Top in the south of Norway


Top in the south of Norway


The perfect location for beginners, enthusiasts or a father/son week in Norway. Here you can get acquainted with fishing in Norway for a very favourable amount of money.. Beautiful surroundings, well-kept houses, even better boats and personal guidance.


  • On request you get a free 'start up XL' here: An extensive explanation on fishing how and where the fish can be caught,
  • If necessary, a short joint sailing instruction
  • An extensive instruction on sailing technique, fishfinder and GPS use.


The only thing you have to do is indicate when booking that you want to use the 'start up XL'. This is perfect for fathers and sons or a group of friends who want to get acquainted with fishing in Norway. Ort those who do not want to travel to far and still enjoy real Norwegian fishing.




The journey to this location is nice and short. From Hirtshals you take the ferry to Kristiansand and within 60 minutes you are at your destination. This location is sheltered between the islands in a quiet bay. You park your car in the central parking lot and then it is only a few steps to the reception. There is a small supermarket (also for fishing gear) and the friendly staff speaks some German and English. They will be happy to show you around the apartments, boats and other facilities.


Tregde has always been a guarantee for satisfied guests. Many started their "Norway career" here as an enthusiastic and successful fisherman. The fishery is versatile in terms of species but also in terms of fishing spots and type of fishing. It is a location that is also fairly sheltered from the wind by the numerous islands and reefs in the archipelago. There are no less than 50 different species of fish swimming here.


The fishing spots can actually be divided into two types. The shallower part up to about 80 meters. With lighter material it is fun to actively fish around the islands for pollack, coalfish, mackerel, hake, flatfish etc. Don't forget to drag a small spoon or crankbait behind the boat on the way in and out to the open sea. Chances are big of catching a sea trout. In the deeper parts that are not far offshore and down up to 300 metres deep you will find the larger fish that will have to be fished with heavier material. Ling, cod and coalfish but all just a bit bigger and heavier. The seabed structure here is erratic and offers a true eldorado of possibilities for fishing. After fishing, many of the fishermen come to the restaurant at the pier to tell their story of the day and share their tips, tricks, catches and 'almost catches' with each other while enjoying a beer.


Besides fishing at sea, there are also opportunities to fish for trout and salmon. This fishery is very suitable for fly and spin fishing. There are some private spots available at the river Mandalselva in front of the first waterfall. With fast boats it is possible to sail here from Tregde. The licenses for this fishery are limited so it is recommended to book early.


The trout lake Ogge:

A break from the wind and perfect for possible lost days. This lake is situated 30 kilometres west of Kristiansand . This 20 kilometre long lake is filled with island and has a good stock of wild river trout, perch and brown trout. The record is an impressive 4.2 kilos of brown trout. The average is around 500 to 700 grams. For the enthusiast it is a good idea to bring a light spinning rod with small crankbaits, spoons and blinkers. On the spot you can rent a canoe or boat. Price of the permit is 40 NOK / day and 80 / week.


Read here and here the stories of Geert about catching 29 different kinds of fish in Tregde.

