Affordable and right by the sea


Affordable and right by the sea




This location is located north of the illusive island of Leka. From this harbour the ferry to Holm sails as a 'main road' of the FV 17. This location is characterized by the large differences in depths. In the house fjord you find depths of over 500 meters but east and north of Vennesund are many shallows and that means that there is a lot of current during tides. And a lot of current is good for fishing!


At only a few kilometres distance and therefore a few minutes sailing are good locations with names like Gamflesa, Langtaren, Stortaren, Steinstaren etc. All these are shallow spots where it is only a few meters deep and they are right next to depths of more than 200 metres. A perfect and challenging fishing area because of the great variety in depths.


And if the sea is a bit too rough then you sail further into the fjord or under the bridge through the sheltered northern part of the Lyngvaerfjorden and you have the shelter of the land and there are several spots where you can still fish very well. All in all, this is a typical location for Norway that will offer you a lot of fishing fun.

Vennesund has various accommodation options. In total there are 11 cabins and 3 Rorbu.
The Rorbu's (1, 2 and 3) are located directly at the waterfront and offer a magnificent view. They have an area of 42 m2 and are equipped with a fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, oven, stove, refrigerator etc. There is also a living room with sofa and TV. On the balcony there is garden furniture to enjoy the view outside when the weather is nice. There is a shower toilet combination and there are two bedrooms each with a bunk bed and 1 separate single bed. There is room for 5 persons per rorbu. There is also a spacious freezer in each rorbu to be able to bring your own fish.
Besides the three rorbu's there are also 11 cabins available. They differ in size and furnishing but are neat and typically Norwegian.
Cabins 1, 2 and 3:
are 13 m2 and have three beds, toilet, kitchen, TV. They are practical but limited in space.
Cabin 4, 5 and 6:
are the same as cabins 1, 2 and 3 only two beds are available
Cabins 7 and 8:
are 55 m2 and have a shower toilet combined with a fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher. They also have a TV and living area. Cabin 7 has 2 bedrooms with 7 beds by means of three bunk beds and a single bed and
cabin 8 has 5 beds.
Cabin 9:
is 34 m2 and has a shower toilet combined with a fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher and a living area with TV. There is one bedroom with two bunk beds which makes room for 4 people.
Cabin 11:
is 42 m2 and has a shower toilet combined with a fitted kitchen with dishwasher and a living area with TV. There are two bedrooms with a total of 4 beds.
Cabin 15:
is 75 m2 and has a shower toilet combination with an equipped kitchen with dishwasher and a living area with TV. There are three bedrooms with a total of 8 beds.
The rorbus and cabins 7 tm 11 and 15 each have their own freezer at the house with a capacity of about 400 litres. Electricity, water and heating are included with the houses. You can bring your own bedlinen and towels or rent them before hand for 25 euro pp. The final cleaning of the house is included in the costs.
Besides the cabins and rorbus there is also a restaurant open from april to october where you can go for a meal when you don't feel like cooking or for a freshly drafted beer. You can pay cash or with credit card.
At the harbour there is a service building where there is also a sheltered filleting place with running water. There is also additional freezing space available for the smaller cabins that do not have their own freezer. Here is also the refuelling station for the boats where you can fill up with various credit cards.
Internet is available for all accommodation options at this location.
The rorbus and cabins are on average 100 to 200 meters situated from the harbour.
There is no fixed changeover day so a stay of a few days to several weeks here is no problem at all. There is a small supermarket on the location itself where bread and milk is available and for larger groceries there is a bigger supermarket 13 kilometres away. The nearest airport at 55 kilometres is Brønnøysund.


In total there are 12 boats for rent here. They vary from 17 to 18.5 feet and 15 to 60 hp engines.


  • 5 aluminium fishing boats of 18.5 feet, 60 HP 4 stroke, Garmin 91 SV GPS / fishfinder
  • 1 aluminium fishing boat of 18.5 feet, 50 HP 4 stroke, Garmin 91 SV GPS / fishfinder
  • 5 aluminium fishing boats of 17 feet with 25 HP engine without GPS / fishfinder
  • 2 aluminium fishing boats of 17 feet with 15 HP engine without GPS / fishfinder


The boats are stable and easy to sail. They offer ample space for up to 4 people. The fishing locations are all at relatively short distances so you don't require large amounts of fuel. If desired, you can also get a guide. The costs are € 35,- per hour with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 hours and can be booked in advance.

price per week in euros
Rorbu                   1280
Cabin 1 - 6             925
Cabins 7 and 8    1210
Cabin 9                1010
Cabin 11               1280
Cabin 15               1380
Including electricity, water and final cleaning
fishing boat 20 feet 60 HP, GPS fishfinder        895
fishing boat 18.5 feet 50 HP, GPS fishfinder     745
fishing boat 17 feet 25 HP                                 675
bed linen and towel pp                                        25

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