Dragso Sweden

Dragso Sweden


On the island Dragso, in the south west of Sweden in the archipelago just off the coast, is one of the most professional fishing camps in the whole of Sweden. Right next to Karlskrona you will find yourself in the middle of nature in one of the best imaginable fishing areas in this part of Sweden. The potential fishing area covers several square kilometres and with the well-equipped fishing boats you will be quickly and comfortably on the spot. In addition, fishing here is based solely on catch & release which makes this place an attractive option for the long term and during all periods.


This location is open from the end of March until the end of November. Most fishermen come here to fish for pike. This is done at the beginning of spring and at the end of autumn especially on the shallow waters. In this period you can see the pike attacking your lures which results in very spectacular fishing. In the period in between you fish in the deeper parts and around the islands and there is plenty of action in the emerging beds of vegetation.


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As far as lures are concerned, we recommend the following based on experience. The colours red/black, blue/white and 'motor oil'. It goes without saying that with cloudy water striking colours work better and with clear water the natural colours work better. Click here for the water map.


And to think that this location is only a few hours drive from central Europe and is therefore easy and quick to reach. The fishing here is really impressive as you have a very large area at your disposal. Also you are in the middle of the archipelago and nature and you will find complete rest here.


Other fish you can catch here are sea trout, cod, garfish, herring and salmon. These sea species are caught further into the deeper water and the chance of catching them in the archipelago is not very big. So in order to fish for these species you have to go further out to sea, but the rental boats are not optimal for this. Conclusion: the main target is pike!


Karlskrona is a 10 minute drive away and has a rich nightlife, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, gas station etc. All the things you would need during your stay can be found here. On the site itself is a small kiosk / restaurant. Depending on the season it is open longer.


