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Mexico monsters east coast

Mexico Puerto Aventuras

Mexico monsters east coast
Puerto Aventuras has a lot to offer the modern fisherman. Half an hour's drive from Playa del Carmen, which of course is well known to the tourists, lies this beautiful modern port complex. Close to the harbour there are many restaurants, shops, bars, a golf course and even a dolphin tank. There are also extensive white sandy beaches within walking distance of the port. The weather is generally excellent even in winter. July and August are the warmest months, but because of the fresh breeze at sea it is almost always comfortable.
Trolling, jigging and popping are all fishing methods that are used here. The number of fish species and therefore also the fishing is very diverse here. In autumn until early spring (October - February) this is an absolute hotspot when you want to go jigging for amberjack, snappers, groupers and other more bottom oriented species. At a short distance from the harbour is already the first drop-off where the depth goes from 100 metres to more than 600m. It is on exactly these kind of drop offs that these fish like to roam.
From March to July you can also regularly encounter sailfish, which is often the focus of the local fishermen, but don't forget the marlin, dorado, and blackfin tuna that also have their peak moment in this period. This can be trolling with lures or natural bait but sometimes even on poppers or stickbaits. For the fishing here you use a 100 - 300 gram short boat rod of 1.8 meters with a reel from the 5 to 6000 series that retrieves very fast. At least 1 meter per turn but more is better. That in combination with a 30 kilo braided line and 80 - 100 lbs fluo carbon leader. For trolling you use a 20-30 lbs boat rod with matching reel as well as for jigging and for popping a 2.4 to 2.7 metre long popper rod from 100 to 150 grams. You can also rent your fishing equipment here and it costs 30 euros per person per day and lost lures etc has to be compensated.
Jack Crevelle, shark (especially reef sharks and bullshark) and very large barracuda are present all year round so you can always expect action here. In the summer months there are also tarpons up to 80 kilos, which are not easy to catch here. And even a Cubera snapper can grab your popper explosively from the surface. All you have to do is get your fish mates crazy enough to join you on this trip!
The fishing day starts early in the morning and you leave at 7 o'clock. The fishing boats are a short walk from the apartments. Then you will be out between 5 to 8 hours (as you wish) to fish and you will return ashore between 13 and 15.00 hours. Because of the temperatures, this is the best program set up and you are free to fill in the afternoon with a visit to a terrace, beach or an afternoon nap to recover from a hard day's work. The boat is suitable to fish with 3 persons at the same time. If you go with 4 people we can book an extra boat or you can take turns fishing and take a well deserved break and rotate the fishing.
The speed jigs vary in weight from 100 to 250 grams and the better colours are silver, blue, pink and green. These are mainly the natural colours. But don't forget the glow in the dark colours either. Make sure you bring around 15 jigs per person. Occasionally a shark or other creature will bite right through the fluorocarbon and you will lose the jig. An alternative is to put a short piece (20 cm) of steel wire in front of it, but that often has a negative influence on the catches. The most commonly used weight is 200 grams.
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You stay here in the comfortable Portobello Grande apartment complex. Here we have 2, 4, 6 and 8 person apartments. The apartments are very comfortable, modern and well furnished with a complete kitchen, living room, luxury bathroom, air conditioning, and are located directly on the harbour. Each apartment has its own jacuzzi on the terrace. There is also a shared swimming pool where it is great to relax after fishing.


If possible the captain will pick you up at the back of your apartment every morning and bring you back as well.


For fishing we use a panga of approximately 8 metres long. This is a light open boat with a folding sunroof equipped with a 75 HP engine to comfortably and quickly get to the desired fishing spots. The boat is equipped with all necessary safety equipment and permits.


Jeremias Luna is the local captain and is known for his good catches and knowledge of the local waters. He will take you to the best spots to hunt for the big amberjacks, groupers, barracudas, sailfish, tuna etc and the best memories. These hotspots are a short distance to a maximum of 30 minutes sailing time.


Here is the drop off where the fish are and where the water reaches great depths. Precisely on this edge the different sea currents come together and there is a lot of food available and so the (big) fish can be found. If you do not have your own equipment, it is possible to rent it at small extra cost.





The fishing trip should be the way you want it. So whether you want to go 5, 10 or 15 days, this is up to you. The trip will be tailor-made. From Cancun where you land by plane you will be picked up by a private taxi that will take you to your location. If you stay here for a week and fish 5 days of 6 hours each, including lunch and soft drinks, taxi and stay in a luxury apartment based on 2 persons in 1 bedroom the average price for 4 persons is 1100 euro pp, for 3 persons 1350 euro pp and for 2 persons 1700 euro per person.


Note: these are indicative prices and we can calculate the actual price for you if we know the length of stay, number of fishing days and participants. Then we will gladly make you an offer free of charge. Additional costs are for flights, breakfast and dinner and tips for the crew (about 10 to 15 dollars per day).


Check out the comprehensive digital brochure of this location here!

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