Canada pike

Canada pike


Fishing among moose, bears, otters, beavers, wolves, eagles... Nature with the capital N. Unspoiled nature as you only know it from the Discovery documentaries. There are two options for this location.


  • Outback De Luxe
  • Outback Do It Yourself


The De Luxe version is carried out from the central camp at Lake McGavock. There are 6 traditional log cabins, equipped with all conveniences, overlooking the lake next to the 6 cabins to stay in, there is 1 central log cabin where the meals are served and also the bar is situated. This is the perfect place where you can tell (or hear) each others stories in the evening. In total there is room for up to 36 anglers at this location.


The fishing is mainly focused on the Northern Pike. There is also wall eye and lake trout fishing. Because of the extremely low fishing pressure in this vast area, the catches can be called exceptional. Of course there are less large than small fish, but the number of fish that are caught here is high. In recent years more than 200 pike of over 1 metre have been caught per season (100 fishing days). That is more than 2 per day. And the fish smaller than one metre are not counted! It is not without reason that several records have been established in this region. It is not allowed to fish with live bait.



You fish at this location with the normal pike rods and reels. You are obliged to fish with barbless hooks in order not to damage the fish too much and to have the best the catch & release as possible. Jerking, spinning, trolling and fly fishing. You can indulge yourself here. The boats are 16 feet long and equipped with at least 20 hp engines. They offer enough space to comfortably transport 2 anglers and a guide.


There is fishing for northern pike (pike), walleye (zander) and lake trout (American lake trout). However, the pike is the main target. There are two people and 1 guide per boat fishing every day. If you want to continue fishing in the evening after dinner, the guide is happy to go with you at no extra cost. This area of the province of Manitoba is known for many records and per season of about 100 days more than 200 pike of one metre plus are caught every year. Last year more than 250 of these big fish were caught. Of course there are more fish that do not meet the specimen size, but catches of more than 500 pike per week have been reported.


In this remote "outback" of Canada, near the Laurie River, you will find the camp with 6 comfortably furnished log cabins. There is also a central lodge where meals are served and a bar is present. The lodge is located directly on the water so you only have to walk 2 minutes to your boat. This location is also called the "luxury" option. The log cabins are fully equipped and fit perfectly in the rough and beautiful nature. The flora and fauna here is overwhelming as well as the views. Furthermore, you have the chance to encounter moose, bears, wolves, eagles, otters and many other animals. This is the real Canadian wilderness as you only see it on television. The area so big that you would not be able to fish the entire region in one season. So there is plenty of choice and variety.


Another possibility is to go with your own group to the outpost camp a little further away. This lodge is 70 m2 and there is space for 6 anglers. You will be dropped by air plane for the agreed period with a large supply of provisions. At this location you are completely self-sufficient and except for your group there are no other anglers. The first two days you will be accompanied by a local guide who will show you the important ins and outs and how and where to catch the fish. After that you can completely surrender to the silence and spectacular surroundings. This option is also known as the "luxury do it yourself". A nice bonus is that you can sit at a campfire in the evening and enjoy the memory of a wonderful day of fishing in an overwhelming environment.


The fishing is just as regular pike fishing. Spinning, jerking, trolling but also fly fishing is possible here. For spinning rods you can go here with 10 to 30 grams and a heavier one of 20 to 50 grams with a length of about 2.40 meters. Jerk rods of 20 to 50 grams and 50 to 100 grams make it possible to fish any method you want and to switch between methods.


If you want to fly-fish then a # 7 / 8 is recommended and of course a good range of streamers. It is also possible to fish on the spot with dead bait. This is available on request for a small extra fee and exists a frozen whitefish. So don't forget your bait rod. Fishing is done from 16 foot aluminium boats with 20 hp engines. These boats will bring you comfortably to the right fishing locations.

The season is short but intense. It starts end of May first and ends in mid-September. Lynn Lake is at the same latitude as Denmark, which means the climate is similar to that of central Europe. This means that you have to take into account a local rainfall but also wonderful summer days. Make sure you have enough warm and water resistant clothing, but don't forget your swimming trunks either. Furthermore, there is a lot of fresh water and there for mosquitoes are also present. A good mosquito repellent lotion is a valuable product to bring along.
Depending on available flights, you will fly to Winnipeg where you will spend the night at the Sheraton hotel. The next morning you will depart early with a local charter to Lynn Lake, 900 kilometres away. You will be met on the spot to be taken to your location by private seaplane. After an "early lunch" the fishing starts directly. This trip can be booked per 4 days. At the location all meals are included in the price, as well as the guide, permits and a free "hard liquor bar" from 17.00 to 00.00 hrs.
The "luxury" 11 day trip includes the following:
  • Overnight stay in the Sheraton hotel in Winnipeg
  • Stay in comfortable log cabin with bed linen and towels
  • 8 days fishing with 2 persons per boat and 1 guide
  • All meals (including fishing)
  • "Free bar" from 17.00 to 00.00 for spirits
The average price for this trip is € 5.995,- pp based on a minimum of 2 persons excluding flights to Winnipeg. Additional costs: tips for staff.
The "luxury do it yourself" trip of 11 days in the wilderness includes the following:
  • Overnight stay in the Sheraton hotel in Winnipeg
  • Transport to the outpost
  • Stay at the lodge with bed linen and towels 8 days fishing with 2 people per boat
  • The guide for the first two days
  • Permits and local taxes
  • Extensive food package, with meals, beer and soft drinks. (These food packages are discussed and ordered in advance and can partly be arranged as desired)
The average price for this trip is € 4.950.- pp based on 4 participants excluding flight to Winnipeg. Both indicative prices are mainly dependent on the available flights. Extra cost is the tip for the guide.

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