Great boats and good fishing area


Great boats and good fishing area


On the northern part of the island of Senja, just south of Tromso, shelters the location Mefjord Brygge in the town of Mefjordvaer. A high quality location where only one thing matters and that is catching fish! A large choice of different accommodations from 1 to 8 persons. Of course it is also very easy to accommodate larger groups of up to 50 people here. Well cared for, perfect service and a perfect fishing location, like almost all other spots in Northern Norway. Once again a perfect spot in our North Norway portfolio. The Mefjorden offers a high degree of shelter for the fisherman so there is little loss of fishing days. The fishery here is truly inexhaustible.


The location has several homes, all of which are well equipped to a high standard. The level of equipment is even high by Norwegian standards. In addition, there are of course freezers, drying room, sheltered filleting space, etc. available. And as in most Norwegian locations, the sauna and outdoor jacuzzi cannot be missed. Take a look at this movie that gives a good picture of the different accommodations directly on the water and the boats.


The surroundings of Mefjord are overwhelmingly beautiful and right next to the location a small river flows into the sea where the necessary salmonids are present. Directly on the right side the fjord continues to depths of more than 200 meters and on the left side towards the ocean these depths are also reached. However, there is a beautiful platform here at a depth of around 30 to 40 metres with the name 'Skreigrunnen'. The name says it all and this is a high-potential fishing spot that, in addition to cod, also produces a lot of halibut, wolffish and massive coalfish.


As at all locations in northern Norway, the fishery is simply good. There is a multitude of spots that are guaranteed to result in (large and abundant) fish. From small islands and shallows to 250 meter depths, there is a multitude of possibilities. Because of this diversity of bottom structures, there is a great diversity of food and therefore also of fish species. These include cod, halibut, redfish, wolffish, coalfish and tusk. The fishing spots are located in the reasonable close vicinity of the houses, so there is no need to sail for hours.


Would you like to fish in a very good and comfortable location with a high service level? Here it is possible and the season is long. In general you can come here when you want between mid March and October 1. So it is also possible to fish for skrei here. Especially when the platform in front of the door is called 'Skreigrunnen'. In this period from March to the beginning of May it can be very cold here. The focus is on large cod / skrei and wolffish. As the season progresses and the water temperature increases, the number of wolffish decreases and the number of halibut increases! But it is important to be well prepared because the weather can be erratic. It is therefore always wise to have a hat and gloves in your suitcase.


The position of this location is perfect. Sheltered in the Mefjord that flows into the Norwegian Sea, there is little chance of losing a fishing day here due to the wind. As in all northern locations, many and large fish are caught here.


Ellinor Stua

It is a modern house in Norwegian style. The house has 1 double and 4 single rooms, with a capacity of 6 people. There is a spacious living room, dining room, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. All rooms are easily accessible from the hallway. The house is equipped with cable TV and wireless internet. The apartment has a cosy setting and is about 3 minutes walk from the restaurant and boats. As a guest you will enjoy the beautiful view of the fjord and the mountains. We especially recommend the house for a group of friends or a large family.


Northern light apartments

Mefjord Brygge is developing very dynamically and this is the most recent addition. This is a building complex consisting of three northern light apartments. It was completed in 2017. The apartments are located directly on the pier near the fishing boats and other facilities. Each of the apartments have access to a spacious terrace on the fjord which offers a beautiful view of the fjord and, if present, the midnight sun or the northern lights. Very comfortable and modern, each of the apartments has 5 bedrooms, large living room, spacious, fully equipped kitchen and 2 toilets. The apartments offer a spacious living room with large terrace to enjoy the view.


Solveig Stua & Ragna Stua

The two-apartment house is built in a typical Nordland style with its visible features in the facade of the house. It is divided into 2 modern apartments, each with 5 x bedrooms (1 bedroom with bunk beds, 3 bedrooms with twin beds that can be combined into a double and 1 bedroom with double bed), 2 large bathrooms, living room with cable TV and wireless internet, fully equipped kitchen, spacious entrance and porches.


Big Cabin

Each of our large 'cabins' have a small terrace overlooking the sea. The apartments have a living room with cable TV and wireless internet, a bedroom with 2 x bunk beds and a loft with 2 normal beds (regular stairs to the attic), fully equipped kitchen and a large and spacious bathroom.


Ole-Wang Gården

This is a large house with 2 apartments that can be separated or act as 1 unit. Each apartment has 4 single rooms, a living room with cable TV and wireless internet, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. OLE-Wang Gården is built according to the old pictures of this once historic building. The outside area is completely authentic, but inside it is adapted to modern standards. The Ole-Wang Gården used to be owned by a local trader, Ole Wang, who lived on the 2nd and 3rd floor, while on the ground floor he ran his family shop.



