Donegal Ireland

Donegal Ireland


DONEGAL! This region is not very well known but it has a ton of opportunities to fish here! Endless beaches, more than 40 species of fish to be caught while boat fishing, salmon fishing, super hospitable people and an overwhelming culture and nature. What are you waiting for?


This is not 1 trip but actually there are 100! From the northern part to Newport in the west we have made a selection of possible locations, charters, ways of fishing, nature, adventure and beautiful hospitable people. Here you can for example with 2 people 14 days of different types of fishing on sea, beach and salmon. But just as well you can spend a week focused with 4 people fishing for skate. Or how a week’s boat fishing with 6 people on two different locations. With the whole angling club? No problem, you can do it here and we will fix it.



The fishing here is very diverse. The Drowes is a beautiful salmon river that has produced more and more salmon in recent years. Due to strict rules and even better control, this river has become a top river that attracts many fishermen every year. You will stay at the Lareen Estate in one of the 10 different holiday homes. Both with the fly and the spinning rod you are welcome here on the 5 mile long river that offers more than enough variety. If you are looking for a day of variation you can take the boat and go to the higher Lake Melvin to fish for salmon and 4 different kinds of trout.


Boat fishing is the foudantion of fishing in Ireland. We have made a selection of charters, each with their own specialties. Mary Gavin Hughes, for example, is the perfect captain to finally try and hook that 100 lbs of flesh and Downings has some great wreck fishing. From Killybegs the reefs are very appealing. All these places can be fished and offer a variety of boats so you are able to make a special "Donegal Tour". Or to just try to catch several specimens for a week, from one location. It is all up to you.


The beach and rock fishing is special. Why? Because there are so many beaches and rocks or cliffs. The chances of meeting other fishermen here are slim. We have not run into them while we were here. With 4 rods and three people, we had more than enough work. The fish just kept biting. Unprecedented.


Check out the comprehensive digital brochure of all these locations here!


As there are several locations in northwest Ireland, there is also plenty of choice. Different hotels, B&B's and apartments are at your disposal depending on the location. And do you want something different at a certain location?


Let us know and we'll find a place to stay that meets your needs.


Take a look at the comprehensive brochure !


For boat and salmon fishing it is not strictly necessary to bring your own equipment. This can be rented locally. But for the real angler it is best to bring your own equipment with you. In addition, the rental equipment in general is less professional than your own gear. Nevertheless, it is possible to rent it here at most locations.


A light, medium and heavy spinning rod in ascending lengths is a solution for all kinds of fishing. The light one for trout / salmon fishing, the medium one for rock or pollack fishing on the boat, the heavy one for the beach or high rocks. Furthermore a 10- 20 lbs boat rod with reel and you can fish here easily for more than a week.


All charter boats have the necessary permits, safety equipment, GPS, fishfinders etc and the captains with a lot of experience on the local seas. All conditions are in place for good fishing. All you have to do is catch them.


The season runs from April to October and, as in many northern European destinations, it is necessary to bring good water-resistant clothing. It just does not get very cold here. The temperature rarely is below zero and the summers are lovely with an average of 22 degrees. In other words: be well prepared as the Irish saying of “4 seasons in one day” might become true each day.


You fly from your local airport to Dublin and there the rental car is waiting for you. Then you will start (on the left side of the road) on the journey of your choice. The journey takes about 3 hours driving to the west and goes right through the heart of Ireland. An average price is difficult to work with here because there are so many different options and no two trips will be the same. In our digital brochure we provide a few examples that give you a basic idea. Interested? Then read the comprehensive digital brochure about fishing and local accommodation here.


Check out the comprehensive digital brochure of all these locations here!

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