Costa Rica

Tropical Gem!

Costa Rica

Tropical Gem!
This is a true gem that is still undiscovered and where the fishing is impressive. This location is truly unique. Close to the village of Paquera, in the Gulf of Nicoya, hidden in the jungle and yet only 50 metres from the water in a beautiful bay, is the main lodge with a lovely accommodation and the table at which to eat. The jungle literally leans into the water here. At the top of the hill, up 250 steps, is the lodge where you will spend the night and which is also equipped with all facilities including hot shower, kitchen, refrigerator etc. The location has 3 large rooms for 2 to 3 persons each with a beautiful view of the ocean. Nice and laid back "Costa Rica style", Pura Vida! The location is run by our hosts who have been working here for almost 15 years. The guide knows the area like the back of his hand and is a fanatic fisherman himself, so he will always do his utmost to let the guests "get their hands on fish". The language spoken is English, so that is also nice. It is a magnificent and special location on the Nicoya peninsula with all the important facilities and with the ingredients for an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. There are still more monkeys than people at this location!

The fishing here is of an exceptional standard. Large and abundant fish are caught throughout the year. It's the place to catch a really big grid fish (20kg+) and it's literally bursting with fish of all kinds. It is a location for potential new world records. During our stay in November 2021, we caught big gridfish and many jack crevalle that gave great sport. We also caught many other species including mahi mahi, Spanish mackerel, skipjack tunas, snappers, large needlefish, etc.
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The different species of fish you can catch depend on the season but only the most important species are listed below. Other species also present but not in the overview are the different groupers, snappers, trevally's, tuna, sierra mackerel, oxeye tarpon, 2 species of barracuda, corvina, ladyfish, jewfish, moray eels and so on. The local fishermen have already caught specimens of groupers up to 180 kilos, rays of 100 kilos but also giant sharks.
At about 45 minutes sailing you are also directly in the off shore area where you fish for dorado, wahoo, marlin, sailfish etc. The sailfish are caught from 100 lbs and usually are of a bigger than average size. This fishing takes place using (large) lures and other lures which are all included.
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This location is truly unique. Close to the town of Paquera, in the Gulf of Nicoya, hidden in the jungle and yet close to the sea.

There are three options to stay here:

El Yayo: The large wooden house in which you stay has 3 large rooms and is located on the edge of a hill at the edge of the jungle. On the second floor are 2 rooms and there is 1 more room on the first floor. The rooms are large enough for 2 to 3 people and have hot water in the shared shower facility. There is also a kitchen for enthusiasts with a refrigerator and a stove. Furthermore, all rooms are equipped with fans.

The Island: Up on the island opposite the location is a spacious house with a small pool where you can stay with up to 6 people. There is a bedroom with a bunk bed and a single bed, a bedroom with two double beds and a separate bed in the living room. There is a large open American kitchen which is fully equipped. There is also air conditioning which makes your stay here attractive and comfortable.

To get to the property it is necessary to give the local supervisor a small fee per motorboat trip. You can cook for yourself in this accommodation and then you can order groceries and they will be done for you or you can join for dinner at the central community house on the other shore. Dinner and breakfast can also be arranged for you on site if you wish. 

El Bambu: is a small accommodation for a maximum of 2 persons. There is one bedroom with a double bed, a separate shower and small kitchen and a terrace. It is not large but is a fine accommodation for a couple.

Next to the rooms, there is a community house where meals are served. A variety of vegetables, fruit, fish and meat is offered and you will not lack anything. From El Yayo it is about 250 steps to the community house and the private beach which is surrounded by palm trees in an exuberant garden. Dinner is also served in the community house and you can relax in the hammock or rocking chair after a great day of fishing. The necessary facilities are also available here and, if you wish, you can also book an evening kayak trip to, for example, the beaches that light up at night (bioluminescence); very beautiful! In the gardens and in the bay, there are many birds, amphibians and also monkeys; groups of howler monkeys roam the area and you can hear them easily. There are still more monkeys than people in this area. Nature is so beautiful here that the film recordings for Jurrasic Park were made on nearby Isla Tortuga. 
It is a perfect place to experience the most exciting fishing adventures in peace. It is a magnificent and special location on the Nicoya Peninsula with all the facilities you need and super friendly hosts; all the ingredients for an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. 


Inshore fishing is done with live bait or with poppers, crankbaits and/or lures. For live bait fishing it is best to use a short rod of 20 to 30 lbs (up to 2.4 metres) in combination with a reel with at least 300 meters of line. For popping the rod may be a bit longer to be able to cast the lure far away. A fixed spool reel is the better option because it turns faster. Also here 300 meters of line is a good option.


Here a nice video on the inshore fishing at this location.



The equipment for offshore fishing is all available and included in the price. If you do not have your own equipment to fish inshore, that is not a problem because that is all available as well. Simply mention it during the bookingprocess and we will make sure it is arranged. The boat is 8.5 meters long, has a 150 hp 4 stroke engine, gps, fishfinder and a watchtower.


On site there are two boats that can be used. These need to be booked in advance. The Mono Congo is 8.5 metres long and has a 150 hp 4 stroke engine that brings you comfortably to the desired location. It is of the walk around type, fully equipped for fishing and can accommodate up to four anglers and has a lookout to make it easier to track shoals of fish. For 2 to 3 people this is a perfect fishing boat.


The second boat is the Conquistador and is also equipped with all necessities and meets safety standards. With two times 250 HP Mercury Saltwater engines you are quickly at your destination. With 10 metres, this boat offers just that more space than the Mono Congo and can easily accommodate 3 to 4 people.


Both boats are equipped with GPS, fishfinder, marine radio. If you do not have the necessary rods and other equipment, that is no problem. These are also on board from 20 to 80 lbs. Terminal tackle for trolling is also available and also the lures for popping and jigging as well as swivels, hooks and the like are already on the spot if you don't want to bring it yourself.


The season for fishing here is endless. Depending on the season, you can catch a wide variety of species here. Costa Rica has a rainy season in September and October when it can rain hard and long. Bt usually at the end of the day. This does not impact the fishing. In fact, because of the dirt washed from the mountains into the rivers, the fishing is very good and there is a lot of bait. The dry season is from November to May and then the temperature during the day is around 32 ° C. In this period most of the fishing is done.


The cost of the trip is determined by the number of persons and the length of stay. Assuming a stay of 7 days with 5 days fishing based on three persons, the indicative price of this trip is about € 2.795,- pp for the transport, stay, 5 days fishing and all meals. This trip van be custom made according to your wishes with more or less fishing days. Furthermore, the exact costs depend on the desired period, boat type, number of persons and number of fishing days.


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