Hemmingodden Nappstraumen

Lofoten to the max!

Hemmingodden Nappstraumen

Lofoten to the max!
Hemmingodden is the new top location on the Lofoten! Located in Ballstad, just around the corner from Nappstraumen, this is a comfortable and very professional fishing location. The lodge is located right on the water and offers several types of holidayhomes and fishing boats. From this location the fishing is just perfect. The lodge is located very sheltered in the southern part of the Lofoten and overlooks the fjord and impressive mountains which are so distinctive for the Lofoten.
Nappstraumen is a very well known and good fishing area. With the coming and going of the tides, both in the Nappstraumen and the various islands and shallows around Ballstad and surroundings, there is a perfect current where the fish linger to find their prey of the day.
To the left you sail into the Nappstraumen area and to the right into the Buksnesfjorden where you can still catch your fish when the weather is not so good. Take the professional fishing boats and the impressive surroundings and you find yourself in the Valhalla of Norway.

South of the Nappstraumen there are several islands such as Svinoya, Eggeloysa, Kvalbaken, Folfoten, Graenholmen and Batskjaeret. The Straumen itself is around 45 meters deep and these islands and surrounding shallows are perfect spots for halibut. To the south with outgoing water and to the north with rising water you can catch your dream fish here. But also cod, pollock on the deeper parts where it drops to 100 meters and more. Or haddock, ling, redfish and catfish. And how about pollock around the islands? Nice active fishing casting your sandeels or shads. You can do any type of fishing here, even up to popping for coalfish in the right season.

As with most locations, you will be short of days here. In combination with the top boats, beautiful apartments / cottages, this is a new gem in our portfolio where many guests enjoy going and even more will enjoy returning.

