Hedesunda Sweden

Hedesunda Sweden


Gästrikland is part of the provinces of Gävleborgs län and Uppsala län. The landscape of this province is particularly rich in lakes and islands, extensive forests and numerous farms. Here you will find copper and silver mines, stately mansions, old steelworks, a real Viking settlement, a beautiful national park, authentic summer farms - in short, here you will find everything you need for an unforgettable holiday full of events in the midst of a unique and untouched nature.


Many people think that Sweden is cold and that it almost always rains. A big misunderstanding! Sweden has a mild climate thanks to the westerly winds from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream. Stockholm even has an average of 250 hours of sunshine during the summer months compared to 180 hours in the Netherlands. There is a continental climate here, which means that winters can be cold with considerable snow cover and temperatures dropping well below freezing. And in summer the temperature can rise to over 30 degrees Celcius. So tropical days in summer are also possible in Sweden!



The prices are comparable with the rest of Europe. Petrol is even a little cheaper. Also camping and restaurant prices are lower than in most European countries. However, tobacco and alcoholic drinks are slightly more expensive in Sweden. The price of a large pint of beer or a glass of wine in the restaurant and on the terrace is not higher than in any European city. The beautiful view of Dalälven is free!


On the edge of the campsite and on the beach of Dalälven you find the cosy restaurant Sandsnäs. From the large terrace you have an overwhelming view over the Dalälven. Here you can relax and enjoy your meal over a glass of wine or a refreshing beer. The restaurant is open every day during the summer months for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is also possible to take hot meals with you. During the high season you can enjoy live music on the terrace almost every Saturday evening. In the village there is a pizzeria as well as a supermarket to do the necessary shopping. It is also possible to order sandwiches for the next morning at the reception.


The river Dalälven, which finds its origin in the Norwegian mountains, winds its way through Sweden to end up in the Gulf of Bothnia after a long journey. Especially in the basin of the Lower Dalälven, where the river flows through beautiful lakes, there are unspoiled nature reserves and numerous islands. The long stretched island of Ön lies in the middle of the river and has a bridge connection with the mainland on both sides. Hedesunda Camping is located on the island. Around Ön you can enjoy boating, fishing, walking, cycling and horseback riding. In the bay in front of the campsite is Hedesunda Fjärderna, a unique lake landscape with hundreds of islands, marshes and ancient forests. The bird life is very extensive, including various woodpeckers, owls and many ospreys. This nature reserve is also an Eldorado for wild animals such as moose, deer, bears, beavers and lynxes.


The water of the Dalälven is one of the top ten best fishing areas in Sweden and has more than 30 species of fish. The village of Hedesunda is located a few kilometres further on the mainland. A characteristic village with old buildings and churches. All facilities are present here, including a number of shops, a medical centre, a supermarket, petrol station and a bank. The campsite is located in the middle of the basin of the Dalälven and the Nedre Dalälven has about 200 km of varied fishing water. The river flows through ever changing landscapes. Bays with countless islands, rapids and several beautiful lakes. In the Dalälven live about thirty different species of fish, including pike perch, bream, trout, pike, grayling and perch. Salmon and brown trout live in the water towards the east coast.


Many people have already discovered that the Lower Dalälven is the most complete fishing area in Sweden with enough space to be one with nature. At Hedesunda Camping you can moor your own boat at one of the jetties or you can rent a (fully equipped) fishing boat or canoe. Ask us about the special package prices for (fishing) packages including boat and equipment rental, full board, transfer from and to Arlanda airport near Stockholm. So this location is perfect for family holidays in high season but also for predator anglers who have the best fishing periods here in the early and late season.


Fishing has a special place at this location. Co-owner Meindert is Dutch and has been a fisherman for years, especially vertical fishing for pike perch is one of his specialties. He can tell you the best spots, types of bait and possibilities for the period that you will be present. There is also a small fish shop at the reception where you can get the most important materials in case you miss out on anything or if that one colour is giving most action.


