments here, each with two two-person bedrooms. The bedrooms have two single beds where bedlinen and towels are standard included. The living room has a sofa, dining area with dining table and chairs and TV. Furthermore, the kitchen is fully equipped with refrigerator, 2 burner stove, microwave / oven etc and there is a separate shower toilet combination. In short, the perfect fisherman's house with all necessities immediately available because the houses are also located directly on the harbour, a few steps away from the fishing boats. And free Wi-Fi is also available! The houses were recently renovated and therefore look very nice.


But also the city of Andenes itself is within walking distance and makes it possible to visit a restaurant or pub in the evening. In addition to the apartments there is also a service house where you can fillet the caught fish and have running water as well as freezers available.


The location is controlled from associate fishing camp Skarstein which is a few minutes away. This is where the guides who also serve the guests in Andenes stay. A simple phone call and they are on the spot within minutes. They are also present daily for any questions and support.

The boats used here are Atlantic 570 with Yamaha or Suzuki 90 HP engines.

There are also aluminum Kaasboll 590 boats avaialble with 100 HP Suzuki engines

This combination will bring you quickly and comfortably to your desired destination. Of course also GPS/fishfinder are standard on the boat. The boat has a (centre) console so you can easily walk through the boat. The boats are approved for up to 4 people and also have a VHF radio. The length is 5.7 meters with a width of 2.28 meters. Furthermore, life jackets are standard included on the boat. There is a deposit of 350 euros for the use of the boat with which, at the end of the week, also the cost of petrol petrol can be deducted from the petrol bill.


The petrol to refuel is provided by the guides and is in stock at the location where you stay. At the end of the week the guide fills up the boat for the last time and will count the number of used jerry cans of petrol. These have to be paid in cash in euro, dollar or Norwegian crowns. Payment by credit card is also possible but has a surcharge of 2% on the total price.




Fishing boats:

  • Atlantic 570 with Yamaha or Suzuki 90 HP      745 euro
  • Kaasbool 5,9 metre aluminium with 100 HP    900 euro
  • Apartment 2295 euro per week. This includes the costs for bedlinen, water, electricity, heating and final cleaning.


Additional services you can use here are:

  • Fishing rod rental 90 to 140 euro per week
  • Sauna 55 euro per hour (only in Skarstein)
  • Fishing overall 75 euro per week
  • Guide 55 euro per hour
  • Boat cleaning 60 euros per hour
  • Transfer from Evenes to the fishing camp is 525 euros single trip for up to 8 people


If the weather is not good enough and it is not possible to go out to sea, the local guide will be happy to take you to the local lakes and spots where you can still fish for trout and salmon. In short, you will never be bored at this location. This location is part of the Andoy fishing camp which consists of two locations: Andenes and Skarstein.


This location can be booked from the beginning of April until the end of October, there is no fixed changeover day and you can stay for different periods of time.

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