Extremadura Spain

Black bass, pike and barbel

Extremadura Spain


Extremadura is located just south west of Madrid at about a 2 to 2.5 hour drive. In this region there are a large number of man-made lakes. Orellana, Serena, Garcia Sola, Cigara and Gargaligas are just a few examples. The lakes are all different and offer varied fishing. At one lake black bass and at the other lake pike and Comizo barbel are more around. The lakes have a large assortment of predatory fish which makes it a true Eldorado for the predator fishermen. Here you can have fun during the entire season as there is no closed period. Take the largest lake La Serena with an area of 13,000 hectares. This lake alone can be fished for a week and then you haven't even fished half of it.



In recent years, this location has become increasingly famous for catching a varied and relatively large number of predatory fish species. Pike, zander, black bass and barbel (regular and komizo)! But don't forget the carp fishing with specimens up to 40 kilos! And all this on eight local lakes that are a short distance from each other. On the spot there is a top guide who knows these waters like the back of his hand for many years. Craig will make sure you get to the right places and will guide you in the best possible way.


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The environmental factors are optimal here. The water temperature is fairly constant and not too low. It provides a constant flow of food and fish stocks have increased steadily in recent years. For predatory fishing, February to May and September to December are the better months. Because it is warmer on average in Spain than in the North of Europe, the season here is way longer. The heat in the summer months is not optimal for predatory fishing and is therefore better to avoid.



The species that can be caught here.


Barbel: there are no less than 5 subspecies of which the Comizo barbel is the most appealing one which can grow up to more than 20 kilos is caught here.


Black Bass: action and aggression at its best. A strike from a black bass is an experience in itself. In addition, this fish species also provides a "hell of a fight" with jumps, somersaults, diving under the boat etc. No wonder the Americans love this species so much. They give a super drill on light material and it is not very difficult to write double digits on a day of fishing for this species.


Pike: These have been caught here up to 30 pounds(!). Absolute world class and there are several lakes that have a particularly abundant stock of pike. Two guests managed to catch more than 100 pike in three days. Other local lakes have fewer but more larger specimens.


Channel catfish are a smaller subspecies of the more famous common catfish. They don't grow that big but they are caught here up to 15 kilos and are a welcome addition to the species portfolio.


Zander: are in good numbers in Orellana and Garcia Sola has fewer but of a larger average size.


For our guests the stay is arranged in a typical Spanish "Casa Rural" in Puebla de Alcocer. This village is located right in the middle of the large lakes in the region. There are several double rooms here with a total capacity of 12 people. Bedlinen and towels are included as well as Wi-Fi, air conditioning and a terrace with BBQ area.


For breakfast you best go to the bar 'El Anafre' every morning. There you come in the morning together with the guides and have breakfast and order your lunch as take away. In the evening you can also go there for a delicious local Spanish meal. For an amount of 10 to 15 euro's you'll have an excellent three course meal here.



There are two possibilities to go fishing here

1. Guide boat

This option includes:

  • Professional guides with years of experience in fishing on these lakes.
  • Boats equipped with high quality fishfinders with lateral imaging and GPS.
  • Garmins Panoptix LiveScope - The most amazing sonar technology ever (Tracker 175).
  • Electric trolling engines with Minn Kota I Pilot or Motorguides Pinpoint Gps for total remote control.
  • Guidance when fishing usually around 8 o'clock.
  • Variable start times - we don't limit you to a start time.

Glastron 495 - 60 hp

A stable boat equipped with Garmin sonars and total control with GPS assisted Motorguide XI5 electric trolling motor, 3 anglers plus guide maximum.


5.4m Tracker 175 TxW Pro - 60 hp

This beautiful Bass boat is equipped with the great Garmin Panoptix Livescope on a 12 inch Gps unit, 2 Lowrance Hds 9 Sonar units connected via Ethernet for vertical fishing. The Minn Kota Ulterra not only offers all the usual benefits of a remote-controlled GPS electric motor, but also features the great Auto Stow/Deploy feature. Up to 3 anglers plus guide.