The fishing water


The Dalälven is a beautiful river which belongs to the top 10 of Sweden's best fishing waters. It is a paradise for fishermen and nature lovers. It is a 500 km long river that flows through Sweden from the Norwegian border and eventually flows into the Gulf of Bothnia. The last 200 km of the river is called the Nedre Dalälven. It distinguishes itself from other major rivers in Europe by many varied rapids and beautiful lakes with a variety of large and smaller islands. In this beautiful fishing water there are up to 30 species of fish including salmon, sea trout, trout, grayling, pike, pike perch, perch and many species of whitefish.


Fishing from the location


Hedesunda is located on the beautiful, long stretched island Ön which is surrounded by the Hedesundafjärden and the Bromöfjärden. These fjärden which are part of the Nedre Dalälven cover more than 10,000 hectares of water! It is a real pleasure for every angler to be able to fish here. You can literally cast out your fishing rod from the beach or jetty or take a fishing boat out of here. There is a beautiful, detailed water map of the area available with marked depths, obstacles and buoys. It is also permitted to fish with live bait.


Pike perch

Around the flowing parts between the islands you will find beautiful slopes and holes with depths up to 17 meters. The locals mainly fish trolling lures or anchor and fish with natural bait. The vertical fishing, which is so popular in Europe, is also very effective here. Besides pike perch you can catch a lot of perch and the according pike of course. Fishing with steel or fluorocarbon leaders is therefore a requirement. Zander is very easy to catch during the ice-free periods and several 10+ kg perch are caught here every year. Officially you are not allowed to fish pike perch until June 20th and keep the fish. If you accidentally catch a pike perch during this period you have to put it back immediately.



For the pike angler this is a true paradise. Around the countless islands and bays with large weed and lily beds you can practically smell the pike! The pike season starts in mid-April and ends in November, and the chance for the real big green beast is biggest in spring and autumn. Especially the area around the campsite is known for its large size pike, fish of 1 meter plus are no exception. Trolling lures is a favorite with the locals but also jerkbait casting is practised more and more. Of course, the pike can also be caught with a baitfish. The all-round fisherman can have a great time here: you can troll lures from spot to spot, on the way near a plant bed you cast your jerkbait and when you get above a nice deep hole you let your shad drop down.


Fly fishing for trout and grayling

A real pleasure for the avid fly-fisher is Gysinge, 15 km upstream. Here you will find alternating wide and narrow rapids, calm and turbulent water, numerous islands and beautiful pools. Both experienced and novice fly anglers can fish here. Also here along the river you will find several 'shelters' or fishing huts with a fire pit which you can use for free.


Salmon and sea trout

Going about 30 km downstream we come across Alvkarleby where you can fish for salmon and sea trout. The area is very suitable for fishing both with spinning and fly rod and can be fished from the shore as well as from a boat. Every year about 850 salmon are caught here by fishing rod. The average weight is 9 kilos and every year several salmon over 20 kilos are caught. In Alvkarleby, the Swedish record for salmon fishing on running water is 27.97 kilos. The first salmon swim up the river at the beginning of May, but the real salmon season starts in June and ends in mid-July. Sea trout are also well represented in this area. Annually about 4000 sea trout are caught by rod and the record is 13.1 kilo. The best season for sea trout is from January to April and from September to October.


The robust, traditional Swedish style holiday homes are available all year round and you can also spend the night in one of our smaller 'stugor'. You can moor your own boat at one of the jetties or rent a fully equipped (fishing) boat. For the children there is playground equipment, a sports field and safe shallow bathing water with sandy beach and sunbathing lawn. The tranquillity, the beautiful nature and the excellent facilities on the campsite make camping an unforgettable experience. The campsite is open from May 1st to October 1st and the stugas can be booked all year round.


