Northcape Kamoyvaer

Around the corner from the North Cape with large boats

Northcape Kamoyvaer

Around the corner from the North Cape with large boats




Super deal for less than 600 euros per person you have both accommodation and the boat! This is a very competitive price for such a top location. At 12 km from Honingsvagg this is one of the northernmost locations where you can stay in Norway. Just a few kilometres from the North Cape on the last island of Norway called Mageroya is this ultimate fishing location. The camp is sheltered in the Kamoyfjord, which offers shelter from practically all directions.


Right on your doorstep begins a beautiful bottom structure with depths of 30 to 70 meters which is ideal for halibut. Further out into the fjord comes the drop off to depths of 300 metres and more. It is exactly on this ledge where the cod and other fish is found in large numbers and preys on the abundant small bait fish. In short, there are more than enough spots here where you can fish for cod, halibut, wolffish, coalfish, redfish, haddock and on the sandbanks large plaice, dab, etc.


Besides sea fishing it is also possible to fish for trout in the surrounding lakes. The cost for a day permit is only NOK 50 and NOK 310 for a week. The licences are available online here. So for the enthusiast we advise to bring a small spinning rod and the smallest Mepps blinkers or toby spoons you can find.


We have 6 apartments for 4 to 6 people, each with 2 to 3 bedrooms. All bedrooms have bedlinen and all apartments have internet access. Of course there is a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom in the apartment.


Upon arrival, you will be personally welcomed by Thor Sverre Hansen and given extensive instruction about the home, Wi-Fi code, waste distribution, the boat, equipment, and so on. You can also contact him if you have any questions during the week. Since he's a real fisherman himself, he'll surely point out the best spots for you too.


  • Apartment 1: max 4 persons; 3 bedrooms
  • Apartment 2: max 6 persons; 3 bedrooms
  • Apartment 3: max 4 persons; 2 bedrooms
  • Apartment 4: max 4 persons; 2 bedrooms
  • Apartment 5: max 5 persons; 3 bedrooms
  • Apartment 6: max 4 persons; 2 bedrooms


Prices are per week and excluding petrol and based on self-suppling of food and drinks. Bedlinen, water, electricity, Wi-Fi and final cleaning are included in the rate.


Directly at the harbour there is a sheltered filleting area with running water and of course here is the large freezer where you can freeze your caught fish, after filleting and portioning. You can also organize a crab safari here. Together with the local crab-catcher you will put out the crab pot and try to catch king crab. After picking up the crab pot, part of the catch will be prepared for you and you can eat it. The cost is NOK 550 per person. That is of course an adventure in itself but it is also delicious to eat the king crab yourself.


In addition to perfect fishing, fishing boats here are also of exceptional quality. With over 7 meters (!) the aluminium boats are light and with the 115 hp engines you have more than enough power to sail the Barents Sea with peace of mind.


Furthermore, they are standard equipped with fishfinder, GPS/plotter, bilge pump, lighting, life jackets and light chain. In short, perfect fishing boats where with 4 people you can still fish comfortably and spacious. Also, because of the short sailing distances you will probably not consume a lot of gasoline.

- Apartment 1: max 4 pers; 3 bedr + aluboat 7 meter € 2.595,-
- Apartment 2: max 6 pers; 3 bedr + aluboat 7 meter 
                            5 people  € 3.345,-
                            6 people € 3.945,-
- Apartment 3: max 4 pers; 2 bedr + aluboat 7 meter € 2.595,-
- Apartment 4: max 4 pers; 2 bedr + aluboat 7 meter € 2.595,-
- Apartment 5: max 7 pers; 4 bedr + aluboat 7 meter
                            5 people € 3.345,-
                            6 people € 3.945,-
                            7 people € 4.495,-
- Apartment 6: max 4 pers; 2 bedr + aluboat 7 meter € 2.595,-

- Extra boat 20 foot 80 HP GPS/ fishfinder € 995,-
- Extra boat 23 foot 115 HP GPS/ fishfinder € 1215,-


The nearest supermarket and bank can be found in Honningsvagg, 10 km away.

Minimum booking is 7 days.

Shads and pilks can be bought on site.


The nearest airport is Honningsvagg only 10 km away. Guests arriving here will be picked up free of charge. If the arrival airport is via Alta, the cost of a return pick up is at least NOK 1400 per person and depends on the number of people and can be arranged after consultation.


Rod and reel for rent for 800 NOK / week

Fish overall for rent 800 NOK / week

A gaff can be used for a deposit of NOK 400. Refuelling takes place with 20 litre jerry cans at regular prices at the petrol station. These costs must be paid in cash at the end of the fishing week. A compulsory boat insurance for NOK 700 (70 euros) must be paid on the spot.

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