You stay in traditional, modern, comfortable and soulful fisherman's cabins that all have a story to tell. Enjoy the opportunity to live close to nature and everyday life in a vibrant fishing village. Experience the magnificent sea, the majestic mountains and the magical light of Lofoten. Find that wonderful tranquillity in our fisherman's cabins and how it feels to come home.
Lottebua is one of our favourites! The location of this rorbu is absolutely perfect with a view of both the harbour and the mountains here at Ballstad. In summer, this apartment has both morning and evening sun on the terrace, and in winter, the first parquet to see the northern lights dance in the sky, magical! This rorbu has three bedrooms, one on the loft. The living room and kitchen go together, and the bathroom is large and nice. For up to six people.
Egnerbua is a gem! In this beautiful appartement, placed on the far end of the quay, you can enjoy the amazing view of the inner harbour and mountains surrounding Ballstad. Egnerbua comes with its own terrace on the ground floor, modern kitchen and bathroom, two bedrooms with three beds in each room, and a gorgeous view. Suitable for up to six people.
Salteriet is one of our most popular rorbu, and it's easy to understand why. This unit is suitable for couples, a small family or group of friends. From your terrace on the ground floor you can enjoy the beautiful views of the harbour and mountains here at Ballstad! Salteriet has one bedroom with three beds, and a double sofa bed in the living room, as well as a modern kitchen and bathroom.
Suitable for 3-5 people but we advise 3 people for a comfortable solution.
Brygga is perfectly located on the 2nd floor of the main building here at Hemmingodden. In summer you have both morning and evening sun on the terrace, and the view of the mountains here at Ballstad is magnificent! This beautiful fisherman`s cabin was built new in 2019. Brygga has three bedrooms, spread over two floors, as well as a modern kitchen and bathroom and is suitable for up to six people.
Cosy Annebua is located on the 2nd floor of the main building here at Hemmingodden, at the very edge of the quay. This apartment has three bedrooms, living room, kitchen and a modern and spacious bathroom. You can enjoy the wonderful view from the terrace, overlooking Ballstad harbour and majestic mountains. Annebua was upgraded to modern standards in 2015, but it still has a lot of that old soul. This fisherman`s cabin is a favourite for many of our guests (and employees). Suitable for up to seven people.
Kokkbua is our largest fisherman's cabin with plenty of space for fishing enthusiasts, big families or groups of friends who ar exploring Lofoten together! This fisherman's cabin is big enough that it has been used for meetings and smaller conferences. In this fisherman's cabin, you see clear signs of how everyday life was for the fishermen in the past, but all rooms have been given an aesthetic lift and the kitchen has been modernized. Kokkbua has a total of ten beds in five bedrooms, three bedrooms on the ground floor and two on the second floor.
There are two practical bathrooms, one on each floor. The most magical thing about this rorbu is the view from the dining table, where you can observe the fishing boats deliver their catch, the eagle soaring over the inner harbour and the majestic Skottinden that reigns over Ballstad. The cabin has its own outdoor area right on the quayside and a beautiful balcony on the 2nd floor with great sun conditions and a wide and magnificent view. This unit is suitable for up to ten people.
Linbua is located on the 2nd floor and is a very cozy fisherman's cabin in traditional style. From your own terrace, you can enjoy amazing views and when the sun is shining you have it there from morning to evening. This open loft apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious bathroom and a cozy living room. Linbua is a popular budgetfriendly alternative for couples, friends and families with small children - as it has a double sofa bed in addition to a double loft bed. Suitable for 2-4 people.
Garnbua is a small, cozy rorbu in old style. This rorbu has a loft, and is located on the 2nd floor with its own staircase. The apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and a sofa corner. It is popular for couples or friends, and in addition to a double bed on the loft, it has a double sofa bed. Garnbua has a shared terrace on the ground floor, perfect for enjoying your morning coffee in the summer! Suitable for 2 people.
Olufbua is a budget-friendly and practical alternative for families and groups of up to five people. This fisherman's cabin is in traditional style and has plenty of room for an entire family, or an eager group of fishermen. Olufbua is located on the ground floor, with access to communal patios right outside the door. Here you can enjoy your morning coffee on one side of the house and the evening sun on the other. The apartment has two bedrooms and a practical kitchen and bathroom. Suitable for up to five people.
Next to the comfortable and beautiful holiday homes, this location has its own restaurant, called HEIM. This is a cosy and authentic restaurant with a lot of history on the walls. They like to be innovative, but at the same time use traditional and local dishes in an exciting way. The restaurant seats 50 guests. On the menu are pizza with stockfish and goat meat. Whale stew, fish´n chips with local fish, fresh desserts, and many local and tasty drinks.
Kaasbøll 760 HT 24 foot and 150 HP for 4-6 fishermen
These are very stable, robust, and functional boats with enough horsepower to quickly reach your chosen destination. There are three boats of this type, sturdy and robust, all equally suitable for fishermen!
Kaasbøll 660 F 22 foot 115 HP for 4-6 fishermen
The F stands for Fisher! A steady and extra-wide boat, specially adapted for fishing and memorable experiences at sea! These boats are reliable and have a vast range, an excellent fishing boat with exceptional safety features. There are three brand new boats of this type!
Kaasbøll 620 20 foot and 100 HP for 4 fishermen
There are two Kaasbøll 620 boats here at Hemmingodden Lodge. Those boats are very stable, robust and functional, as well as perfect for fishing or exploring the archipelago with your family along Lofoten's coastline. 
Included in the rent are life jackets, gaff and laminated sea charts with suggested fishing spots.
Right on the dock, a short way from our boats, we have excellent indoor gutting facilities—a large room with space for gutting, filleting and packing. We have large freezer boxes, which our overnight guests can use to freeze and store fish until returning home.
It is also possible to rent a fishing outfit (Regatta, DAM or Abu Garcia). There are also good rods with reel and line from Prey, Lawson and Elbe for rent. This is great material to drill large fish perfectly. The cost of a fishing suit is 85 euros per week and the rod set comes down to the same amount.

If you want the fishing guide on board for a day, the costs are 650 euros for a whole day.



To get to this location, there are two possibilities.

1. Or you fly to Leknes airport which is 15 minutes drive from the location and we arrange a transfer for 150 Euros for a return trip for max 4 people. These flights to Leknes are often more expensive and extra luggage is more difficult to arrange.

2. The second option is that you fly to Evenes and we arrange a rental car for you there. From there it is about 3.5 hours drive. That is quite long but the road is really beautiful and a "must see". 

High season 01.06 - 31.08. + 01.03 - 15.04.                       
Low season 01.09-28.02 + 16.04-31.05

                    HS       LS   

                   HS            LS      
Linbua        1245        1035     2p
Garnbua     1245        1035      2p
Salteriet      1695        1450      3p
Olufbua       1450        1245      4p
Egnerbua    2795        2195      6p
Lottebua      2795        2195     6p
Brygga         2795        2195     6p
Annebua      2795        2195     7p
Kokkbua      2795         2195    9p

Boats for 6 days            HS              LS

Kaasboll 620, 20 ft      1295             1095
Kaasboll 660, 22 ft      1425             1175
Kaasboll 760, 24 ft      1575             1295

price in euro per week, excluding fuel

The holiday homes include bed linen, towels, heating, water, electricity and final cleaning. The property should be handed over with a clean kitchen and broom clean floor

A transfer from the airport for Leknes can be arranged 
1 to 4 persons  140 euro one way
5 to 8 persons  245 euro one way

Fishing guide 8 hours      520 euro
Fishing overall                   85 euro
Rod, reel and line              85 euro

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