El Salvador

Tropical, affordable and high quality

El Salvador

Tropical, affordable and high quality

El Salvador is situated in the midldle of the world renowned Central American pacific ocean with amazing offshore and deep sea fishing. It is also located right next to the “Golfo de Fonseca” wich is surrounded by life rich estuaries, reefs, islands and sandy bays that make it a real fisherman’s paradise. Here you experience next level fishing and cast your line off shore with some deep sea fishing, or visit the very alive estuaries, reefs, islands, and sandy bays full of exquisite specimens.
You can fill your fishing days with a variety of fishing. Whether it is off shore, inshore, kayak or shore / surf fishing. You will have an incredible experience with the experienced crew that is eager to make sure you have the best fishing day possible.


Off shore fishing: Pacific Central America is undoubtedly one of the best billfish destinations in the world and there is year round action with blues, blacks, stripies, sails, YFT and dorado as the main off shore species. You can fish deep sea, year round with good to great weather conditions most of the time, and for those rare few windy or rainy days, there is always an option to go fishing inshore around the gulf islands or other reef areas.

Inshore fishing: Thje location stands over El Maculis beach, a beautiful bay surrounded and protected by a reef, rich in wild life and in your very own fishing backyard. This reef provides you the chance to practice several other forms of fishing and can be fished from shore, kayak and by boat. Snapper, snook, grouper, roosters, jacks, mackerel, cudas and many other species can be found on and around the reef.
Kayak and shore fishing: Trophy size rooster fish, snook and snappers hunt for mullet around the shores of our reef, most of the time in shallow waters. You can also grab one of our kayaks and troll or cast around the reef for those exciting inshore species.
Fishing the gulf islands: Meanguera is the largest southern most island and the one closest to open sea; this mountainous island is covered by a tropical forest, rocky shores and secluded virgin sandy beaches and it is home to species like sierra mackerel, jacks, rooster fish, barracudas, houndfish mixed with other reef species like snappers, groupers and seabass that can be targeted with live baiting, jigging, casting or trolling around the peaceful waters of the islands.
So in all the variety of fishing and the according species is big! That makes this location so unique. Make syure you book your fishingtrip well in advance in order to have space avaialable because these kind of locations are highly sought after.
The hotel has 10 rooms distributed in different bungalows on a property with 90 meters (295 feet) of semi-private beachfront. There are different types of rooms tailored for your needs: 
Deluxe Rooms, Double Deluxe Rooms and Beachfront Suites, each equipped with its own amenities. All of the rooms and suites include: A/C, purified water, fine linens, towels, toiletries, hot water, in room safe, and all types of amenities for your convenience. Additionally, the room service at Casa Del Golfo it’s a top notch experience designed to make your stay a luxurious vacation.
Next to the beautiful gardens and the stunning ocean view you can relax and stay cool in one of the two swimming pools.  Have a drink and enjoy the sounds of the ocean right in front of your lounge chair or hammock after a day’s hard fishing.