Holiday home 'Lax' 4-6 persons, 42 m2 + 20 m2 (mezzanine)

This beautiful wooden house is built of robust wooden beams in the traditional Swedish style. It is a cosy and comfortable house and is suitable for 4-6 persons. In the cottage there are 2 separate bedrooms, a sleeping loft, a living room and a bathroom with shower and toilet. The spacious living room has a dining area, a kitchen, a sitting area, a wood stove and color TV. for the enthusiast. In front of the house is a beautiful veranda where it is good to stay during summer evenings.


Holiday home 'Harr' 2-5 persons, 13 m2 + 13 m2 (loft)

These 2-5 person 'stugor' are equipped with 3 beds upstairs and a sofa bed downstairs. There is a gas stove, crockery, cutlery, a fridge, electric heating and a dining area. In front of the cottage there is a veranda with a bench and in front of the cottage there is a picnic table.


Holiday cottage 'Abborre' 2-4 persons, 10 m2 + 5 m2 (mezzanine)

These 4-person 'stugor' are equipped with a bunk bed, two berths on top of the sleeping loft. There is a stove, crockery, cutlery, a fridge, electric heating and a table with four chairs. In front of the cottage there is a veranda.


Holiday cottage 'Öring' 2-4 persons, 15 m2

These 2 to 4 person 'stugor' are equipped with two bunk beds. There is a cooker, crockery, cutlery, a fridge, electric heating, a bench and a table with four chairs. At the front of the cottage there is a covered terrace.


There are the following possibilities to rent a boat here:


an aluminium Quicksilver 450 with a 20 HP 4-stroke outboard engine, a Minnkota 40-pound electric motor and an Eagle depth sounder. The boat is also equipped with a bun, storage closet and 2 chairs.


There are aluminium Linder 400 boats woith 10 and 15 HP outboard engines. These can all be equipped with a depth sounder and one can be equipped with an electric motor.


In addition, there are seven pieces of aluminium Linder 440 with 4HP-4stroke outboard engine.


The boats are fuelled up every evening and the number of litres are registered at the reception and can be paid for with credit card, maestro or cash at the end of the fishing trip. Standard you will get a water map of the region with the directions to the hotspots. The boats do not have rod holders for trolling. So if you want to do that you will have to bring them yourself.


It is also possible to bring your own fishing boat. For this purpose a good slipway is available at a distance of only 2 kilometres. However, there is not always room at the jetty so bringing your own boat is always on request and has to checked first.


House                    season 1   season 2

Lax Week                    1100         950

Harr Week                   675           650

Abborre Week             610           560

Oring Week                 610           560


Price in euros


  • Season 1: 15 June to 15 August and 15 November to 28 February.
  • Season 2: 1 March to 14 June and 16 August to 14 November
  • Weekend : arrival Friday and departure Sunday
  • Week: arrival Friday and departure Friday
  • Bedlinen required, bring your own or rent a package.
  • Costs for electricity and water included
  • Cleaning costs included (clean the kitchen yourself)Nederlands
  • Booking fee included
  • Residences Harr, Abborre and Oring do not have their own shower. You can use the shower in the service building for 5 SEK per shower.
  • Rental textile package 15 euro per person (1 fitted sheet, 1 pillowcase, 1 duvet cover, 1 large towel, 1 small towel)
  • Dogs allowed in Aborre and Oring
  • Bookings during 'Midsommar' have a surcharge of € 120,-.


Linder 440 with 4 HP               325 euro / week

Linder 400 with 10 HP             400 euro / week

Linder 400 with 15 HP             425 euro / week

Quicksilver 450 with 20 HP      545 euro / week

Fishfinder                                  95 euro / week

Electromotor + battery              150 euro / week


Different permits apply to all these different spots. They are very affordable and the people at the reception will be happy to help you get the right one. In consultation it is possible to hire a guide for 350 euro for a whole day for a maximum of 2 persons. The cost for a fishing license for the local waters is € 35,- per person per week.

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