Hirtshals, Yellow Reef Denmark

Hirtshals, Yellow Reef Denmark




Hirtshals is known by most anglers as the harbour from where you cross to Norway with one of the ferries. But it is also a perfect starting place for a wonderful week of fishing. We have put together a perfect combination for a spectacular week with different types of fishing!


Reef and wreck fishing


From Hirtshals sport fishing boats sail to the yellow reef which also hold some ship wrecks that provide excellent fishing opportunities. The yellow reef is well known and is located a few miles off the coast of Denmark. Many and large fish are always caught here. Think of cod but also coalfish, ling and sporadically hake, halibut and wolffish are caught. The yellow reef is about an hour and a half sail away and from the surrounding depths of the North Sea this reef rises to 30 to 60 meters below the water level. A perfect spot with lots of food and therefore also fish.


Fishing takes place between 30 and 100 meters and is mostly done with boat rods from the 10 to 20 lbs category. Pilks and shads vary, depending on wind and current, from 100 to 350 grams. All in all, the fishing day lasts between 8 and 12 hours and you get your money's worth.


It is possible to schedule a total of three of these fishing days when you are staying the week with your own group. Depending on the weather the days can be moved during the week but the fishing days take place on the weekdays. If you don't manage to sail to the yellow reef for three days, you will of course get your money back for this part of the fishing trip.


Beach and Spin fishing


Directly in front of the apartment complex is a beautiful beach with various possibilities. There is a lot of structure and therefore variety along the beach of Hirtshals. The fishery focuses in the spring and autumn on sea trout and in the summer period more on garfish and sea bass which is also regularly caught here. There are several spots where you can practice this active type of fishing because of the alternating structures along the coast. Dams, rocks and trenches in the water give this fishing area an ideal variety.


In addition to this active spinning fishing, it is also delicious to catch beautiful plaice, dab, turbot, whiting, young cod to sea bass from the beach. And also for this fishery there is a quantity of spots available. And do not forget the harbour itself where you can fish nicely from the piers. If possible it is best to bring your own bait because it is not commonly available here and of lesser quality. Think of ragworms, piers and mackerel or herring. If you are not able to bring it yourself you can visit the local fishing store to help you out.


You're staying at the Danland Feriecenter of Hirtshals. It is a nice and well-kept holiday complex where different apartment types are available. In the package we put together we calculated with two person apartments. This can also be adapted to 4 person apartments on request. In the Feriecenter there is also a restaurant where after a day of fishing you can enjoy your meal but you can also prepare your own meals in the apartment.


Furthermore, there is a bar, pool table, swimming pool and you can see the sun dipping into the sea at the hot end of a beautiful day. The local supermarket in Hirtshals is a 5 minutes drive away and there are also nice restaurants in Hirtshals itself. The rooms are nicely furnished, have a sitting area with sofa and TV and a private shower with WC. Bedlinen, towels and final cleaning are included in the price.


The Sea Hawk is a catamaran made of glass fibre. It was built in the UK and has a flybridge and a sailing license A2. This means that this boat is allowed to sail up to 150 nautical miles off the coast. Because of its construction as a catamaran, it offers very comfortable fishing as the boat that has less swell and perfect sailing characteristics. The aft deck is very spacious and perfect for up to 12 anglers. In addition, there is also a large interior space where there is seating for all anglers.


The two 450 hp diesel engines also make it a fast ship with a cruising speed of 20 knots. The boat has all the necessary safety equipment such as life jackets and rafts and a first aid kit. Furthermore there are 2 hummingbirds 1198 sidescanners/ chartplotters, 2 Raymarine chartplotters and a Max Sea plotter, 1 x 4 Kw Radar, marine radio and VHF AIS A-Transmitter.


On board there is a toilet, kitchen with fridge, coffee maker and microwave. When you the trip with your private group on fishing days breakfast and lunch can be served here. This is included in the price and all you have to do is get on board and don't forget your fishing gear!


Filleting the fish is done on board the Sea Hawk and in the Feriecenter there is a large freezer available where our guests can freeze their fish before taking it home at the end of the week.

We offer this combined fishing trip from April to October. If you would like to go outside this period, this is of course also possible, but the chance of fishing with the Sea Hawk for three days is smaller as weather might have an impact. Of course, we can also adapt the programme to individual desiress! So we can also arrange a fishing trip for passengers or smaller groups. Please feel free to contact us for this. and send an email to [email protected]

An example package:


  • arrival and departure on Saturday
  • 3 days fishing with the Sea Hawk (12 hours per day on weekdays)
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner included on the Sea Hawk
  • water, soft drinks and beer included
  • Slaughter and filleting service included
  • 3 days of beach, / spin fishing from the beaches of Hirtshals
  • accommodation in double flat in Feriecenter Danland or Casaboye
  • bed linen, towel and final cleaning included (not included in Dansland)

The price depends on the number of participants (10 minimum) but is approx. 1,500 euros per person. But send us an a-mail and ask for a detailled quotation! This fishing trip is ideal for groups and fishing associations and can also be organised with fewer people. Please use the contact form to enquire about the possibilities and corresponding prices.

Other prices

Day trip      

  • 8 hours 265 euro per person   
  • 10 hours 305 euro per person    
  • 12 hours 360 euro per person   

These prices include meals on board with breakfast, lunch and drinks for 8 and 10 hour sailings and for the 12-hour cruise also dinner.

It is also possible to hire the entire boat. Ask us about private charter options!


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