Nova Scotia, Bluefin tuna, Canada

Nova Scotia, Bluefin tuna, Canada


This is a perfect location for an exceptional fishing trip. It is a cliché but the nature is tremendously beautiful here, the people are friendly and the service is perfect. Famous from the series 'Wicked Tuna' on National Geographic but now also available for you. Book your own spot from your home chair and then you have to get busy! Prince Edward Island is over 5500 km2 and just 150,000 people live there.


The island itself is mainly focused on tourism and of course fishing. There is a warm Gulf Stream that flows along the islands group of Newfoundland and so there is a continuous supply of food. In their annual migration, the bluefin tuna come here to forage extensively in late summer. The large schools of mackerel and other baitfish that are present make that they stay here and make sure they are well fed before the rest of their migratory route is followed. The fish are in top condition during this time of year. It is not strange that they name this region "The Land Of The Giants" and "Bluefin Capital of the World!".



On TV it already looks cool but in real life it's much better...! Are you going to film your own episode of catching your own bluefin tuna? This is the adventure of a lifetime and it's all possible in North East Canada, Nova Scotia with Prince Edward Island right behind it. An incredible nature and a gulf stream that provides a continuous supply of food. This is the best bluefin tuna spot! Here it is possible to target these largest and strongest fish in our world's oceans.


The world record is 1,490 lbs and this fish was caught just south of Nova Scotia; but a fish of half this weight is already an extreme spectacle. That is why they call it "Major League Fishing"!


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There are three holiday homes available at this location. They are fully equipped and have two bedrooms, one with a double bed and one with two single beds. The kitchen is of course fully equipped with all modern conveniences. They are just a few minutes from the North Lake port. The kitchen is fully equipped and has a dishwasher, oven, microwave, coffeemaker and a BBQ is also available.


You can off course prepare your own meals but in the town of Souris you can find three restaurants, bars, a liquor store and some smaller shops. However, if you want to 'go out' for an evening, it is advisable to drive to Charlottetown. This is the capital of Prince Edward Island and there is a lot to do in terms of tourism and nightlife. It has a wide choice of bars and restaurants. It is about 50 minutes drive from the holiday home.


In the port of North Lake there are no less than five boats available for this crazy fishery. All of them are local boats and captains who know these waters like the back of their hand. L'il Miss Maddy, Princess Nova, Frayed Knot, Shelling it out again and Boo Boo.


The boats are equipped with all the necessary fishing equipment with the right capital rods, reels and line. Most anglers do not have these kind of materials in their man / fishcave. So having all material on board and included in the price come sin very handy.


All boats are around 10 meters long and have strong engines on board. It goes without saying that all boats have been tested and meet all the strict Canadian guidelines and have the necessary permits and safety equipment. If you have time for it, drinks and lunch will be served on board.


This fishing takes place from mid-July to the beginning of October. And since Nova Scotia is at the same latitude as Northern Spain, the weather can be perfect during this period. However, it is wise to bring good water and wind resistant clothing as the season progresses.


Icelandair offers good flights to Halifax via Reykjavik. There we will make sure that a spacious rental car is waiting for you and that you can travel the last 350 km comfortably through the very impressive surroundings with beautiful nature. You will spend a week with you group of max 4 people in one of the three newly built holiday homes and fish for 5 full days on one of the five available boats. All equipment, guidance etc is included. Then end your week with a delicious lobster meal and you will have an unforgettable fishing trip.


The average price for this package is for four participants around 1995,- per person. Additional costs are the flight from your local airport to Halifax, fuel for the rental car, breakfast and dinners. Of course it is also possible to set up a special program for this with for example three days of tuna fishing, 2 days of general fishing or extending the trip in this beautiful area. Everything is possible.


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