Just a few kilometres south of the island of Sørøya is the harbour town of Øksfjord. From this harbour the ferry leaves to the island of the "giants". At the beginning of Øksfjord lies this well-equipped fish camp. Because it is located in the fjord, it also offers protection in case the wind is a little too strong. At the beginning of the fjord there are sandbanks for lovers of flatfish and as you get closer to the mouth of the fjord and the currents and depths increase, the fish become larger and more numerous.


Storboen is about 30 minutes away by boat. This underwater mountain is a few square kilometres in surface area and with the tidal currents there is always action here. But be sure to try your luck at the corners of the fjords. Where the waters cross, large fish are caught. Wolffish, cod, halibut, haddock, coalfish and so on. There is also a lot of halibut caught in this area. So be prepared for this!


At the southern tip of the island of Stjernøya there is such a halibut hotspot. Less than 30 minutes by boat from the fish camp there are different and varied underwater structures. For the redfish and wolffish it is also recommended to fish the sides of the fjord where the redfish are found deeper than the wolffish. During our trip in June we caught a lot of large wolffish but also good cod and halibut.


At this location we have several apartments with a very comfortable and good level of finishing.


  • Nilsengarden 1 and 2 are both suitable for 6 persons each and have 3 bedrooms with 2 single beds each. Nilsengarden 2 has the possibility to increase the capacity to 8 persons with the help of an extra sleeping and living room.
  • Kroagarden 1 and 2 are both suitable for 6 persons each and have 3 double bedrooms.
  • Sentrumsgarden 1 and 2 are both suitable for 6 persons through 3 double rooms
  • Olsengarden is suitable for 4 persons and has 3 bedrooms, 1 with 2 beds and 2 with 1 bed each.
  • Evenmogarden has capacity for up to 7 people with 3 double rooms and 1 single room. It has recently been renovated.


All apartments have a fully equipped kitchen with oven, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and coffeemaker. The apartments also have a spacious living room with dining area and sitting area with sofa and TV and there is Wi-Fi available. Each unit also has a shower and toilet. Bedlinen, towels, water, final cleaning and electricity are all included as standard. And the best part is that 1 fishing boat is also included in the price of the house!


The houses are all relatively close to each other (walking distance) and therefore it is also very suitable for small and larger groups. On the way to the boats there is a spacious supermarket where you can get all your necessary groceries.


Oksfjord has a central building where each house has its own locker room for the rods as well as its own freezer. There is also an extra central freezer available for extra capacity. Here you can also process your self-caught fish and pack them neatly before you freeze them.


Upon arrival of each group a deposit of NOK 5.000 (€ 585,-) must be paid. Upon departure this amount will of course be returned. This can be done by credit card.


On the pier of the harbour there are several filleting tables (not sheltered) to process the caught fish. After processing the fish, it is important to dump the fish remains with the boat at a distance from the harbour. As the pier with the boats is located directly behind the petrol station, you can easily refuel. Refuelling is done by credit card and can be done 24/7.


On site you will be well assisted by the English speaking Adam who knows the location and the region well. For all questions and other matters you can contact him.


The available fishing boats are the widely proven and acclaimed Kvaerno aluminum boats of 19 feet / 6.3 meters. In total there are 14 boats. Four have a 60 HP engine and ten have a 50 HP engine. All boats are of course equipped with a gaff, GPS plotter and fishfinder. These boats are suitable for a maximum of 4 anglers.


There is also a 24 foot / 8 metre Kvaerno cabin boat with a 150 HP motor available. This offers more space and is suitable for up to 6 anglers.


The high season runs from 1 May to 1 September.



Apartement                       persons        low          high

Kroa 1 + boat                          6           1763         2173
Kroa 2 + boat                          6           1763         2173
Sentrum 1 + boat                    6           1763         2173
Sentrum 2 + boat                    6           1763         2173
Evenmogarden + boat             7          1763         2173
Olsengarden + boat                 4          1763         2173
Nilsen 1 + boat                         6          1763         2173
Nilsen 2 + boat                          6         1763         2173
Extra bedroom Nilsen               2           355           495
Extra 19 foot fishing boat                        615           769
Extra 24 foot fishging boat                      872         1077
transfer pp / min 4 pers                          123            123


This price includes: 1 Kvaerno fishing boat, bed linen, towel, electricity, water, final cleaning and heating.


The nearest airport is Alta. A transfer from this airport to the location is € 123,- per person with a minimum of 4 persons. The costs are for a return transfer and per one-way trip the travel time is around 2.5 hours. The changeover day is almost always Wednesday

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