This is an apartment in a modern style. It contains 2 single rooms and 2 double rooms, a living room with cable TV and wireless internet, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and hallway.


Small Cabins

These two 'smaller' apartments have a small terrace overlooking the fjord. They have a living room with cable TV and wireless internet, fully equipped kitchen and a bedroom with 1 bunk bed and a large spacious bathroom.



This apartment has been recently renovated in a beautiful and modern style. It comprises 2 single and 2 double bedrooms, spacious living room connected to the dining room, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. It has a nice terrace where you can enjoy the views of the fjord and the mountains. The house has a flat screen TV and wireless internet access.



This is a large house, beautifully situated on the foothills of the mountain and across the road to the fjord. The house is very spacious and offers the highest level of comfort available on Mefjord Brygge. It has 4 bedrooms (2 with double bed) and 2 with twin beds and can accommodate 6 to 8 people.

There is a spacious living room and dining room, two fully functional kitchens and three bathrooms. Cable TV and wireless internet are also provided. Solbu is a short 2-minute walk from the main building of Mefjord Brygge and about 3 minutes from the fishing boats. It is located opposite Ole Wang, has its own parking space, garden with garden furniture and a spacious terrace to enjoy the surrounding nature and is perfect for relaxing in the evening.


Senja Lodge

Senja Lodge is a traditional and cozy house with an atmosphere of the outdoor lifestyle, such as hiking, mountain climbing and skiing. It has 4 double bedrooms, living room with cable TV, spacious lounge room, wireless internet, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, toilet and terrace with seating and views of the fjord.


Hotel room with breakfast

For small groups of anglers, backpackers, cyclists and hikers we have nice, clean and simple hotel rooms with shared showers. There are a total of 10 rooms (9 of them can be used as double rooms) The rooms are equipped with cable TV and have wireless internet access. The sink is in the room but showers and toilets are shared. The separate entrances for men and women are easily accessible from the hallway. The rooms are on the 3rd floor of the main building and there is no elevator to the rooms.


There are 20 boats available of 19 feet (6.3 meters), 50 HP 4 stroke engines, GPS plotter and fish finder. The boats are suitable for up to 4 anglers and are equipped with a windscreen. Perfect boats in the sheltered Mefjord and the Norwegian Sea to get to the right fishing spots quickly and comfortably.


The materials for fishing are the same as in the other Northern locations. The heaviest material is between 20 and 30 lbs. Reels with dyneema from 15 to 20 kilo breaking strength. Fishing is mainly with shads but also pilks which vary from 150 to 500 grams depending on depth and current. If you are tired of lure fishing you can easily switch to a whole coalfish or mackerel on a live bait rig. This system works excellent for halibut and cod. But it's also fun to use a "lighter" set to go spinning for some "smaller" species.


For the enthusiasts there is the possibility to rent a large and fast boat of 36 feet for a maximum of 8 people. With this Sargo Explorer Fly Bridge you can reach the spots you can't reach with your own boat. And of course the captain's knowledge of spots is very extensive, which gives the fishing a special dimension that you can't reach with your own boat. The costs are for 6 hours 1375,- euro including captain and fuel.


You will fly from your local airport to Oslo and on to Tromso or Evenes on any day depending on available flights. This can be done with SAS airlines or Norwegian Airlines. A transfer will be arranged from the relevant airport to your location or we will arrange a rental car according to your requirements.


Groceries can be done in the town itself and the supermarket can be reached by a short walk and at the location itself there is also a restaurant where you are always welcome after a long day. A full board option is also available at extra cost. The location offers you the possibility to arrive any day you want and stay as long as you want.


The changeover day is free and negotiable. It goes without saying that we are happy to be of service to our guests. Additional costs: own meals and petrol for the boats.


Fishing package: apartment + 19 feet fishing boat + 50 HP + GPS/fishfinder


Big Cabin                    4                         2045
Ole Wang                    4                         2045 
Small Cabin                 2                        1587
Torleif Stua                  5                         2186
Ingebjorg Stua             6                         2432
Kristine Stua                6                         2432
Ellinor Stua                  6                         2432
Senja Lodge                6                         2432
Solveig- / Ragna Stua 8                         2961
Ole wang garden         8                         2961
Noorderlicht                 7                        3173
Solbu                           8                         2961
Extra boot                                                846

Prices include water, electricity, bed linen, towel and final cleaning and fishing boat.!


Special offer in September and October pay 7 days and stay 10!


  • Return transfer from Tromso 569 max 4 persons
  • Return transfer from Tromso 143 pp5 or more persons
  • Return transfer from Evenes 616 max 4 persons
  • Return transfer from Evenes 154 pp 5 or more people
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and 2 course dinner)110pp p day
  • Boat insurance 60 week
  • Fishing guide 225 euro 3 hours
  • Fish coverall 100 week
  • Fishing rod + reel + line 120 week

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