Northcape Skarsvag

On the North Cape with fantastic holiday homes!

Northcape Skarsvag

On the North Cape with fantastic holiday homes!




This is the northernmost fishing camp in Europe. You simply can't get any further north, so you fish directly at the North Cape! This fish camp is completely new and offers high quality lodging and fishing. The fish camp opened its doors in April 2018 and everything is completely new. In addition, it is also of a high quality so the modern fisherman has all he desires at this location. has been asked to represent this high quality and exclusive fishing camp in northern Norway. And of course we are happy to do so.


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The potential at this place is enormous. This is the land of giants! There is a very good chance that you will catch the fish of your dreams. When you sail out of the fjord you will see the visitor centre of the North Cape on your left and a little further around the corner the last part of the North Sea and to the right the Barents Sea begins. It is here at the crossroads of these world seas where the different currents meet. It is a coming and going of ebb and flow and therefore a variety of bait is available. And that's why the big predators are abundant both in size and number.


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Around the North Cape there are several top spots where you can fish for halibut, cod, coalfish, wolffish, haddock, redfish and pollack. A short distance from the camp is the drop off to 300 meters plus. Here on this edge the coalfish and cod are always looking for food and on the platforms in front of these drop offs the halibut are quietly waiting for their chances.


But also closer to the coast there are many spots where you can go to chase the big fish. In the fjord around the corner (literally 5 minutes sailing) a halibut of 146 kilos was caught in 2017. These fish are literally swimming in front of the fjord. Be sure to go fishing on top spots like Ryggen, Langskjaergrunnen, Stukebaen, Skallen and Klakken. These are all plateaus or underwater structures where the big predators like to stay waiting for a fresh meal and to which we as fishermen like to contribute.


In the mountains at about a 45 minute (straight up) walk there are also two mountain lakes where you can fish for trout and arctic char without a permit. It is a tough hike but you will come to a very special and beautiful place. There is also a beautiful inland sea to the right of the house fjord where you can moor the boat at an old jetty and where you can go fishing for sea trout and salmon or dab and plaice (in summer). This is also a unique place where you can experience beautiful fishing. And don't be surprised to see a salmon swim by every now and then in front of the jetty. These are also regularly observed here, but nobody fishes for them!


The fish camp has two large houses. In the first building there are 5 double bedrooms with 2 single beds each. Each room opens onto the large central living room with kitchen. This room is comfortably furnished with 90 m2. The kitchen is fully equipped and has all the comforts such as dishwasher, 4 burner stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave etc. In addition, it also looks very nice since everything is made of wood. Per living unit there are also two showers and toilets available. The living units are only a few meters walk from the boats and the service house, so you can stay here with 4 but also with 10 people at the same time! And with 4 or 6 people you have a lot of space at your disposal! The second house has three double and two single rooms so it can host a maximum of 8 people.


Besides the two living units there is also a service house. Here is the sheltered filleting room with running water and spacious cutting tables. Of course there is also a large freezer so you can freeze the fish quickly and comfortably. Furthermore, there is a space with heating where you can hang your fish suits so you can start in a dry suit the next day. Upstairs in the service house is also a separate living unit for 3 to 4 people which is also rented out.


In the village itself is the “Winter and Christmas house” where you can get a delicious kingcrab meal or fish soup with all kinds of stuff for in and under the Christmas tree. A special place that attracts a lot of tourists during the day and where you can enjoy a delicious meal in the evening.


High-quality double hull Arronet 18-foot boats with 70 HP Yamaha 4-stroke engines are used here. The boats are also equipped with GPS and fishfinder. The maximum speed is 28 knots the petrol tank contains 80 liters. Furthermore, there is a AIS to track the location of the boat at all times. The boats are approved for up to 6 people but can be fished optimally with 3 people.


On board a handgaff and a rope is standard available. This allows the two of you to 'park' the large halibut neatly next to the boat and take beautiful pictures. Jerrycans are standard on the spot with which you can refuel the boats after a or two day of fishing. You have to pay for this in cash after your stay. All other things can be paid by credit card.

It is not the cheapest fishing camp in Norway but perhaps the most fun and exclusive! Go here with a group of 4 anglers and you have 2 boats at your disposal so you can fish with 2 people per boat. How luxurious is that? Don't wait too long because there are only 20 anglers per week in this high quality fishing camp.
# guests    # boats      price week
    3                 1              2.700,- (penthouse)
    4                 2              4.350,-
    5                 2              4.750,-
    6                 2              5.100,-
    7                 3              6.200,-
    8                 3              6.400,-
    9                 3              6.700,-
   10                4              7.400,-
Prices in euro per week and including bedlinen, towels and final cleaning and excluding fuel for the boat. Minimum price is for 4 persons!
  • Fishing overall € 80,- week
  • Fishing rod + reel + line € 80,- week
  • Return transfer from Alta up to 8 pers = 975 euro, up to 16 pers = 1400 euro and 17 pers and more = 1895 euro.
  • Extra boat € 795,- week
For shopping it is best to go to Honningsvag which is a 20 minutes drive. Here you will find a well-stocked supermarket which is open until 11pm on weekdays and until 8pm on weekends. On the way there it is wise to make a stop here and stock up first. In consultation and for a fee you can also order groceries which they will pick up for you. On the spot there is also a small and cosy restaurant where you can eat waffles, fresh fish king crab and more local stuff. All guests of this fish camp get a discount on the prices of the menu here. The changeover day is thursday and the minimum stay is 1 week. The season runs from April 1st to mid October.
There are two ways to get here. The route with the shortest land transfer is with a flight to Honningsvag. From there it is only a 20 minute drive to this location. The costs for a flight to Honningsvag are generally quite high. The most common alternative is a flight to Alta and from there you can take a rental car or transfer to Skarsvag in 3 hours.
At this location you can go from April to mid-October. Do you want to go to this top location? Then contact us quickly to ensure your spot.

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