Port Rush Northern Ireland

Port Rush Northern Ireland


Hamish Currie is the famous captain of the Predator II. He is the prototype of the Irish captain. A real “Popeye” but with a “sea” of knowledge and experience. He takes you fishing from the harbour of Port Rush. From May to October you can go here for fishing for porbeagle, tope, skate, but also for general fishing for ling, conger, wrasse, catfish, dogfish, pollack, cod and so on.


The porbeagle has clearly increased in number over the last few years, which makes it possible to specifically target this species again. The average weight of the porbeagles that are caught is around 40 to 50 kilos. And those are not the biggest specimens. The biggest porbeagle caught so far is 2.7 meters with an estimated weight of 150 kilograms. On average, between 2 and 4 porbeagles are caught per day and you have a good chance of catching tope in between. The record number of porbeagles on 1 day so far stands at 11. All in all, fishing here guarantees action and is a spectacular experience.


Read here the article in the “Zeehengelsport”.


The fishing grounds are located here up to a maximum of 1 hour sailing from Port Rush. The nature and surroundings are beautiful here. Even the background images for the immensely popular series Game Of Thrones have been recorded here. The beautiful cliffs and rugged nature provide breath-taking views.


Hamish fishes for porbeagle and tope, as well as skate and general fishing. So you can choose from three types of fishing during your stay. All the equipment you need is on board and included in the price. So you don't have to bring anything yourself. For fishing we use relatively light material which guarantees that you will experience an intense drill if you have one of the bigger ones on the line like porbeagle, tope or skate.


During shark fishing, mackerel is fished continuously. The activity and movements of the mackerels provide, in addition to the rubby dubby, extra 'shark attraction' in the water. It is not uncommon for a porbeagle or tope to attack the hooked mackerel. And after that it doesn't take long before the right 'shark bait' is taken as well.


You will be staying at Hamish's house. He has 3 extra bedrooms here, two with 2 single beds each and 1 room with a double bed. There are two showers in the rooms. Breakfast is standard included. The spacious house is located in Port Stewart, 3 km from Port Rush.


As in most Irish cities it is not far to walk to the first pub in Port Stewart and there are several where you can go in the vicinity. That gives fishing in Ireland always just that extra feeling. For lunch you'll drive past the supermarket before you leave in the morning and you can create your own lunch to take with you on the boat.


The Predator II is a real fishing machine with a strong engine and a length of 7.5 meters it is light and has a high cruising speed. She is suitable for up to 6 people. Because of the large cabin, the trip to the fishing grounds is always comfortable and dry. The boat is unconventional but very fish oriented. So it is a perfect combination of boat and captain.


The easiest way to get here is to fly to Belfast. By rental car it is just another 1.5 hours drive and you're in Port Stewart. If you think about it, it is actually very close. Once you get there, you are immediately in a completely different worldd of fishing.


So what are you waiting for? Quickly book your week with your fishing buddies. The boat is only rented out completely and is therefore not suitable for single fishermen. For a week's stay (bed & breakfast) with 6 days fishing on your own boat, breakfast and rental car we charge an average price of 1250 euro per person when having 4 fishermen. Beware that this is only an average price. Depending on the periods of the year the prices may be different! Contact us for availability and the exact prices for the week you would like to go and receive a quotation completely free of charge.

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