Åland consists of a colourful collection of large and small islands just between Sweden and Finland. These islands form the heart of the archipelago. We work on here with a location in the middle of Aland with lots of wood, beautifully finished and luxuriously furnished.


The bungalows are spacious and suitable for 2 to 8 people. They are equipped with dishwashers, saunas, microwaves, ovens, toilet, shower, etc. They are close to the coast and therefore also to the private harbour where the boats are located. Because there are many islands in the immediate vicinity there are always new places where you have not yet fished. There are also no other bungalowparks in the vicinity and you are therefore in the middle of nature and near the open water.



The fishing here is the major league of pike fishing. The brackish but clean water of the archipelago and the low fishing pressure ensure that a healthy population of pike, zander and perch swims here. Earlier in the season salmon and sea trout are also fished here. So there is a wide range of fish to focus on. The type of fishing can also be very diverse. Trolling, drop shot, jerking, spinning, vertical or fly fishing. It is all possible and so it offers enough variety to have a tremendous fishing holiday at this beautiful location. Besides fishing from the boat it is of course also possible to fish from the shoreline.


Åland is an archipelago in the Gulf of Bothnia and consists of more than 6000 larg and small islands and lies between Sweden and Finland. The Åland islands have their own flag but are officially part of Finland but the people speak Swedish. The total area of the islands is 6784 km2 and over 26,000 people live there. Slightly less than half live in the only large town of Mariehamm. Because it is so close to Sweden, you can pay with Swedish crowns in addition to the euro. Of all Scandinavian countries, this island group has statistically the most hours of sunshine per year. So no crowds of tourists but a quiet and natural environment. And how about sea eagles, deer and moose?


You can indulge yourself here in many ways by practicing different kinds of fishing. The emphasis is on fishing from the boat. Casting, trolling, verticals, jerking or fly fishing. You can go here with all styles. The fishery focuses mainly on pike, but you can also target pikeperch, salmon, sea trout or perch. In the summer days the days are long and make it possible to make a lot of fishing hours. In Åland it is allowed to fish with all kinds of bait. So take your herring paternoster with you so that in the warmer months you have fresh bait fish that give pike fishing an extra dimension. It is often in the warmer period that in the early morning and late evening hours when the temperature and light intensity go down is the best time to fish with the best chances of success. If you want to we can arrange a professional guide on the first day who will teach you tips and tricks of the local fishing. This is because fishing in large and unknown waters can be quite difficult in the beginning. This way you will get the best start possible. He will show you the best places and ways of fishing with bait. This will help you a lot in terms of knowledge and will make your fishing hours a lot more productive than when you go out on the water without help.


Of course catch & release is preferred here as well. A single fish for consumption is of course always an option. Fishing here is actually possible all year round. However, the focus is from March to November. This region has mild summers with pleasant averages around 22 degrees. Outside the summer period it is advisable to bring sufficient water-repellent material or perhaps even a flotation suit. It can get cold in the winter period. In the colder period it is better to fish in the inland waters and for the warmer period it is better to fish more on the larger waters. For both periods we have beautiful bungalows.


In Hjorto there are several bungalows where the largest can accommodate up to 8 people. These houses are also of perfect quality and equipped with all imaginable options such as sauna, dishwasher, TV, DVD, fully equipped kitchen, oven, refrigerator, freezer, etc.  All in all a perfect base for the various fishing trips in the area. From your bungalow the walking distance to the boats is about 150 meters. If you still want to take some fish home, there is a filing table at the harbour. Because of the large number of islands it is almost always possible to find a good fishing spot, even in poor weather conditions. Also the depth differences between the islands make it an interesting and good fishing area. Especially when the sun starts in spring and the shallower parts warm up quickly, creating a good fishing spot. Finally the brackish water and you have a top location!


The necessary materials such as spinning, jerk and fly rods are no different than you would use otherwise. These materials can also be used for targeted fishing for salmon and sea trout, with the understanding that they are a litlle heavier to be able to handle a possible salmon weighing up to 15 kilos. This is done by trolling as well as with lures (woblers and spoons). The boats are equipped with 15 hp engines and suitable for 2 fishermen. These bring you easily and quickly to your destination. It is also possible to go fishing for a day with a professional guide which is at a surcharge. Always handy is also a good net to be able to land the fish neatly.


Every country has its own customs and as always, different habits and materials. Especially shallow running crankbaits are successful. Rapala Super Shad Rap, Storm Shallow Thunder, etc. are perfect crankbaits. But also big spoons and bucktailspinners do very well (slowly fished) in these waters. If you want to look for vertical fishing after all the drifting and casting, then look for the deeper spots and shads give good results. It's striking to see that the natural colours give the best results. Let the guide tell you which baitfishes are present in your period and adapt your bait and the way of fishing to this. Do not forget to bring your jerk baits because they will also give good results.


The boats are 4 meters 30 long and equipped with 15 hp engines. This makes them suitable for 2 adults. For the enthusiast it is possible to have your own portable fishfinder. This way you can also fish the slopes at depth and discover schools of herring. When using the boat you will receive a map and instruction so you are aware of the surroundings and the best hotspots. Use from light spinning rods for the 10 gram crankbait up to the heavy rod to cast or trol heavy lures or jerkbaits. But also the fly anglers can enjoy this location as a lot of pike can be caught in the shallower parts against the reed with streamers.


For targeting salmon and sea trout fishing, you trol with natural-coloured crankbaits and spoons in various sizes. This fishing is not easy and for the real go-getter. However, should you manage to get a salmon or sea trout on, spectacle is guaranteed. Make sure you always have a large net to land the fish correctly.


Good and warm rainwear, boots but also polarizing sunglasses are necessary. A pair of gloves and hats can also help at the beginning and end of the season. For the period more towards summer, sunscreen and swimming trunks are recommended. Salmon fishing takes place in May and June and sea trout is best from November to April.


The price depends largely on the number of participants. If you are going with two persons the indicative price is 850 euro pp, but if you are going with 6 persons and you have 3 boats available then the indicative price is 650 euro pp. Please note that the summer or winter period also plays a role in the pricing.


From Sweden, Kapelskarr the ferry to Mariehamm takesabout 2.5 hours. On the spot you have to take care of your own meals and other necessities. There is a local supermarket in Geta about 10 kilometres away where you can do your shopping.


To make the trip as complete as possible the basic package looks like this:

  • Accommodation 7 nights in a bungalow
  • Boat 6 days with engine (per 2 participants 1 boat) including 10 liters of gasoline
  • Extended fishing licences
  • Explanation and instruction on the use of boat, materials and watermap
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Final cleaning of the bungalow
  • Ferry return trips Kapellskar to Mariehamm


An indicative price for 4 participants is 775,- pp and for 6 participants 650,- pp. The final prices depend on the desired period, length of stay and number of participants. For a detailed offer it is wise to contact us. Additional costs: own transport, food and drinks on the spot, tolls and petrol for the boat.

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