Alaska salmon camp

Alaska salmon camp


The Nushagak River has long been one of the most productive salmon rivers. After a lot of fish was taken in the past, nowadays there are clear rules for taking and putting back this perfect game fish. As a result of these measures, large numbers of salmon are now swimming up the river again to deposit their eggs. Between 100.000 and 180.000 royal salmon per season find their way on this river. This makes it the largest run of king salmon in the world.


Next to king salmon, other species such as chum, pink, sockeye and silver salmon also move along this river depending on the season. In addition, nature in this region is overwhelming. The summer salmon camp has been organized for many years and is fully equipped for fishing. This special location has a return rate among guests of 90 %. So then know what you are getting into and do not wait too long because bookings tend go fill up quickly. On average there is 18 hours of light a day and that makes it possible to make long days and catch lots and lots of big fish. So for the fanatic fisherman this is a dream come true.


The camp consists of a number of sturdy and luxurious tents for 2 persons each and a main tent where the food is served. The tents are set up directly on the bank of the river on a wooden floor and you sleep on good camp beds.



Fishing here is practised in two ways:


1. Trolling from aluminium boats that have 25 to 40 hp engines. The guide will drive the boat and there will be a maximum of 3 fishermen on board. The boats are 5 metres long and offer plenty of space for the guests.


2. Casting from the shore. Depending on your wishes you can undertake your own walking fishing safari or have yourself dropped off at a good spot on the river. It is wise to follow the advice of the guide as they offer an absolute added value on this trip and are actually continuously present to support you.


You will stay directly on the river in luxury double tents placed on wooden floors. Furthermore, all the food is included and all everything is prepared for you. So no long arrival times but getting out of bed, eating and fishing. This special location has a 90 % return rate among guests. So be aware of what you are getting into! On average there is 18 hours of light a day and that makes it possible to make long days and catch lots and lots of big fish.


Shimano rods and reels are available on the spot and are included in the price, as are the lures. They are medium heavy spinning rods up to 2.4 meters and all equipped with right-handed reels with 20 to 30 lbs mono lines. For the fishermen who want to use left-handed reels is it advised to bring their own. The materials are in perfect shape and will satisfy all wishes of every angler. Besides fishing with the spinning rod, this is also a beautiful location for the fly angler. Also for these anglers this is a true paradise.


For the active anglers who wants to fish from the shore it is recommended to bring your waders. Waterproof boots are a must anyway. Bringing your own fishing gear to this location is of course possible.


The season starts with the run of the king salmon and the sockeye (red salmon) in the months of June and July. The run of silver salmon starts in July and lasts until September. All in all it is a relatively short but intense period. With regard to the weather it is important to bring rainwear to withstand a possible rain shower and also at the beginning of the season it is advisable to have a warm sweater or fleece jacket at hand. As for all fishing locations, it is also important to bring your sunscreen as well as the polarizing sunglasses.


The trip consists of 2 parts.


1. Local airport - Dillingham. You fly to Dillingham in Alaska. The exact flying time of course depends on the available flights and the corresponding times. We will suggest the best connection for you.


2. Dillingham - Salmon Camp: The second part goes by seaplane from Dillingham to the summer salmon camp where you will arrive around 16.00 hours. All meals are included in the price as well as the guide service, accommodation and bedlinen, all angling equipment and fish processing if desired.


The average price for this special fishing trip for 6 days fishing is € 3.950,- per person excluding flights to Dillingham, tips for the guides and licences.


The camp is not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages due to local legislation. However, it is allowed to bring your own if you wish. It is best to buy these in Dillingham. If you want to book for this location, it is advisedly to book a long time in advance because there are only a limited number of places available.

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