Lovoen Gard

Gem in the middle of Norway. High price/quality

Lovoen Gard

Gem in the middle of Norway. High price/quality


Lovoen Gard is a top location on the island of Rorvik which is 30 kilometres south of the island of Leka. The location is run by the two experienced guides Tom and Kevin who have worked as fishing guides in many places in Europe (e.g. Iceland, Skarnsundet, etc) and have now set up their own location. These guys know the business of fishing guide and host and know what it takes to have a perfect fishing trip. They will do everything to make your fishing trip a success.


Lovoen Gard is an old, historic trading post on Lauvøya, one of the islands that belong to the Vikna archipelago. Its optimal location in the wind-sheltered east of the island and the short access routes to the Risværfjord make Lovoen Gard an absolute top location in this region. There are almost no bad days, as you can almost always sail to a sheltered spot, regardless of which direction the wind is coming from. Serious cod and coalfish have already been caught on the edges of the first small islands off the coast. Numerous underwater mountains amd the channels between them are hotspots for large cod, ling and coalfish.


The drop-offs on the west side at Gjerdinga are hotspots for capital cod, and if you go further north into Risværfjorden, you can expect halibut and catfish. The Risværfjord has a sandy bottom in many places and thus offers an optimal habitat for halibut. The accommodation is very cosy, only a few metres from the jetty and with room for 2 to 10 people, there is something for everyone - also ideal for larger groups. A professional filleting room, freezer and top service complete your stay here.


The location of this venue is perfect. The region around the islands of Rorvik and Leka is known for its good fishing. Because the island of Rorvik is three times the size of Leka, it offers more shelter but also more possibilities. There is an enormous amount of fishing as the depths in the area vary rapidly. This makes the fishing area very interesting. Depths from 1 to 200 metres alternate quickly and provide the fish with a perfect habitat. And that is exactly what makes us fishermen happy. Ling, cod, coalfish, halibut, pollack, tusk, but also flatfish, haddock and redfish are species that are caught here regularly. Spots such as Storslua, Breigrunnen, Haugrunna and Skinnet guarantee good catches. Directly from the site you can fish sheltered and, if the weather conditions allow it, in the surrounding area of about 20 kilometres you can have fun with groups of islands, gullies and open sea. It is a very varied and beautiful area with immense archipelagos.


Fishing from Lovoen Gard is mainly focused on boat fishing, but shore fishing is also an undiscovered gem from this location. Several hotspots are easily accessible and offer good opportunities to catch your fish in the winter period (when the fish come closer to the shore). If you go to this location, it is recommended to bring 2 beach rods. For the enthusiasts it is also possible to fish for trout in the lakes Kolvereid, Rotvikvattnet and Mulstadvattnet. For this you need a local licence, which you can get from the local sportshop in Kolvareid. Tom and Kevin will be happy to assist you locally.


For the enthusiast there is also the possibility of fishing for salmon. From the beginning of June to the middle of September, you can do this in the Opløelva River, which is 1.5 hours' drive from the site.  A permit costs 500 NOK per day. Large fish are often caught here. You are allowed to take up to 1 sea trout and 1 salmon and the rest have to be returned to the river. The upper two pools are fly-only.



There are several apartments available at this location.  In particular, the two-person houses are ideal. We regularly receive requests from 2 fishermen who want to rent a house and boat together. There are few locations where this possibility exists and often they have to rent a more expensive house for 4 persons. Here it is possible to rent your own two-person flat. 


  • Svenningen (2 pers) 
  • Flærøya, Steinsøya, Haugøya (2 pers) 
  • Combination of Flærøya, Steinsøya, Haugøya 
  • Lyngøya, Oterholmen (4 pers)
  • Midstua (5 pers) 
  • Kårstua, Borgstua (6 pers) 
  • Grønningen (10 pers) 


The houses all have their own bathroom/toilet. Furthermore, there is a fully equipped kitchen. Of course the kitchens in the 2 person houses are smaller than in the bigger houses but with 2 burners, microwave, coffee machine, etc. it is good enough.

The former main building contains the following holiday homes:

Borgstua & Kårstua
85m² on 2 floors, 4 bedrooms, max 6 people.

2 bedrooms with two single beds each.
2 bedrooms with one single bed each.

Apartment Midtstua
60m² on 2 floors, 3 bedrooms, max 5 persons.

2 bedrooms with two single beds each.
1 bedroom with one single bed.

Flærøya, Steinsøya, Haugøya are apartments above the restaurant/reception
each 30m² with fjord view
on the upper floor, 2 single beds in the living room, max. 2 persons.

