The Andaman Islands and Nicobar Islands are the official names of this group of islands. It is located in the Gulf of Bengal in the Indian Ocean between India and Thailand and it is in this fish Mecca where many a fish heart has been lost to the Giant Trevally and popper fishing. But jigging on dogtooth tuna also produces amazing results. And also many other species like marlin, barracuda, groupers, spanish mackerel, yellowfin tuna, amberjack and so on are also caught. Species enough so in the crystal clear waters with remote reefs and tropical islands. This location is closest to the illustrious fishing spots 'Barren Island' and 'Invisible Banks' where a few large fish are hooked on each trip but simply not caught because they are too big and strong. In addition, the best spots for jigging are also best reached from this location.


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For this fishing we work together with our local partner from the beautiful Havelock Island. This partner has been active here for more than 10 years. This partner has been active here for more than 10 years and knows the different spots like the back of his hand.


In addition, we offer several hotel categories here with which you as a customer also have something to choose. The budget option is a guesthouse on basic level, the First class option is a three star hotel and the Superior class option is a luxury 4 star resort. So there is something for everyone (budget). We can offer an attractive package at a ditto rate for the tropical fisherman.


See here the video report of our adventures.



The fishing here focuses mainly on popping and jigging around the different, reefs and other underwater structures. Extremely hard strikes, which will make your rod bent into its last string of carbon fibre and which demands the utmost of man and material. Are you ready?


GT's, dogtooth tuna, wahoo, barracuda, marlin, tuna, dorado, groupers.... They're all backbreakers up to 30, 40 and sometimes even 50 kilos. When you want some rest you can go trolling in between for yellowfin tuna, barracuda, wahoo etc on some lighter material. For this purpose, all rigging is standard on board. After a day of popping or jigging, a moment of rest for the back is also quite nice. Until you get another bite of course! Then you will have to go back to work. Fishing takes place up to about 25 miles from the departure location.



We offer different hotel categories so you have something to choose from. The budget option is a guesthouse on basic level, the First class option is a three star hotel and the Superior class option is a luxury 4 star resort. So there is something for everyone (budget). We offer an attractive package for tropical fisherman or thoise who want to get to know this kind of fishing.


There are three different levels of accommodation on Havelock Island that we offer: Budget, First Class and Superior


Budget (Radha Krishna) This is a guesthouse which is neat and what is basically a good and very acceptable accommodation. The staff is friendly and very service-minded. Bedlinen and towels are provided and in the morning breakfast is presented with an English touch such as eggs, omelette, toast, jam, coffee and some local Indian food on request. In the evening you can have a fine meal here or you can go to the hotel Seashell across the street. There is no alcohol sold in the restaurant itself. But for that you can go to the hotel Seashell across the street. The two-person apartments are equipped with air conditioning, bedlinen and towels. Any extra costs such as drinks and meals can be paid with Indian Rupee in cash.


First Class (Ocean Pearl Beach Resort). One of the locations in the First Class category is the Ocean Pearl Beach Resort. And as the name suggests, it is located directly on the beach, so you have a magnificent view over the sea and the rising sun. White beaches and palm trees complete the picture. You will be staying on the basis of double rooms that are equipped with air conditioning, bedlinen, towels, shower / toilet. The complex has a swimming pool where you can relax after a hard day of fishing. Of course this is also possible at the bar.


The own restaurant serves a wide variety of seafood but also delicious local curries or a good piece of meat. You will not miss out on anything here. If you walk out of the house and put on your swimming goggles you will automatically end up on the house reef which is situated directly in front of the beach and offers a wonderful underwater world. The fish literally swim in front of your holiday home. This is best done during high tide. Any extra costs such as drinks and meals can be paid in cash with Indian Rupee. In this location you can get alcohol.


Superior (Seashell) This hotel is the most luxurious option we offer on Havelock Island. Also here the houses are located directly on the white beach with luxurious benches under the palm trees. In the evening it is good to stay here with a nice cold beer while reminiscing on the GT's or dogtooth tunas and other fish you caught that day. The restaurant offers a wide choice of buffet breakfast (choice of intercontinental/western and Indian cuisine). And the refreshing beer in the evening is also available here. Any extra costs can be paid by credit card or cash. For all accommodation locations, if already fully booked, a comparable hotel on the same level can be provided.


There are several boats available at this location.


The latest addition is the Calipso of 35 feet (11.5 meters) centre console with live bait tank, marine radio, GPS, fish finder and a 250 HP 4 stroke Yamaha engine. Furthermore there is the Orca. This boat is 21 feet long and has a 100 HP 4 stroke engine and is equipped with GPS, fish finder etc. This boat is perfect for 2 anglers and is attractively priced. Perfect boats in different classes with lots of space to throw and catch. The rest is up to you! A little preparation in the gym is really no luxury.


On the spot you will need sturdy rods from 2 to 2.5 metres in length and a casting weight of up to 250 grams for popping. Furthermore short boat rods up to 2.2 meters and a casting weight up to 400 grams for jigging. Heavy spinning reels with extremely strong drag systems (20 kilo +), strong braided line of 35 kilos + breaking strength force and a good mono leader of around 1.5 meters of 150 to 200 lbs to absorb the strongest force of the drill. A buttpad comes in handy with these size fish. It is also possible to rent equipment being Shimano Stella 18000 and 20000 with a specialized popper and jigging rod. For the two rods with reel and line you pay 65 euros per day.


The fishing season runs from October to May. With an average temperature of around 30° C it is important to drink a lot of water on the boat between fishing and catching. Sunglasses and fishing caps are a necessity here. In October you may experience some showers, but the quality of the fishing will not be affected. In December there is practically no rain anymore and until April these are the top months.


For the special long range trips to Barren Island or Invisible Banks it is necessary that the weather is calm and stable. This period is mainly from February to April. The final decision whether these trips can continue is reserved for the local management. These extra long trips can be booked at extra cost.


Here are the adventures from Ronald Spakman and his fishing buddies at this location.



There are several possibilities to travel to this location. You can fly with Emirates, Lufthansa, KLM etc depending on your local airport. Together we coordinate the best flights and these are on average between 700 and 1000 euro per person.


When you arrive in Port Blair, you will of course be picked up and taken to the ferry that will take you to Havelock Island. And also for the last part from the port of arrival to the hotel, the transfer is provided. Breakfast and lunch on board including water are included as well as the daily transfer from hotel to fishing boat.


The price of this trip for 6 days fishing of 8 hours, 7 overnight stays in accommodation of your choice including bed linen and towels, the transfer from Port Blair, daily transfers from hotel to fishing boat, breakfast, lunch, water and soft drinks on board:


With the Calipso 7 days

persons Budget First class Superior

    2          3250      3395       3610

    3          2455      2665       3030

    4          2035      2285       2525


Of course it is also possible to fish more or less days. This off course will affect the final price.


These prices are per person, based on two persons per room with 1 bed and 1 extra mattress and including local tax, excluding fishing license a INR 2500 (35 euros) per day and to be paid locally, flight, dinner, visa, vaccinations, tip for crew and staff, extra drinks. Check out the experiences of our pilot trip from Port Blair! And here as an article in the “Zeehengelsport”! A single room is available at extra cost.

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