Colombia Pop & Jig Jan 2025

Popping & jigging to the max!

Colombia Pop & Jig Jan 2025

Popping & jigging to the max!
Do you fancy a super, crazy, once in a lifetime fishing adventure to a toplocation in Colombia? Then this is your chance in January 2025 in an absolute top period!
  • Jan 22, 2025 travel to Medellin sleep in hotel in twin rooms
  • Jan 23, 2025 travel to Bahia Solano in the morning and fish half day towards lodge
  • Jan 24 till 29 six fuill days of popping and jigging
  • Jan 30 travel to Bahia Solano and flight to Medellin, sleep in hotel in twin rooms
  • Jan 31 flight home
The trip is scheduled for 7 people plus 1 guide from Worldsbestfishingtrips who speaks English, German and Dutch.
Included is:
  • Extensive information package and online meeting in Q4 2024
  • Hotel in Medellin on the outward journey with twin room including breakfast + transfer
  • Domestic transfer to Bahia Solano by plane
  • Accommodation in Bahia Solano and private lodge
  • Fishing with 4 persons per boat
  • 3 meals per day
  • Coffee, water, soft drinks and tea
  • 5 beers per day
  • Experinced guide of Worldsbestfishingtrips 
  • Exclsive fisshingshirt longsleeve with UV protection
  • Fishing tackle for popping and jigging
The costs are € 4.850,- excluding international flights.
Additional costs: flight to Medellin, meals and drinks in Medellin, more than 6 drinks per day, extra luggage costs for domestic flight, tips on the spot.
This Is what happened during our pilot trip!
Fishing equipment is included for this trip! Jigging equipment is available for up to 4 anglers and popper equipment and trolling for all. First comes first served. Terminal tackle as poppers, lures, leaders and jigs has to be taken care of by yourself.
This location is located near Bahia Solana on the west coast of Colombia on the great ocean. Because there are hardly any fishing locations in this remote part of Colombia, the fishery here is still pure and pristine. This applies to both offshore and inshore fishing. Serious sizes of fish are no exception here and if you make a list of all species that can be caught it is not the question if you will go but rather when will I go!
Marlin, sailfish, tuna, roosertfish, cubera snapper, sierra, wahoo, tarpon, amberjack, needlefish, snook, grouper and many other groupers and snappers. All in all an impressive list that you seldom get so complete in such a little fished location.
Besides the amazing fishing, nature is also an important factor that completes the experience on this fishing trip. There is a beautiful flora and fauna with a lot of wild animals that you encounter on land and in the sea. The sea changes directly into the beach followed by the jungle which creates an impressive scenery. This guarantees impressive views and top fishing. An extra attraction are the humpback whales that you can find here from July to October. They swim so close near the coast that you can sometimes see them from the beach.
Depending on the season, you can use any type of fishing at this location, all of which are effective. Fly fishing, spinning, popping, jigging, trolling with lures or live bait. Every type of fishing is conceivable and yields cool fishing.
In Medellin you will stay in the comfortable hotel Diez on the basis of accommodation in a twin room including breakfast.
After arriving in Medellin you fly early the next morning to Bahia Solano. There the boat is already waiting for you and you go fishing with all your luggage directly to the boat. While fishing you go to the private Darrien lodge in Puntardita at the Panamanian border. Here is an extremely comfortable private lodge only for our group of fishermen. The lodge is located on the beach and consists of 8 bedrooms of which two are singles and 6 are twin rooms. The beds are 200 x 120 cm each and every bedroom has its own shower and bathroom. This is a highly comfortable location and way to relax after a hard day fishing.
For this trip we have two perfect fishing boats at our disposal.
Both are 36 feet custom made with center console and 2 x 200 HP Suzuki engines. Tuna tube and Simrad electronics with chirp sonar, side scan sonar, structure scan and 4G radar. There is a special 3.8 meter long elevated casting platform built into the boats.
These boats are perfect for popping, live bait fishing and jigging. The boats are equipped with a live bait bun. The cruising speed of both boats is over 30 knots. So they are high quality, comfortable fishing boats that leave nothing to be desired. For the group trip we make a rotation schedule with a division of the participants over the boats per day.
All the equipment is already here and except for the terminal tackle as jigs, leaders, swivels, poppers, stickbaits etc. you don't have to bring anything yourself. Here you have a wide choice of good material which consists of a selection of the material below:
  • pe 8 popping/ stickbait outfit
  • pe 5-6 popping/stickbait outfit
  • light tackle outfit
  • pe 4-6 jigging outfit
This material is of high quality and includes rods from Savage Gear and temple Reef and high end reels as well as top material for fishing on Marlin. This material is standard included in the fishing trip! So except for the terminal tackle, you don't have to have it yourself! But off course it is also possible to bring your own equipment.
At this location, tuna, cubera, roosterfish and jack crevelles are fished all year round. There are, however, specific seasonal features that apply to the fishery as an extra.
January, February and March are the top months for offshore fishing. The main targets are yellowfin tuna, sailfish and dorado. In addition, the inshore fishery with cuberas, roosterfish, jack crevelles, groupers, corvina, scierra, snappers and amberjacks provide a very varied fishery. A very varied fishery all in all.
As the location can only be reached by airplane, the trip looks like this.
  • Day 1: Journey to Medellin. Private transfer to hotel and stay in a double room based on bed and breakfast.
  • Day 2: Early transfer to airport and flight (60 minutes) to Bahia Solano. After arrival you will go to the hotel to get your fishing gear in order and after that the fishing starts directly.
  • Day 3-9 : Six full days fishing
  • Day 9: back to Bahia Solano and flight to Medellin and stay in hotel
  • Day 10: Flight home

The costs are € 4.850,- excluding international flights.

Additional costs: flight to Medellin, meals and drinks in Medellin, more than 6 drinks per day, extra luggage costs for domestic flight, tips on the spot.

Included in this price are:
  • airport transfer Medellin
  • hotel Medellin based on double room and bed + breakfast
  • domestic return flight Medellin-Bahia Solano
  • stay 6 nights in accommodation based on full board
  • 5,5 days boat charter incl. lunch & drinks*
  • consumption of 5 cans of fresh / beer p.p.p.d. during the fishing tour is included. Extra drinks at extra cost
  • fishing license
  • experienced guide from Worldsbestfishingtrips
  • exclusive fishing shirt longsleeve with UV protection
  • fishing tackle for popping and jigging
Additional costs
  • International return ticket to Medellin
  • Lost or damaged rod material will be charged.
  • Personal expenses Medellin, drinks and meals
  • Additional (alcoholic) beverages outside package
  • Tips for the crew about 200 euro pp
  • Contribution of € 7,50 per person for the travel warranty and € 25 booking fee per booking
The domestic flight from Medellín to Bahia Solano includes 10 kilos of luggage and 5 kilos of hand luggage per person. Additional luggage is limited and costs 3 euros per kilo one-way extra. This must be paid for by credit card / cash at check-in on the local flight. To go along on this fishing trip it is advisable to bring sunglasses, thin rainwear, long sleeve shirts, (casting) gloves, water shoes and a fishing cap.

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