At the tip of northern Norway


At the tip of northern Norway


In our portfolio this is a destination that fits in the list of top locations we offer in Northern Norway. Well cared for, high quality and in a perfect fishing location. Once again a perfect spot in our North Norway portfolio. Mehamn is situated in the sheltered Sorfjorden which flows directly into the Barents Sea. Because of the sheltered location there is little loss of fishing days. The possibilities here are truly inexhaustible and large fish are caught here.


In addition to the perfect sea fishing, there is a multitude of lakes near Mehamn that contain good numbers of trout and of course the river that offers salmon, sea trout and arctic char. So a medium spinning rod is definitely a must to take with you. You can stay here until late in the season where the Northern Lights are an attractive bonus at the end of the year. On top of that a snowmobile trip, ice fishing, Quad fishing tour, King Crab fishing but also just go out to sea and you have an amazing adventure.


The fishing here is particularly good. Due to the varied bottom structures, there is a great diversity of food and therefore also of the required fish species. Think of cod, halibut, redfish, wolffish, coalfish, tusk etc. The fishing spots are not far from the location and can be reached in a short time span.



The position of this location is perfect. Sheltered in the Sorfjorden, which flows into the Barents Sea, there is little chance of losing a fishing day due to the wind. As in all northern locations, very large fish have been caught here in recent years, including halibut up to 200 kilo + by commercial fishermen! But also all other fish like cod, wolffish, redfish, coalfish and haddock are caught in large numbers and sizes.


But how about a quad tour through the mountains where you can fish the lakes for arctic char and trout. In the local river you can also go fishing for salmon and arctic char. So you can perfectly switch between fishing here. Until May, it is even possible to go ice-fishing. The amount of lakes around the location also makes trout fishing here a welcome change.


The location has five fully equipped holiday homes for up to six people each. The houses are equipped with three bedrooms, kitchen, refrigerator, oven, microwave, coffee maker, dishwasher. The houses are 80 m2, modern and neatly furnished with bedlinen and towels included. They all offer a direct view of the local bay and the Barents Sea and of course there is also the sauna.


In addition to the apartments people can also camp here, there is a hostel and a restaurant. Of course you also have the availability of a large sheltered filleting room, freezer and storage room for all your fishing equipment. All in all, everything is provided for and in case you might have any questions or require support; Vidar the Viking is happy to assist you. This is the local host who is also a passionate fisherman and knows the fishing spots very well.


For the necessary groceries you can go to the local supermarket. This supermarket is about 1 kilometre away and for a small fee you will be brought and picked up by the owner. And otherwise a walk is a welcome change from days standing and sitting on a boat.


The boats used here are the 23 feet (7.5 meters) long Dolmoy cabin boat type walkaround available with 80 to 115 HP Selva engines. Of course the GPS plotter and fishfinder are standard on the boats. They offer space for up to 6 people with 4 to 5 people comfortable fishing. Because of the cabin and the walk-around option, this is a perfect fishing boat that brings you quickly and comfortably to the fishing grounds.


The materials for fishing are the same as for the other Northern locations. The heaviest material is between 20 and 30 lbs. Reels with dyneema from 20 to 25 kilo breaking strength. Fishing is mainly with shads but also pilks and they vary from 150 to 600 grams depending on depth and current. If you are tired of fishing with lures you can easily switch to a whole coalfish as bait on a live bait rig. This system works excellent for halibut and cod. But it is also fun to go fishing with a "lighter" set for some "smaller" fish.


If desired, you can also rent the right rod and reel as well as a fishing overall for an extra charge. Then you don't have to bring all that heavy material with you. There is also a small but very complete shop where you can buy the necessary shads, pilks and hooks. This is very handy because you don't lose a lot of material and if you lose some you can replace it on the spot.


Do you want to fish at this place? The season here is long and you can fish here when you want between April 1st and October 31st. Cod and halibut are caught in excess here. At the beginning of the season, the wolffish also shows itself in decent numbers. But bring your hat and gloves because it can be cold here.... but the reward is overwhelming.


This trip can be made from 2 participants with a changeday on Monday. The price varies and depends on the number of participants. However, the average price is around € 995,- per person with 4 participants for stays of 1 week, excluding flights. We will be happy to make you a detailed offer without obligation. This price includes the costs for the holiday home for 7 nights including bed linen, towel, final cleaning, water and electricity, the use of a 23 foot boat throughout the week, local support by the owner and transport to and from the location.


We are happy to assist with flights to this location. SAS Airlines flies to Mehamn in cooperation with Wideroe. Since the costs of these flights change continuously, they are provided on the basis of booking date. The earlier you book, the cheaper the tickets will be. Unfortunately the flight to Mehamn is often quite expensive. A good alternative is to fly to Alta and from there to continue in a rental car. This trip is approximately 4.5 hours but is considerably cheaper.


Groceries can be done in the village and at the location itself is also a restaurant where you are always welcome after a long day fishing. The costs for a house are € 1.895 per week for max 4 persons. A 5th or 6th person costs 395,- per person extra. These prices include water, electricity, bed linen, towel and final cleaning. The costs for the fishing boat are € 1595,- per week excluding fuel. The changeover day is Monday. Additional costs: own meals and petrol for the boats

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