2. Rental boat

Another option is to go fishing yourself (without a guide) with the following boats.


Kimble Hunter 15 HP 3.95 m (no license required)

The 15 hp Kimble Hunter gives anglers without a license the chance to experience the fantastic fishing here. It is powered buy a Yamaha outboard with power trim, modern fish finders, and for total control while fishing a remote controlled Minn Kota electric Trolling engine with Gps.

A Lowrance HDS9 gen3 touch screen fishfinder with lateral imaging and GPS mapping at the driver's console and a Lowrance Hook 7 GPS is at the bow.
The Powerdrive 55lb Trolling engine is equipped with I-Pilot, a handheld remote control system that allows you to automatically control speed and course direction and even correct for wind, waves and currents. The Spot-Lock (anchor) function gives you the ability to automatically stay on any productive fishing spot, so you can concentrate on fishing.

Tracker 175 TXW pro 60 HP 5.4 m (licence required)

This quality Bass boat is equipped with 2 Lowrance Hds 9 Sonar units. The top-of-the-range Minn Kota Ulterra not only offers all the usual benefits of a remote-controlled GPS electric motor, but also has the amazing Auto Stow/Deploy feature. Limited to 3 anglers. Sonars can vary, either 2 x hds Lowrance units or a 12inch Garmin GPSMAP unit and Hds 9 LIVE unit.


Tracker Pro 5m - 50 HP (boating license required)

This boat has two fish finders, a Lowrance elite 7ti total scan GPS and Wifi at the driver's console and a Lowrance hds8 mounted at the bow next to the 80lbs motor guide xi5 eléctric motor with pinpoint remote control G.P.S.


Skiff 4 m - 40 HP (boating license required)

The boat is equipped with two Lowrance GPS/fishfinders, 40 HP engine and 54 Lbs electric motor. For fishing from the boat we advise to do this with a maximum of 2 anglers.



All boats are fully equipped with modern GPS locators, mapping, electric trolling engines and printed maps of each lake, they are fully insured and have legal licenses for the lakes, life jackets and Walkie Talkies are provided.!!!  A maximum of 3 anglers.

Drivers must be 18 years of age or older. 

This fishery is also very suitable for fly fishermen. A package has been put together for both types of fishing: Accommodation in double rooms including transport to fishing locations and back, guidance by local fishing guide, life jacket, fishing boat with fishfinder, electric motor and required fishing licenses. 


Nearby are the airports of Madrid, Seville and Malaga. Transavia, for example, flies daily from Amsterdam to Seville. An average ticket costs around 250 to 300 euros per person. From here we arrange a rental car for you and you'll be at your destination in 3 hours. We will gladly arrange the final airport with you in person.


Guide package with 7 nights stay and 6 days fishing

Tracker 60hp                         2 anglers       1165,--
Glastron 495 60hp                 2 anglers       1215,--
                                              3 anglers        1095,--
Prices are in Euro's per person per week. Including permits, fuel and if desired fishing equipment where termional tackle can be provided by yourself. Additional costs: flights, transfer / rental car, meals and possible tips.


Rental boats with 7 nights stay and 6 days fishing

Kimple 15hp                                 2 anglers        855,--
Tracker Pro 170 5m - 50hp          2 anglers       1055,--     
                                                     3 anglers         875,--      

Tracker Pro 175 TXW 5.4m 60hp     2 anglers   1055,--
                                                          3 anglers     875,--

Prices are in Euro's per person per week. Including licenses.

If requested fishing equipment is available for 50 euro per person where terminal tackle has to be provided by the guest himself or otherwise pay per used material.

Additional costs: flights, transfer / rental car, meals and possible tips.


Please note: This trip can not be booked in July and August. It is simply too hot to fish and the fish are too deep to be caught und released in a fishfriendly way.

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