There are several apartment types to stay in at this location:
These standard houses are built in the old-fashioned style of boathouses and are located a short distance from the lake. The houses consist of a room of 15 m2 containing the kitchen, refrigerator, freezer, kettle, coffee maker, two burner stove and cold water supply. Furthermore, there are 2 bunk beds in the room and there is a TV. Toilets and showers can be used in the nearby service building. A total of 4 persons can sleep here. Additional cleaning and booking costs € 109,-.
Of these houses, 5 are available. Compared to the standard version, this property has an extra bedroom with two bunk beds. The houses are 26 m2 and there is an additional terrace of 12 m2 overlooking Karlskorna, BBQ and garden furniture. There is also a separate bathroom with shower and toilet. The kitchen is also fully equipped and has a 4 burner stove with oven, fridge with small freezer, microwave, coffee maker and kettle and of course all necessities such as plates, cutlery and glassware. The houses are only 35 to 90 meters from the water. Additional cleaning and booking costs € 119,-.
Compared to the 'Exclusive' homes, these homes are more luxuriously furnished and offer more comfort. There are 10 of these modern and comfortable homes available. The homes have 4 + 2 beds and total 26 m2. In the separate bedroom, two single beds have been placed above which two fold-out beds have been mounted on the wall. In the living room there is a sofa bed that can be folded out and is suitable for 2 persons. All in all there is room for 6 people. There is also a separate bathroom with shower and toilet. The kitchen is also fully equipped and has a microwave and dishwasher extra and a three burner stove with oven. The house has a terrace with garden furniture and BBQ. Two of these houses are suitable for disabled people with a drive to the front door and adapted bathroom with shower. You can park your car next to the house. Additional cleaning and booking costs € 119,-.
These are the five most luxurious homes and all have 36 m2 of floor space including a mezzanine. In this mezzanine there are two single beds and in the bedroom downstairs there is a double bed available. In the living room the retractable sofa offers room for two more people to sleep. There is a separate shower / toilet and this house is very luxuriously furnished and the most beautiful thing Dragso has to offer. With this option you can also book the 50 HP version of the Master fishing boat so that your fishing trip is completely finished. The kitchen is fully equipped with dishwasher, microwave, fridge, freezer, 4 burner stove with oven, coffee maker, kettle and of course all the necessary pots, pans, plates, cutlery and glassware. Also the terrace with accompanying furniture and BBQ is present. Additional cleaning and booking costs € 149,-.
Wi-Fi is available in all homes and pillows and duvets are available. Bedlinen can be provided by yourself or rented for € 15, - per person per week. This must be ordered in advance.
After a day of fishing it is of course also very nice to be able to relax in the jacuzzi. It is at least 37 degrees Celcius and suitable for up to 6 people. With 63 jet jets there are at least 10 per person. The cost of the jacuzzi is € 75,- for a period of 2 hours. There is also a sauna available.
There are also several boats for rent at this location.
NEW Master Pro boat!
As a test, we now have a Master 500 Pro boat equipped with a 50 HP motor and a front roller. It is watersnake 65 lbs. With the frontroller you can fish perfectly on one spot. At this moment there is only 1 model available. So if you want to use it you have to be quick.
Master 500
These aluminium boats are 5 metres long and equipped with 30 to 50 HP 4 stroke engines. In addition, there is a GPS / fish finder and the boat is allowed for up to 5 people. However, for comfortable fishing we recommend a maximum of three.
Master 410
This is also an aluminium fishing boat but is equipped with a 25 HP 4 stroke engine. This boat is the smaller brother of the 500 and is 4.3 metres long. The boat can be fished optimally by 2 persons. Of course, here is also a GPS / fish finder standard included.
Guide boat
For the enthusiast it is also possible to book a half or full day with a professional guide. The Silver Hawk 540 DC is used for this. This boat is perfect because of the high seat and the 100 HP 4 stroke engine with which the guide brings you quickly and comfortably to the best fishing spots. The guide boat can take up to 4 anglers. The costs for 4 hours are € 450,- and for 8 hours € 700,-. For this amount lures, rods, reels and lines are included as well as the fuel. If you want to take the guide in your own boat, you can hire them for an amount of € 55,- per hour with a minimum of 4 hours.
There are two ways to refuel the boats. You can take the gasoline to the nearest gas station (Karlskrona is 3 kilometres away) or you can sail to the boat gas station 8 minutes away. The guides on the spot will of course be happy to show you the way.
The engines of the boats are equipped with Propulse propellers. These are made of composite and break more easily than regular aluminium propellers. So in case a small accident does occur there is no damage to the motor housing and drive shaft. The blades of the propellers are easy and inexpensive to replace for an amount of € 35, - per blade. That makes it all a bit more bearable in case a small accident would happen. The boats are not standard insured and therefore it is recommended to arrange additional travel insurance. Furthermore, the boats (except the Linder) are standard equipped with a Lowrance Elite 4 Chirp GPS module. A fish finder is not necessary as you fish between the islands.
Fishing kayaks
Besides the boats you can also rent fish kayaks here. The Jackson Cuda 14 has been elected fish kayak of the year in 2012 by 'Yakangler.com'. The kayak is suitable for currents, sea, large waters and the seat is adjustable in height and length and has a rudder for extra steering. All in all a perfect kayak for fishing on the spot and a nice change from the regular fishing from the boat and ideal to get acquainted if you have not done this before. The price of the kayak is € 50,- per day and includes kayak, trailer, paddle, lifejacket and nautical chart.
No boating licenses are required for any of the boats. And if you want to bring your own boat that is also possible off course. You can use the local slipway to enter your boat in the water. But be aware of the shallow areas to not harm your propeller.
We offer different packages:
Package     House             Boat                    Weekend     Week
Basic          Standard         Linder 440 4hp        595          1095
Standard    Standard         Master 500 30hp      720         1390
                   Standard         Master 410 25hp*    690         1315
Exclusive    Exclusive        Master 500 30hp      825         1575
                   Exclusive         Master 410 25hp*    765         1525
Luxury        Luxus               Master 500 30hp     895         1685
                   Luxus               Master 410 25hp*    815         1625
Royal          Royal                Master 500 30hp    1095        2295
                    Royal               Master 410 25hp     1025        2155
Plus+                                   Master 500 +40hp   175 extra  250 extra
The extra cost for the Master Pro boat with 50 HP and frontroller is € 545,- to a regular package.
Additional cleaning and booking costs Standard € 109,-: Exclusive and Luxury € 119,- and Royal € 149,- per house.
For an angler with your own boat there is of course nothing better than to go fishing with your own boat. This is of course also possible here and a trailer slipway is provided on site. Please note: it is a shallow area and at low tide this can be impractical. The following prices apply:
Package          Cabin              Weekend                 Week
Standard         Standard              525                      870
Exclusive         Exclusive             585                    1040
Luxury              Luxus                  675                    1170
Royal                Royal                  845                    1655
This package includes the use of the slipway and parking of trailer and car.
These rates are valid from March to 28 May and 31 August to 26 November. Periods in between have a surcharge of 10 %.
Basic and standard packages are not available from March to 5 April and 23 October to 26 November.
  • All packages are based on a maximum of 3 persons per house and boat.
  • Surcharge for an extra person is € 140,- for a weekend and € 275,- for a week.
  • All taxes are included
  • The weekend package is with arrival on Thursday and departure on Sunday.
  • The weekly package starts and ends on Saturday or Sunday
  • Arrival time is after 15.00 hrs and departure time is before 12.00 hrs.
Special offer: If you come from Sunday to Thursday you will get the price for a weekend package.
It is not possible to book an extra boat in advance. This is only possible on arrival and in case an extra boat is available. The costs are € 395,- for a weekend and € 575,- for a week Master 410. Are you with 4 or more people and you want to have two boats it is advisable to book two packages / houses.
Each fishing package includes the rental of life jackets, anchor and plasticized sea chart. A drift anchor is not standard and therefore a handy item to bring along yourself. For all matters it is recommended to book in advance.

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