Savage Gear Skrei Festival march 2026

Loppa Bergsfjord

Savage Gear Skrei Festival march 2026

Cod XXL! 10 day trip for the price of 8!
It is with great pleasure that we present our Skrei Festival from Monday 30 March till Wednesday 8 April 2026.
Do you want to improve your personal record for cod together with a small group of enthusiastic fishermen? And aren't you afraid of winter weather? Then join us on this epic fishing trip to Bergsfjord, Loppa in the far north of Norway.
Read an article HERE about skrei fishing in BEET magazine.

This is what the trip looked like in 2023

Because the weather can and will play a dominant role on this trip, we will do everything we can to make it run as smoothly as possible and give you the best chance to improve your personal record. That is why this trip is not a week but 10 days and we have 8 fishing days. If one or two fishing days drop out due to the weather, we will have enough fishing days left. In order to fish for skrei, you have to be in Northern Norway in March/April! But that also means that the weather will be cold and challenging and sometimes even a complete bummer. And if you can fish then the temperatures are not really nice. So in all, this is not a fishing trip for the faint harted or people who get cold quickly or prefer to stay in a sunny location. Good health and good clothing is necessary to be able to join this epic group trip in search of the enormous skrei of this region. Our goal is to catch several specimens of 25 kilos and more.

We have consciously chosen our location in Bergsfjord called Loppa. The reason for this is quite simple. Both the shelter and the boats at this location are optimal and the sailing distances to the fishing grounds are short. Loppa is located directly opposite the well-known island of Soroya and is therefore in the middle of the strike zone of the annual skrei run that takes place here. Where on Soroya there is hardly any shelter from the weather, Bergsfjord has plenty of shelter through the islands of Loppa and Silda which are situated directly in front of the village of Bergsfjord. Therefore, the chance of fishing days being lost at this location is generally small and in combination with the perfect fishing area, this is an optimal venue for the Savage Gear Skrei Festival 2025. 
The trip consists of:
  • Extensive Powerpoint information of all details of the fishing trip in an online meeting
  • Transfers to and from airport and location
  • Personal guidance from on the spot and on the fishing boat
  • Six participants per house 
  • Four participants per boat (planning by organisation)
  • Towels, bed linen and final cleaning included
  • Final dinner and award ceremony
  • Prizes from Savage Gear to be won
  • Personal photo book after the trip for each participant
You have a chance to win great prizes, improve your personal record, make new friends and to create a ton of great memories!

There is a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 16 spots available. You can send us an e-mail to pre register here.
This is what happened in 2024:

We have 3 houses and 4 boats to our disposal. Be sure to send us your registration in time because the number of places is limited to 12!.
The houses we use are all completely refurbished and meet the needs of our modern times. All houses are suitable for 6 to 8 persons and have snigle beds
  • Halibut Heaven
  • Cape Cod
  • Steinbit Escape
All houses are equipped with a fully equipped open kitchen with cooker, refrigerator, coffee maker, refrigerator and accessories. The houses will be occupied by a maximum of 6 persons so that there is enough space and comfort for all participants. Furthermore, 1 bedroom in the biggest house will be used for the groupleader from and will therefore have 5 people.
Directly at the harbour you will find the ssheltered fileting house with several tables, running water and a spacious freezer. At this  room you also have the possibility to dry your fish clothes. 

There are 4 Wildeboat 650 available which are all equipped with a cabin that can be closed and can seat up to 5 people. The equipment and luggage can also be kept dry here. The Wildeboat 650 XW S is equipped with a 150 HP Yamaha / Honda engine. The power, speed (max 70 km per hour), tranquillity and reliability of this boat makes it extremely suitable for sea fishing.
All boats are equipped with life jackets, rod holders, fishfinder, depth gauge, tracking system, and emergency flares. The boat also has AIS for extra safety. These are absolute top boats that offer a lot of comfort, speed and ease of sailing. The boats are very suitable for 4 more anglers because the foredeck can also be used while fishing. These boats are spacious, have 10 rod holders and are perfect for fishing in North Norway. All boats are equipped with a gaf for landing and releasing the fish in a careful way.
Fishing is done with rods from 20 to 30 lbs. If you want to be sure that you can get the really big fish up we advise you to choose the 30 lbs + rods. 
The best contact with your bait you will have with dyneema. You will feel exactly what is happening at the end of your line at a depth of 50 to 100 metres. The breaking force of the dyneema is around 25 kilos in order to offer serious and controlled resistance to a large fish. It is best to have at least 300 but preferably 500 metres of line on your reel. The leaders used here have a thickness of 1 to 1.2 mm.

The current schedule for the trip is as follows:
Departure: monday 30 March 2026 
Arrive in Alta before 15.00. If you want to we will sort out the best flights for you to join this trip.
Ferry from Alta directly to Bergsfjord 
On arrival: allocation of homes
Tuesday 31 March safety drill (explanation of boats and use of on-board equipment)
Eight (!) days fishing on the 6.6 meter long and 2.7 meter wide Wild cabin boat, walkaround and 150 HP engine and GPS / fishfinder. Also be aware that due to severe weather conditions it can be possible we will not be able to fish. That is why we go 10 days!
Wednesday 8 April 2026
Ferry from Bergsfjord to Oksfjord and by bus to Alta
Return flight home departing after 13.00 hours

This is what the trip looked like in 2022

Maximum 16 and minimum 12 participants. Pre registration is possible as per now and full = full.
The trip consists of:
  • Extensive Powerpoint information of all details of the fishing trip in an online meeting
  • Transfers to and from airport and location
  • Personal guidance from on the spot and on the fishing boat
  • Six participants per house 
  • Four participants per boat (planning by organisation)
  • Towels, bed linen and final cleaning included
  • Final dinner and award ceremony with prizes from Savage Gear
  • Personal photo book after the trip for each participant
Chance of great prices, improvement of your personal record and even more beautiful memories!
The costs of this trip are € 1.145,- per person excluding flight.
Individual registration is also possible! Planning is on the basis of 4 persons per house, and shared double rooms.
Additional costs:
- Flights to Alta
- Own food and drink but together with the other fishermen in the house
- Fuel for your own boat
- Drinks at dinner

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