Longford Ireland

Several lakes available

Longford Ireland

Several lakes available
An hour and a half drive from Dublin is the town of Longford which offers first class pike and whitefish fishing on lakes where you will not meet another fisherman. No big lakes where you spend hours looking for the right spots and that one big pike, but smaller and numerous lakes with lots of choice for the angler. In the middle of the beautiful Irish nature you will completely unwind when it comes to the holiday feeling. With regard to fishing the expectation is that you will be busy because these are several good lakes and spots. And the nice thing is: you can fish in all places. The lover can of course also dive into the local pub in the evening so in the end you decide to what extent you will unwind ...!
There are a lot of possibilities to go fishing here. These locations are in the first place extremely suitable for pike fishing. This fishing can be done in every conceivable way. Spinners, woblers, shads and jerks as lures. In addition, it is also possible to fly-fish here or drag a dead baitfish behind the boat on a float while drifting will certainly yield pike. You can also change the type of fishing by going trout fishing for a day. And finally a secret tip and that is the white fishing. There are large numbers of bream, tench and other whitefish caught here.
The fishing in the Longford region is very diverse and Kevin (the owner) is very experienced and knowledgeable. You can troll as well as drift out the various hotspots on the lakes. With a dead bait behind the boat and casting lures while drifting over the lake is a very effective way of pike fishing. For whitefishing there are also many different spots that are easily accessible.


In Longford you will stay in the luxurious and comfortable Melview Lodge that can accommodate up to 13 guests with 5 rooms. Breakfast is served in the separate lounge. The rooms are equipped with all comfort and the owner Kevin himself is an experienced fisherman and is happy to help you make your fishing trip a success.


The area between the Upper Shanon and the Erne canal with its numerous lakes in the region makes it a popular spot for anglers. You have a choice of over 60 different lakes in this beautiful Irish landscape.


The boats that are used here are the traditional 17 foot fishing boats with 4 hp engines. They offer a lot of space and are well cared for. Kevin will take you himself to show you the best spots and ways of fishing that work best in this region.


Pike fishing is the same as you would do normally. Spinning and jerk rods in different weight classes and a somewhat longer rod for dead bait fishing and you have a complete set up. The boats in Longford are the traditional 17 foot boats with a 4 hp engine that are used all over Ireland. Kevin the owner is keen to show you the best spots and will show you around the first day on request. He can also go with you if you like and as an alternative he canb also just bring the boat to the location so you can go fishing yourself. In consultation with him you can choose from more than 20 lakes in the region where you can go fishing and where he can take your boat.


Also the lures for fishing are standard like woblers, shads, spinners, jerks etc. What we did notice during pike fishing is that in both regions a lot of lures with high backs are used. This mimics the natural supply of bream, rudd and perch the best. Live bait fishing is also not permitted in Ireland. Dead bait, on the other hand, is allowed and there is no closed period. Furthermore, light to medium spinning rods, jerkbait rods and dead bait rods are the main necessities for chasing pike.


But let's not forget fly fishing either. For the enthusiast there is more than enough space on the various lakes from the boats to use the streamers. So bring different aftmas, line types, flies and streamers to be able to do all desired fishing you want.


For whitefishing, a fishing platform and a long pole are necessary. Lengths for the poles start at 8 meters. Also feeder rods or swing tips are very welcome additions to the arsenal for the big bream, tench, rudd, carp etc.


The pike season to pike here runs from September to May. In general, the temperature here is not below 5 degrees Celsius, so in winter you can almost always fish. Note the Irish saying: Four seasons in one day! The sun can shine but it can rain just as quickly. So make sure you have good rainproof clothing that you always take with you. However, temperatures generally don't drop below 5º Celsius so it doesn't get really cold. In the summer period the average temperature is at a pleasant 22 °C and there is a good chance that you will have enough t-shirts for the whole week.


For pike fishing there is no closed season but fishing with live bait is not allowed. April, May, June and September, October and November are the best times. In addition, these periods are also the low season, which makes them ideal for flight tickets and rental cars at interesting rates. You fly to Dublin where your rental car will be waiting for you on the spot and you can drive to Longford on the left side of the road (!) in 1.5 hours.


Here you stay in a comfortable B&B in Longford directly with the owner Kevin. For 4 persons excluding flights but including rental car middle class category (eg: Opel Insignia) 7 days stay in the B&B in double rooms with bedlinen and towel, breakfast and dinner, 6 days two boats of 17 feet each including engine and excluding petrol and necessary permits, the average price is € 750,- per person. This price depends on the available flight tickets and the season. Any other set up of your fishing week is of course possible depending on your own wishes.

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