Additionally there is a poolside bar where you can enjoy your favourite drink with friends or family! Or alone. It is all about you and what makes you feel good. Or you can visit Maculis restaurant where you can get your catch of the days served. Fresh food awaits with amazing dishes prepared on the spot by our chefs. 
The rooms are all equipped with luxury beds, top of the line bedding, incredible views, every room has something that will make you want to come back. It’s perfect for singles, couples, and families having a fishing or a family holiday. 
  • Conchaguita - Master Suite: Suite (Ocean View) has: One King bed, Air-conditioning, Private bathroom, Front terrace, Accommodates: 2 /  Beds: 1
  • Meanguera - Honeymoon Suite: Suite (Ocean View) has: One King bed, Air-conditioning, Private bathroom, Outdoor Jacuzzi, Outside living room, Accommodates: 2 /  Beds: 1
  • Tamarindo - Rooftop Suite: Suite (Garden View, and on the terrace you have Ocean View) The room has: One King bed, Wicker chair, Air-conditioning, Hall Bathroom: vanity, and private bathroom, Terrace above the room, Accommodates: 2 /  Beds: 1
  • Double Deluxe Rooms: Ocean View or Poolside view has: Two queen beds, Air-conditioning, Private bathroom, Accommodates: 2 individuals or 2 couples /  Beds: 2
  • Deluxe Rooms: One queen bed, Air-conditioning, Private bathroom, Accommodates: 2 /  Beds: 1
Palm roofed Bungalows under tall coconut trees, give a rustic relaxing vibe to the location. The property stands about 20 feet above a semi private golden sand beach, nestled between the rocky reef. With almost 100 meters of beachfront and only 10 rooms, there’s more than enough space to retreat and enjoy the amazing views of the ocean always changing from high to low tides. Our Sunset pergola is on top of the most exposed point above the beach, with awesome sunrise views on the Gulf of Fonseca and amazing sunsets at dusk
The only TV on the property is in the restaurant and bar area; there are no big hotels or bars around so you will have tons of fun enjoying the many beautiful natural resources in the area, releasing your blue marlin, snook, rooster and or mahi.
At this location there are three boats available:
- Sea wanaba: 23 foot′ Mako Hop aboard this 23 footer with twin 150 HP engines, for that real centre console feeling. From coastal fishing to deep sea billfish, the SEA WANABA will deliver. It is best fished with a maximum of 3 people but 2 is better.
- Reel - ax: 33 foot Rampage Express with twin Yamaha 440 HP engines: The  signature fishing crew will take you on a full day deep sea fishing trips to get Sails, Marlin, Ahis and Mahis. You can also book the REEL-AX for customized trips around the Gulf´s islands. It takes a maximum of 5 fishermen but 4 is better.
- Casa del Golfo: A brand new 30 foot centre console boat with twin 300 HP Yamaha engines is awesome for that hardcore Big Game hunt!! Twin 300 hp Yamahas push fast runs to the fishing grounds to that trophy marlin. Great  for 4 people best fished with 3.
These boats feature a full set of the finest rods, reels, lines and lures. So you do not need to bring your own equipment and off course all necessary GPS, fishfinder and VHF radio is standard available.
And off course there is a local panga of 25 foot and 40 HP for accompanying kayaks on local tours for fishing.
Next to the boats there are 7 Old Town Fishing kayaks which are perfect for fishing the local shores and is a real thrill when you hook a serious mahi mahi or snook. 
For the fishing there is a fast amount of material available. From spinning gear for coastal fishing to 80 lbs trolling material on the boats. All including lures, baits, hooks, leaders etc. The materials used are from top brands like shimano, daiwa, penn, fennwick etc. 
In case you want to bring your own material for the coastal fishing we advise the following:
- Spinning rod 20 - 50 gr 2,4 metre max 3000 reel and 10 kilo braid
- Spinning rod 50 -120 gr 2,4 metre max 4000 reel and 15 kilo braid
- Boat rod 10 – 20 lbs max 1,9 metre 5000 reel and 20 kilo braid
For  fishing from the beach and shore we advise a spinning rod from 30 – 100 gram and around 3 metre with a 4000 reel and 15 kilo braid. With this combination you will be able to cast long distances which is key when fishing from the shore. For all other fishing from boat we advise to use the top quality material from the location.  

The fishing is good year round and there are some specific details to some of the months.
  • February and march offshore is not that good because the wind goes “loco”…inshore gets good though, big Rooster, Snook, snapper, mackerel etc
  • In around April, we start to see reduced winds and big schools of mahi-mahi and when that happens we get good numbers in blue marlins close to shore.
  • By May, June and specially July and august, it’s usually very good for deep sea fishing…marlin, YFT and mahi-mahi…sails are always around. Flat seas most of the time.
  • September and October are our rainiest months, but are not that bad….
  • November Rocks!!! December might have a few windy days but it’s usually good for billfish and other pelagic species.
Getting to the location is easy. We book you a flight into the capital San salvador where you will be picked up by the private driver. The driver will bring you comfortbaly to the hotel in a 2,5 hour drive.
  • Suite room                                    € 300,- night (Conchaguita, Meanguera, Tamarindo)
  • Double Deluxe Rooms                 € 260,- night
  • Extra person double Deluxe         €   45,- night
  • Deluxe Rooms                              € 240,- night
Included in the rates are A/C, bedlinen, towels, water, electricity
Mealplan including breakfast, lunch, dinner, water, soft drinks, national beers  € 85,- per person per day
  • Offshore fishing €   1350,- Reel Ax and Casa del Golfo
  • Inshore fishing €       995,- Reel Ax and Casa del Golfo
max 4 people, including bait, tackle, sandwiches, soft drinks and beer
  • Inshore fishing €    825,- Sea Wanaba
max 3 people, including bait, tackle, sandwiches, soft drinks and beer
  • Kayak reef      € 100,- per person incl bait, tackle, sandwinches, soft drinks and beer
  • Kayak islands € 125,- per person incl bait, tackle, sandwinches, soft drinks and beer
  • Panga for kayak fishing reef € 140,- (per trip)
  • Panga for kayak fishing islands € 280,- (per trip)
including fuel, captain, fishing material and bait. A panga as supervision during kayak fishing is compulsary due to safety reasons.
Transfer return € 250,- ( for up to 4) 
Other activities that can be organised for you are surfing, SUP, birdwatching with protected areas for migrating birds close by, personalised tours in the near by area with charming towns and attractive beaches, whale watching etc. All can be arranged locally according to your wishes and attractive rates. The employees at the reception will help you to organise your private tour.

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