The apartments are built against the slope in a quiet location and a stone's throw from the boats. From the apartments you have a very nice view over the bay of Tregde and the fjord. The other apartments are directly on the water.
There are several accommodation options at this location:
Type 1 cabin for 2 persons
Cozy small cabins with 2 beds in one Bedroom. A small kitchen, 1 bathroom and a living room. The Cabins have a nice location, a own terrace and direct access to the lawn. Some Cabins have a nice view towards the sea. A BBQ place and a playground are right outside the Cabins.
Type 2 cabin for 4 persons
The cabins have 4 beds divided in 2 bedrooms. The cabins have a kitchenette, a living room and a bathroom. They have a nice and open location with a terrace and most of the cabins also have a nice sea view. A Barbecue area and a play area are close by. Free Wifi.
Type 3A Apartment for 4 persons (A)
50 sqm apartment with 4 beds divided in 2 bedrooms, as well as a bathroom, a living room, a well-equipped kitchen and a terrace. All apartments are located on the pier in building A, above the restaurant with a nice view over the sea.
Type 3B Apartment 4 persons (B)
50 sqm apartment with 4 beds divided in 2 bedrooms, as well as a bathroom, a living room, a well-equipped kitchen and a terrace. The apartment is without sea view, but has great evening sun.
Type 4 Cabin for 6 persons
50 sqm cabins with 6 beds divided in 2 bedrooms, a living room, a well-equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a large terrace. The cabins are located on a ridge with a nice panoramic view over the sea.
Type 5 Cabin for 8 persons
80 sqm cabins with 6 beds in 3 bedrooms + 2 beds on the loft. Two of the bedrooms have a double bed. The cabins have a nice location on a ridge, with a beautiful view over the fjord and the southern archipelago. The cabins have a well equipped kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a terrace.
Type 6 Apartment 6 persons with sea view
60 sqm apartment with 6 beds in 2 bedrooms. The location is on the pier with a nice view over the sea. The apartments have a well equipped kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a terrace/balcony.
Type 7 Apartment for 10 persons with sea view
100 sqm apartment with 10 beds in 4 different bedrooms. Sofa-bed on the 2nd floor can accommodate for 2 extra persons. The location is on the pier with a nice view over the sea. The apartments have a well equipped kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a balcony.
Type 8 Apartment for 6 Persons
60 sqm apartment with 6 beds in 3 different bedrooms. The apartments are located around the pool-area, which is heated during the summer season. The apartments have a well equipped kitchen, living room, bathroom and a patio.
The apartments can look different depending on the interior.
Free Wifi. The Cabins have duvets and pillows.
Bed-sheets, towels and the final cleaning are included in the price.
For shared use there is a sheltered filleting area, freezing area, laundry and drying area and a hot water swimming pool. Of course it is also possible to rent a fishing rod and reell on the spot if you do not have the right materials.The restaurant and swimming pool are opened during the summer season and interiors may vary from the the pictures shown.
Tregde offers optional changeover days and a minimum stay of 7 days. It is also possible to travel there fast and comfortable and to fly to Kristiansand. Easy and comfortable. Ask us about the possibilities.
At this location there are different types of boats that can be used. There is something for everyone here. Solid polyester fishing boats of 15 feet with 10 HP for 2 persons up to the spacious and perfect fishing boats Skager of 6.6 meters approved up to 6 people.
  • Oien 530 F, polyester fishing boat 18 feet, 25 HP
  • Oien 620 F, polyester fishing boat 21 feet, 40 HP
  • Skager, polyester fishing boat 22 feet, 20 HP diesel
  • Skager, polyester fishing boat 22 feet electric  5-7 knots offers approx. 6-8 hours driving + capacity in reserve battery.
All boats are equipped with GPS / Fishfinder. Furthermore, all boats have life jackets and a AIS tracking device so that in case of problems at sea you will quickly be found in case you require assistance. If you want to use a gaff you have to bring your own.
In the harbour there is a private gas station where you can use your credit or debit card super easy to refuel yourself. Just dock, refuel and ready!
Price per week / house in €     persons           18.8 - 28-6              29.6- 17.8
Type 1                                         2                        885,-                     975,-
Type 2                                         4                        935,-                   1135,-
Type 3 A                                      4                       1175,-                  1495,-
Type 3 B                                      4                       1125,-                  1435,-
Type 4                                         6                       1425,-                   1675,-
Type 5                                         8                       1595,-                   1995,-
Type 6                                         6                       1545,-                   1925,-
Type 7                                       10                       1695,-                   2275,-
Type 8                                         6                        1375,-                  1745,- 
Included in the price: Bedlinnen, towel, electricity, water and heating costs, final cleaning and 'start up XL'. Internet access is free via wifi
  • Fishing boat "Øien" 18 feet / 25 HP, 4-stroke, console* € 669,-
  • Fishing boat "Øien" 21 feet / 40 HP 4-stroke, console* € 779,-
  • Diesel boat Skager 660 22 ft / 20 HP inboard * € 919,-
  • Electroboat Skager 660 22 ft  € 979,- (free charging)
All prices are excluding fuel and per week
* = E-start, console and fishfinder / GPS plotter
  • Start up XL- (report immediately when booking) Free of charge
  • Transfer airport Kristiansand - Tregde one way / max. 6 pers € 275,-

The swimmingpool and restaurant are opened during the summer- holiday period


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