Offshore, inshore and shore fishing


Offshore, inshore and shore fishing
Tarpon, marlin, sailfish, cubera snapper, jack crevelle, threadfin, barracuda, corvina, mahi mahi, tuna, groupers, snappers and so on. It's all here. This really is an undiscovered paradise for fishing. Directly at the mouth of the river Kwanza, the heart of every fisherman will beat faster when coming here. The possibilities here are really enormous. River and estuary fishing for tarpon but also with lighter equipment on threadfin and cubera snappers. Actively fishing from the shore for Cubera Snapper and Jack Crevelle. Unprecedented because there are no rocks here and so you can fish with light gear which gives you a serious drill to these fantastic predators.
Or targetting the big predators with trolling (live bait and lures) or will deliver a huge variety of fish such as tuna, mahi mahi, sailfish, marlin, pompano, corvina, barracuda, groupers and so on. This location is truly unique due to the variety of fishing.
This is what our own trip looked like:
The estuary of the river Kwanza ensures that a lot of food comes together here and that is why the fishing here is so very good. And it is not only the numbers of fish that are impressive, but also the size of the fish. During the summer period, captain fish weighing 30 and 40 kilos are regularly caught. But also the tarpons that are caught here regularly pass the 80 kilos and those not just fish. And all this from the relaxed lodge, which due to its location is perfect for fishing but also for enjoying nature and the sun.


You're staying here at the Kwanza lodge. Here are 24 double bungalows on poles with air conditioning. Bed linen and towels are of course included. The lodge is located at the mouth of the Kwanza River and from the terrace you can look out on it. The sunsets here are impressive every day. The bungalows are comfortable and offer everything you need as a bathroom with shower toilet, air conditioning, double beds etc.


Furthermore there is of course the central restaurant where you can have all meals. Inside or on the terrace you can enjoy the extensive meals served here. The meals are european in nature and very tasteful. During your stay all meals are included and drinks are extra chargeable.


Next to the terrace at the restaurant is also the swimming pool where you can relax after a day of fishing. After that a nice cold beer in the sun bed and the day is complete.


There are three boats at your disposal at this location. All three boats are suitable for 4 fishermen. For tarpon fishing and trolling at sea, all materials are included. There is fishing with 30 to 80 lbs of equipment.


The biggest boat has 2 x 175 HP engines and is used for off shore fishing. It is a catamaran of 7 meters long and has good sailing characteristics due to the extra wide design and is less sensitive to waves and wind. The other two boats are 6 meters long and have every 2 x 140 HP engines.


On all three boats the heavy fishing equipment is included in the price. If you want to fish with lighter material such as dropshots or shads / paddle tails it is necessary to bring your own. Spinning rods from 10 to 50 grams are the appropriate material with a 3000 reel and max 10 kilos of dyneema.


There are also two smaller boats available that you can drive yourself provided that you have a boating license. The boats are 5 meters long and have a 10 and a 30 HP engine. These boats are perfect for fishing for threadfin or cubera on the river or in the estuary. They have a 10 and 30 HP engine and petrol is included.


For active fishing from the beach, 3.3 to 3.6 meters long rods with a casting weight of 50 to 120 grams are used. This in combination with a reel of the 5 or 6000 series with 25 kilo braided line. Poppers, stickbaits, crankbaits and shads are used as baits. Weights are 40 to 80 grams.


The boats are also used for spinfishing and you have to bring your own equipment for this as well. These are the same type of rods, reels and line as from the beach but a shorter one of 2.4 to 2.7 meters.


There are several important periods for fishing.

  1. Fishing from the beach is good throughout the year and has few restrictions
  2. Summer fishing (July-Aug- Sep) is optimal for big threadfin, cubera snapper and jack crevelle.
  3. End of February, March and April is the optimal season for sea fishing.
  4. The tarpon fishing is optimal from January to end of March


One type of fishing does not exclude the other and species are certainly caught outside the peak periods. We only mention the peak periods here.


If desired, it is also possible to arrange a day of safari to the nearby Kissama Park to see the local wildlife which is a nice extra tour to book for this location.


For this location it is important to be well informed about vaccinations and prophylaxis. Vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory here and malaria prevention is recommended. Contact your personal GP / doctor and get informed about the necessary vaccinations. Furthermore, your passport needs to contain at least 4 empty pages and be valid for at least 1 year. You also need to arrange a visa. Do not do this more than 30 days before departure because if the visa is issued, the validity starts immediately and is only 30 days. You can apply for the visa online and the cost is 120 us dollars.


The costs for a stay at this location:

  • Seafishing (offshore )                       1450 euro day
  • Seafishing jigging, sailfish mahi etc  1000 euro day
  • Tarpon fishing                                     750 euro day
  • River fishing  (4p max)                        500 euro day
  • 5 metre boot  (2p max)                        275 euro day
  • A double room with full board 290 euro per night for 2 persons
  • A single room with full board 190 euro per night 
  • Returntransfer airport 1 - 3 pers          free
  • Returntransfer airport 4 pers >            300 euro

Prices are per boat per day including fuel, material and captain.

Accommodation is on a full board basis and drinks are not included. These are additional and payable on departure.


If you are here with 4 people, days tarpon fishing, 2 days offshore fishing and 2 days fishing from shore and you will pay 2250 euro per person and that includes all meals but excluding drinks and international flights. Extra costs can be paid by credit card or cash.

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