Salmon, grayling, pike and perch


Salmon, grayling, pike and perch

Fishing for salmon, grayling, pike and perch with 24 hours of light! This is a truly amazing experience above the arctic circle. 

Imagine you are overlooking the clear river stream where insects are abundant above the water, and the graylings rise up to have them as lunch . Or imagine one o f the many remote lakes, in the middle of the endless Taiga forest, and the fierce strike to your lure or streamer from the pike that is raging at the end of your line. Or how about the midnight-sun that will not go down over the never ending rapids of the mighty River Muonio, and your fly is drifting down the pool waiting for that hungry salmon to come along and make your day perfect! It just does not get any better than this!

Fishing in Lapland is an absolute bucketlist item for many fishermen or -women. Forests and lakes without end, mile after mile of winding streams and impressive rivers. Impressive animals like bears, moose, reindeer, eagles, beavers etc. It all adds to the beauty of this place. The Tornio River system is the longest, free running river in Europe of 540 km. It travels south from the northern mountains to the Baltic Sea. There are no dams, powerstations or constructions that obstruct this long free and wild river. It offers a perfect variation of calm parts and faster rapids which are perfect for the local fish.
In all you catch salmon, sea trout, grayling, pike and perch. You decide what you want to fish for. And you can do that by fly or by lure. There are some simple rules for fishing in this beautiful and fish filled river system. 
  1. Catch & Release only
  2. Single and barbless hooks only
  3. Be in time to book your trip as licences for the river are limited per day!
This river system forms the border that divides Sweden from Finland. On an island, in the part named River Muonio, you will find this incredible fishing location. With Sweden on one side and Finland on the other, there is an abundancy of fishing-spots everywhere in the surrounding lakes and rivers.


On this location we organize high-quality, full-package fishing adventures where professional guiding is included to give you the best chance to catch your dreamfish. To ensure a great and sustainable fishing experience there are limited fishing permits sold each day. 
During your fishing week you will visit several different interesting hot-spots depending on your preferred type of fish. They can be either in Sweden or in Finland. Next to the perfect fishing spots  the guide can inform you about the biotopes and nature of Lapland. On a normal day we leave after breakfast and start fishing. During the day you will eat a lunch-package by the shore. When the guide is finished after 6 hours you can of course keep on fishing. Especially  during the evenings fishing can be quite productive as there will be no night. Some spots are better fished from the shore, some from boat, and we will do both. 
If you want to further improve your chances of catching salmon you can locally rent a special guide / rower who will take you on his boat to the best mid-stream sections of the river. This old style of fishing is called “harling” and is well known to be a successful method of fishing for salmon. The additional costs for a 3 hour session of harling are € 180,- and is to be paid locally.  This should be pre ordered to be sure that it is available for your week. When fishing with two people the guide will take one person in his boat and the other fisherman can continue from the shore and after set periods the fishermen switch from sore to boat and vice versa. 
As a measure of sustainability there is no salmon fishing from Sunday 18.00 to Monday 18.00 hours. Luckily there are more than enough other species you can fish for!
This lodge is a family business, run by the Malmström family and they started in 1986. It is situated on an island in the River Muonio, the river that unites Sweden with Finland. The name of the island is Pitkäsaari (Long Island), and the village is Muonionalusta. It has seven inhabitants, of which Kaisu and Lars are two.
The lodge consists of a main building, with reception, restaurant and a sauna. It also features typical Swedish wooden “stugas” which are holiday homes made of wood painted in red with white corners. The inside finishing is done with lots of wood and they are comfortable and fully equipped. All stugas have been fully renovated during 2018. 
There are 2 sizes of stugas:
  1. Two person house with 2 beds for twin or double of 25 m2 
  2. Four person house which are 46 m2 and have two bed-rooms with 2 beds for twin or double and one big living room with two beds as well. In total we can accommodate 6 people with the extra beds. But for the fishing we use a maximum of 4 people. 
All stugas have bedlinen and towels included and feature comfortable hotel beds, separate shower/toilet, studio kitchen and electrical drying closet. And as a bonus you get the view over the river and two countries for free! From each type of stuga there are 5 available.
Next to the stugas there is a restaurant where all meals are served. Sometimes lunch also get served next to the river or in the forest by a fire which off course is a special treat. The restaurant offers a marvellous view over the river. All the meals are prepared in our kitchen from start, and also our bread is home made. We use local products as much as possible, like moose, pork and beef, and fish from mountain-lakes or the Arctic Sea. Several local berries like blue-, cloud- and lingon-berries are picked in the local forests. And depending on the season we use vegetables that are partly grown in our own garden and partly from the region. 

To be able to fish at this location it is necessary to bring good waders and matching shoes. Further a rain jacket, thermal underwear, and a fleece or woolen top. A warm and light hat will also be a necessity. Make sure you also bring an insect repellent or a mosquito-resistant jacket or a head net. And off course please also bring your net to land the fish.

All equipment has to be brought by fishermen themselves. Extensive information on tackle rods and lines will be provided in the travel documents but for the fly fisherman a double handed #11 or #12 is best used to be able to land the largest salmon of this river system  that reach up to 30 kilo! For the grayling a #3 or #4 would be best and for the pike a #7 or #8  will work well. So if you want catch them all you have t bring a varied set of rods, reels and lines.

For the spinfishing enthusiasts a 5 to 15 gram rod with a 2000 reel and 6 kilo dyneema line for the grayling, a 15 to 40 gram rod with a 300 reel and 10 kilo dyneema line  for the pike and a sturdy 80 to 150 gram rod with a 5000 reel and 15 to 20 kilo dyneema line for the salmon is best used. More detailed advice on the most adequate lures, flies and streamers etc for your fishing trip will be provided after the booking. 

In case you want book a half day or more of harling there will be two types of boats available. Either the original wooden local boat of approx. 5 metres including a small 4 -6 hp engine and off course the oars to row in silence. Or you get an aluminum boat of approx. 4 metres also with a small engine and oars to row.

Travelling to this beautiful and great fishing location is fairly easy. We arrange your flight to Kittila or Rovaniemi airport on a Saturday and from their opn you will be picked up at the airport. You will be taken care of by the local people who will make sure you get all you need.
For the season of 2024 we have the following options
  • Salmon fishing from week 26 till 35
  • Grayling fishing from week 26 till 37
  • Pike fishing from week 26 till 39
The package includes:
  • Return transfer Rovaniemi or Kittilä airport
  • Accommodation in 2 or 4-bed stuga
  • Full-board 
  • All licenses 
  • All transfers to fishing-spots.
  • Guiding 5 days of 6 hours per day
  • 4 persons € 1988,- 4 bed chalet (2 bed-rooms) 1 guide
  • 3 persons € 2347,- 4 bed chalet (2 bed-rooms) 1 guide
  • 2 persons € 2945,- 2-bed chalet 1 guide
  • 1 person € 4980,- 2-bed chalet 1 guide
Prices in Euro per person and changing days are on Saturday
Not included
  • Drinks
  • Tips
  • International flight
Harling session for 3 hours € 180,- to be paid locally.



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