Holiday home Svenningen
25 sqm, terrace by the fjord,
1 bedroom with 2 single beds, max 2 people

At the quay
Holiday homes Lyngøya & Oterholmen,
60 m² each, 2 bedrooms, max 4 persons

2 bedrooms with 2 single beds each.
Terrace with view of the fjord.

Holiday home Grønningen (above Lyngøya & Oterholmen)
189 sqm, 5 bedrooms, max 10 persons.

5 bedrooms with two single beds each,
2 bathrooms.

In all large apartments (60-189m²):
Terrace, sitting area, electric heating, SAT-TV, dining table. Fully equipped studio kitchen with microwave, 4-ring hob, oven, extractor fan, coffee machine, kettle, fridge, toaster. Dishwasher only in Borgstua, Kårstua and Midtstua. Bathroom with shower, WC, washbasin.

In all small apartments (25-30m²) + Svenningen:
Sitting area, electric heating, SAT-TV, dining table. Fully equipped studio kitchen with microwave, 2-burner hob, extractor (no Svenningen), coffee machine, kettle, fridge, toaster. Bathroom with shower/WC, Wifi


Changeover day at this location is Monday and Friday.

A total of 11 boats are available:

  • 2 x Øien boat 17ft/40 hp, 4-stroke, incl. steering console, electric srtates, depth gauge, GPS, fishfinder. 
  • 2 x Aluminium boat 19ft/50 hp, 4-stroke, incl. steering console, electric srtates, depth gauge, GPS, fishfinder.
  • 3 x Aluminium boat 19ft/60 hp, 4-stroke, incl. steering console, electric srtates, depth gauge, GPS, fishfinder.
  • 1 x Aluminium boat 19ft/80 hp, 4-stroke, incl. steering console, electric srtates, depth sounder, GPS, fishfinder.
  • 3 x Øien Boat 620, 20.34ft/70 hp, 4-stroke, incl. steering console, electric srtates, depth sounder, GPS, fishfinder.

The boats are standard equipped with life jackets and can accommodate up to 4 people.

For the use of the boats, a deposit of 200 euros is required, which you will receive back after use and after returning the boat correctly.

For fishing, it is advisable to bring the following sets:

  • spinning rod 5 - 20 grams with 2000 mill and 0.1 mm dyneema for trout fishing
  • spinning rod 20 - 50 grams with 3000 mill and 0.15 mm dyneema for light fishing of saithe (baitfish), pollock and codfish
  • spinning rod 40 - 120 gr with 4000 grinder and 0.2 mm dyneema for heavier spinning/shad fishing when there is more current / drift
  • Boat rod 20 lbs for heavy fishing for large specimens such as ling and halibut.  

And of course with matching leaders and lures and natural bait mounts 

With these, you can tackle any type of fishing and type of fish. And for the shore fishing enthusiast, a shore fishing rod (or 2) is also a good idea to bring. 

The prices at this location are particularly favourable compared to other locations and are as follows.
High season 1 May tm 31 August
Low season 1 September tm 30 April
                                                               HS        LS 
Svenningen (2 pers)                               495,-    450,-
Flærøya, Steinsøya, Haugøya (2 pers)  495,-    450,-
Combo Flærøya, Steinsøya, Haugøya   1195,-  925,-
Lyngøya, Oterholmen (4 pers)                935,-    825,-
Midstua (5 pers)                                      975,-    865,-
Kårstua, Borgstua, (6 pers)                    1195,-   975,-
Grønningen (10 pers)                             1645,-  1475,-
Boat 10,11           (17″/40 pk Øien)          585,-    525,-
Boat 4, 6, 7 en 13 (19″/60 pk Alu)           715,-    625,-
Boat 14                 (20″/60 pk Alu)           715,-    625,-
Boat 5 en 8          (19″/70-80pk Alu)        715,-    625,-
Boat 9,12             (20″/70 pk Øien)          745,-   655,-
Prices for the houses include final cleaning, bed linen and towels. Please note that you have to treturn your holiday home the same way you received it and the rest is cleaned by the staff.
Prices for the boats are excluding fuel and including GS/fishfinder and life jackets.
You can reach this location by plane by flying to Trondheim and from there travel further by rental car in 4.5 hours.
Alternatively, you can take your own car and the ferry. From Oslo, it is about an 11-hour drive.
This location can be booked from February 1, till October 31.
A guiding sessison can be booked locally and costs NOK 250 per hours.
Fuel for the boats can be obtained from the location itself for NOK 20 per liter or can be baught by the customers themselves. Jerrycans are avaiable locally.
Any additional costs are to be settled locally by cash in Norwegian Kroner, credit card or pin. Only the fuel has to be paid in cash Norwegian kroner only!
Groceries can be bought in the town of Rorvik, 8 kilometres away.

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