Mexico Baja

Mexico monsters west coast

Mexico Baja

Mexico monsters west coast
The Sea of Cortez, Baja, East Cape. They're all the same names for a true fishing paradise. The quiet and perfectly maintained hotel is secluded and directly on the beach. All rooms are air-conditioned and there is also a swimming pool. The fishing here is very special. You get on the boat directly in front of the hotel and just a few hundred meters from the coast you will find the first drop off. So you do not have long sailing times and you' re close to the action.
Here is a nice online article in BD Outdoors about this location.
At this location you can completely decide yourself what you would like to fish for. Kayak fishing or with a panga to the middle waters or you choose the cruisers to go to the more off shore places or just for the extra luxury. You can go fly fishing (also on sailfish), trolling, spinning, bottom fishing, jigging; there is no limit to what you can do here.
There are too many species to mention: dorado, tuna, wahoo, roosterfish, amberjack, jack crevelle, skipjack, bonito, sailfish, marlin, groupers, barracuda's etc. In other words, you will never have enough days to do all the fishing you want at this beautiful and undiscovered location. We have the solution! Just book two weeks instead of one.
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The hotel where you will be staying is different from the other hotels in this region. It's not as big and unpersonal as most of them here and therefore offers a nice contrast to the mass tourism in surrounding big cities like Cabo san Lucas or La Paz. With around 30 rooms, it is closed off from the hustle and directly by the sea. Daily breakfast and dinner can be enjoyed outside on the terrace overlooking the ocean.


This is truly a beautiful location where everything is available you would want. All rooms are air conditioned and spacious. Furthermore, there is a great sports bar at the private pool where after fishing the stories are told about the sizes, numbers and lengths of fish that are caught. And all of this while enjoying an ice-cold beer is all you need to end a perfect fishing day.


The staff is very friendly and will do everything to make your stay run smoothly. If you are not only interested in fishing, but also in diving or snorkelling, this is the place to be and you will be amazed by the impressive underwater scenes. This is quickly and easily organized on the spot as well as other extra activities.


The pangas are of the walk around type, 8.5 metres long, fully equipped for fishing and can accommodate up to three anglers. With a bimini-top for shade, a powerful 4-stroke engine from 80 to 150 hp and a guide, nothing stands in your way to make your move inshore or offshore. If you want to fly-fish, we advise you to go with a maximum of 2 persons.


The cruisers are for the bigger and more luxurious work and are equipped with a fighting chair. They start at 28 feet and go up to 35 foot and are suitable for up to 5 people. These boats are sailed by a captain and a deckhand. The boats are equipped with all necessary equipment such as VHF, GPS and fish finder. Of course there are also the necessary outriggers to offer the bait just the right way.


Both types of boats can be used for trolling, the difference being that you can fish from the panga with less rods. The advantage is that the panga has a continuous wind that blows over the boat and thus cools you down on hot days, unlike cruisers where you sit behind the wheelhouse out of the wind. Furthermore, fishing from the panga is done with stand up drills and there is no fighting chair on board. The panga offers more hands on fishing than the cruisers.


The boats depart every morning around 07.00 hours from the pier in front of the hotel where the guests can easily board and the provisions are directly loaded. The return to the hotel is around 15.00 hours.


The season runs from March to November. In the months of July and August the average temperatures reach up to 35° C. Due to the low humidity and the location directly by the sea, however, it is a good place to be in this tropical location. However, it is important to take the right precautions against the sun. So cap, sunlotion and sunglasses are necessary. Rainy days are a relatively unknown phenomenon here.


Depending on where you start your trip from you either fly via Mexico City, New York or Houston finally to La Paz or Cabo San Lucas. From there it's an hour by taxi to the hotel. You sleep in a double room, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The average price for this trip is € 2.000,- per person for 3 participants in a triple room. For this set up we assume 2 days fishing with a cruiser, 2 days panga and 2 days kayak fishing. Of course you can arrange the fishing days based on your own preference. Additional costs are flights, tip for the captain/deckhand, rod rental, drinks, licences, taxi costs and fresh bait.


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