Enjoying winter in shorts


Enjoying winter in shorts
The Gambia is both a country and a river and one of the better sun and fishing destinations for the European winter period. So when we start putting on our gloves than in The Gambia shorts can be worn. And if you can fish there for an interesting price, you have a great location to catch beautiful tropical and sometimes big fish.   This is the ideal winter break where you can also fish perfectly. This can be done with your fishing buddies but also with your partner or family who can enjoy the facilities of the hotels, the beautiful African surroundings and the friendly local people.
The river The Gambia starts in Guinea and flows further through Senegal and further into the sea near the capital of The Gambia called Banjul. In the meantime, the river has covered 1125 kilometers and has become over 4 kilometres wide when reaching the sea. And it is on the dividing line between fresh and salt water at the estuary that many and extensive creeks are created with mangroves that provide shelter for the breeding fish. But also other obstacles such as rocks and sandbanks make this fishery very interesting here. Partly because of the fact that the tides move in and out 2 times a day, you can imagine that there are also large fish in this region. Think for example of barracuda, captain fish, guitarfish, thornback ray, catfish, cassava croaker, jack crevalle, pompano, queenfish, rays and also tarpon is caught here. In addition, you can also target open sea (blue water) fishing for dorado, sailfish, tuna and shark.
All in all, many species of predators of the saltwater that, with light material, will give the necessary action and make it a wonderful winter break. Gambia is easy to reach by p[lane from most countries. The country has a lovely sub tropical climate and has a rainy and dry season. The dry season falls from November to May exactly in our winter period. Partly because of this, The Gambia is a popular location in our winter to enjoy the sun, sea and fishing.
You can fish here in many different ways. 
  • Beach fishing
  • Creek fishing by boat
  • Sea fishing in the estuary of the river and around dog island
  • Blue water (wreck) fish (jigging and trolling on big game)
  • A trip to Casamances in Senegal (lower fishing pressure and larger specimens)
  • Tiger fishing inland
  • And of course all the combinations you want
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In terms of accommodation, we work with three different hotels in three different levels:


Budget level: Dandimayo

This is a nice but simple hotel with friendly people. There are double rooms available with a small living room with TV, fridge and kitchen. There is a small terrace overlooking the pool. The bedroom has a double bed which can be pushed apart and has a fan as standard and you can use the air conditioning for a small extra charge. This accommodation is good and you can also get good food and a cold beer so for us anglers this is fine.


Medium level: Mansea Beach hotel

For lovers of a little more comfort, this hotel is a good option. This hotel has a lovely African atmosphere. The rooms are spacious and there is also a nice bathroom. The hotel is conveniently located a 5-minute walk from the beach and the entertainment centre. If you walk out of the hotel you will feel like you are directly in Africa. The staff is waiting for you and you can relax in the beautiful garden or take a refreshing dip in the pool.


Luxury level: Senegambia hotel

The Senegambia hotel is located directly on the SeneGambia strip where all the nightlife of Banjul takes place. Yet it is quiet and offers comfort and it i swell known in The Gambia, thanks to the beautiful tropical garden and a perfect location in the heart of Kololi. It has spacious African-style hotel rooms and of course there are several swimming pools to cool down. After swimming you dry up with a cocktail at the pool bar including sea view. In the garden you sit among the exotic birds and monkeys and imagine yourself in another world. And when the sun has disappeared on the African horizon, you will be on the Senegambia Strip with all the fun , restuarants and bars included.

At this location we have several boats at our disposal:


  • A Warrior 165 with 60 HP engine (creek and sea)
  • Several open pangas from 6 to 8 meters with 50 to 75 HP engines (creek)
  • Angler Center Console of over 9 meters with 2 x 200 hp engines, GPS, many rod stands, a sun deck, toilet and it can accommodate up to 10 people (including crew).

All boats that make it possible for 2 to 6 people to enjoy a day of fishing. On the Angler Center Console, all rods and other equipment are included in the fishing. But at the same time you can also go fishing with a group of 4 or even 6 anglers. If you want to spread the chances more evenly, you can also divide a group over two smaller boats.


The season for fishing here runs from the end of October to the end of May. This is the dry season when the weather and fishing conditions are best. On this part of the world you can expect nice weather and temperatures of 30 tm 35 C around this time. Shorts, t-shirt, cap, sunglasses and sunscreen are standard equipment. Don't forget the sun- and after sun lotion. 


After arriving at the airport you will be picked up by the private driver. For a 7 day stay with 5 days fishing of which 2 days at open sea, 1 day in the creeks and 2 days from the beach and the middle category hotel including breakfast the average price is around 995 euro per person with 2 participants. Extra costs are fligths, tips for crew and staff, lunches and dinners. The exact price depends on the actual period and time until the starting date. 


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