Soroya 2.0

Relaxed top guides and great boats with top fishing

Soroya 2.0

Relaxed top guides and great boats with top fishing


Sørøya is the fish mecca of Norway. Would you like to have a chance to catch the biggest cod, halibut, coalfish, redfish, ling or wolffish? Then you have to go to Sørøya! This location offers an overwhelming fishing area with good variation in bottom structures. These ensure that there is a wide range of baitfish and therefore also large predators.



Sørøya is one and a half hours sailing from the mainland of the coast of Finnmark at 70 degrees North latitude. Sørøya is Finnmark's largest island and has impressive nature, several small and large fjords, high mountain peaks and particularly rich fishing grounds. It is a true paradise for nature lovers in general but more specifically for anglers. The location we offer distinguishes itself by the best boats you can find on this island, with which you can still sail and fish safely even when the weather is not so good.



Because not only a lot of fish is caught here, but especially large fish, many anglers consider Sørøya to be the world's best location for sea fishing on both large cod and halibut. It is not surprising that Sørøya in Norway is known as "Stor fiskens rike" which literally means "the land of the hiant fish". Sørøya is known for catching an extremely large amount of cod in the 20+ and 30+ kilo class during skrei season. In fact, professional fishermen regularly catch cod weighing over 40 kilos. There is even record of a fish with a length of 182 cm and 80 kilos that was caught here! The location is fairly sheltered in the bay of Breivikbotn so you have considerably less wind and in combination with the perfect boats you can fish even in less favourable conditions.


Fishing in northern Norway is a physical challenge, so sleeping and resting is an important part of your fishing trip. After all, you want to have enough energy to catch the big fish.


There are 6 rooms at this location for two persons each. The beds are spacious and comfortable. Furthermore, each room has its own bathroom with shower, toilet and floor heating. Bedlinen, towels, water, electricity and final cleaning are included in the price. From your bedroom you overlook the bay of Breivikbotn and the boats in front of the door.


Of course there is also a fileting room available with 3 tables and running water and each group has its own freezer.


There is a spacious shared kitchen. Several groups can cook at the same time because there are two ovens, 8 burners on two stoves and three refrigerators. But also pots, pans, plates, cutlery etc is all in stock.


Groceries can be obtained in Hasvik which is a 20 minutes drive away. There is a supermarket that has a wide choice of products.

There are absolute top boats available at this location.
They are 7 metre plus aluminium boats equipped with 200 HP engines and they all have 10 rod holders, GPS/fishinder, VHF and AIS. The boats have comfortable sailing characteristics and offer great interior space! Absolutely top material which makes it possible to fish even on lesser days where other boats on Soroya can't go out.
The boats make the biggest difference to other fishing locations on Soroya. No other location on Soroya has such high quality boats.
If you need rental rods then you have also come to the right place.
1. Camp halibut jigging rod and Maxel transformer F60 (right or left) spooled with Whiplash 0.28 (100lbs) 900 NOK.
2. Camp halibut deep power baitfish rod and Okuma Makaira with Whiplash 0,28 (100lbs) 900 NOK.
3. Both options 1500 NOK.
This is really tthe nest material available. The prices can be paid locally.
You can also hire a guide here and the costs are 450 euros per day and 2200 euros for 6 days fishing. Petrol can be refuelled at the harbour with jerry cans of 20 litres where 20 NOK per litre is charged. You can pay on the spot with credit card or cash.
The journey to this location goes from your local airport via Oslo to Alta by plane. From there a rental car is waiting for you and you drive to the ferry at Oksfjord in approximately 2 hours. The ferry takes about an hour and then drops you off in Hasvik on Soroya. From there it is a 30 minute drive to the bay of Breivikbotn where this location is located. The changeover day is on Monday.
For the flights you can choose from Norwegian and SAS and we can arrange two pieces of luggage per person for the flights so you can bring all desired materials. This way you don't have to miss out on anything.
This location is also ideal for fishing for skrei. The season starts here on March 1 and you can go until mid-October where you have a very good chance of catching a real big halibut. It is important that you book in time because there are currently 3 boats available. So do not hesitate too long or your spot is booked!
  • Fishingboat + stay for 4 persons 3195 euro 
  • Guide 450 euro / day
  • Guide 6 days 2200 euro
  • Rod rental 90 euro
The price for accommodation and boat remain the same even with fewer participants.
Of course it is also possible to be picked up at Hasvik airport. The costs for this are 100 euros for a return trip.

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