Finland, pike and trout

Finland, pike and trout


Half an hour's drive from Kuopio is a beautiful complex where you will receive a warm welcome and where you can fish perfectly. There are several possibilities to stay here; hotel, apartment, bungalow, caravan or tent it's all possible. The complex is spacious and for a large part situated in the adjacent forest of the river. All parts of the complex are in perfect condition. The cottages are equipped with bedlinen, own sauna, dishwasher, microwave, fully equipped kitchen, shower, toilet, etc.


The place where it is all about is the 1.2 kilometres long Ayskoski river with a lake at the top and at the bottom is an even larger lake with access to other lakes. Too much to mention. You stay in a beautiful environment where despite the luxury you still have the feeling to be in the middle of nature.



There are two possibilities for fishing here, namely on the river or on the lakes. River fishing focuses on brown trout, rainbow trout and grayling. You can fish in the lower part of the river with the spinning rod and with the fly rod you can fish on the entire river. Every day no more than 12 permits are issued to fish here. So be in time! Fishing is done with barbless hooks and only fish of 55 centimetres and larger may be taken for consumption with a maximum of 2 per person per day. Fishing on the lake is aimed at pike, zander and perch. Spinfishing as well as jerking, trolling, baitfish and flyfish are all possible.


There are several possibilities to go fishing. There are several lakes in the vicinity. Between two of these lakes flows the Äyskoski River. This is 1.2 kilometre long and fully focussed on fishing. Every day a maximum of 12 people are allowed to fish. On the upper course up to the bridge you are allowed to spin fish as well as fly fish and on the lower course you are only allowed to fly fish. In the river you can fish for brown trout, rainbow trout and grayling. Depending on the season you can fish with different species of flies. The guides on the spot will be happy to help you select the right fly. Fishing on the river is barbless only and all brown trout and grayling have to be released again.


Only rainbow trout may be taken if they are larger than 45 centimetres. The average size of brown trout is around 50 centimetres with peaks of up to 70 centimetres and 5 kilograms. Grayling is on average 40 centimetres and can be caught up to 60 centimetres. Fishing on the lakes is like being in pike-heaven. Countless hectares of water and only a few fishing boats. The amount of pike here is particularly large. All the more so because the Finns themselves practically do not fish for pike here. Especially the amount of pike is incredible. In two hours we caught no less than 11 pike with 2 people. Pike that are larger than 90 centimetres have to be releases again. You can go fly-fishing, spinning or trolling to chase these Finnish monsters. The local record is 1 meter and 22 centimeters! So there is still room for improvement.


Lohimaa is about 40 minutes drive from Kuopio. The nature is overwhelming and pure. Around the central lodge with a dozen hotel rooms there are several possibilities to stay. There is the Log hotel where small groups of anglers up to 14 people can stay in 7 double rooms. There are also 10 luxuriously furnished cottages equipped with all conveniences such as private sauna and private space to clean and freeze the fish. Whatever choice you make, the river, the hotel, the other fishing spots and the marina are all within 5 minutes walking distance.


The Loghotel: This location is opposite the hotel and directly on the river. The building has 7 luxurious rooms for 2 persons each. You have your own shower and toilet in the room and the building was completed in early 2007. In the central part of the building there is a communal room with a small kitchen with the possibility to cook a meal and of course a communal sauna.


The cottages: The cottages are luxurious and fully equipped with dishwasher, fireplace, sauna, washing machine, etc. There are several possibilities to stay with 4 to 10 people in a cottage. There is also a sauna included in every cottage as well as bed linen and towels. The cottages are spacious and are all situated separately in the forest around the river.

Spin fishing on the river is best with short firm spinning rods of 2 to 20 grams. Small woblers, poppers, spoons and blinkers are used. Many perch-like colours at the beginning of the season and some more towards blue and silver towards the summer period. Small poppers are also used, which results in spectacular strikes. You can use braided as well as nylon line. If you fish with braided than also use a fluo carbon leader from 20 to 30/00.Pike fishing on the lake takes place with a local guide who has a splendid fishing boat and all the necessary equipment. A maximum of 3 persons can join on this boat. The cost of 1 day with this professional guide is 750,- per day.
Fly fishing on the river is done with # 4 to # 6 rods and depending on the season with dry and wet flies. For the flowing river it is best to use a leader from 20 to 30/00. There is both dry and wet fly fishing and the local guides are happy to provide you with the latest information on the best types and sizes to use. If you do not have your own wading suit or fly or spinning rod it is possible to rent one on the spot. The wading suit is a necessity for fishing in the river in order to get to the best spots.
Also bring your net with you so that you can release fish at all times as undamaged as possible. For pike fishing you can use a Buster boat on the lower lakes. These boats have a length of 5 metres and are equipped with a 20 hp 4 stroke motor and fish finder. The fishing equipment used here is the same as you would anywhere else when fishing for pike. The best catches here are made in the early morning and late evening with bait with natural colours. It is also possible to cast out an extra rod with dead bait fish behind the boat during drift fishing. For the upper lake there are rowing boats of 5 meters available with 4 hp engines. Smaller engines are used here as this lake is considerably smaller than the lower lakes.


The season starts in April when the lakes have given up their ice. That's when the first flies come and then the trout and grayling swim up the river to feed. Fishing remains good until October, with the summer months of July and August slightly less exuberant and the best results in the morning and evening.


The river remains open all year round. Even during the winter period. Also ask about the possibilities to stay in this picturesque environment during the winter period and enjoy trips with snow scooters, walks with snowshoes, sled dog trips, cross-country skiing, etc. It is also possible to go ice fishing on the lakes in the winter. All in all, there is plenty to do throughout the season.


This location can be reached by own transport as well as by plane. By plane one flies to Helsinki and further to Kuopio. There you will be picked up or go by rental car to the location. By renting a car on the spot you are more flexible to go fishing, shopping or simply make a beautiful trip through the breath-taking scenery. Due to the amount of possibilities of transportation and accommodation it is not easy to give an average price.


Simply send us an e-mail with your preferences and we will make you a quotation. 

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