Shore and offshore fishing


Shore and offshore fishing
The south of Oman offers the adventurous angler a true dream of fishing opportunities at the right time. The coastline is rugged and impressive. During the monsoon period the coastal region of Oman turns green and everything comes to life. Oman has a wide variety of landscapes with high mountains, desert and directly on the Arabian Sea in an environment of 1001 fairy-tale nights. Giant Trevally, barracuda, long-line tuna, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, sailfish, groupers, amberjack, stingray, moray eel, bluefish, guitar ray, wahoo etc. is truly an extensive and spectacular assortment of species you can catch here.
It is only a 2,5 hour drive from the airport in Salalah to Hasik from where this operation takes place. You will be picked up with a luxury 4 x 4 all-terrain vehicle that will bring you to Hasik in all comfort. Here we have a luxurious guesthouse where you will stay in double rooms. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, single beds, bedlinen and towels. The rooms are very nicely furnished and are comfortable after a long day of fishing.
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Here we work together with a very experienced organisation that has been operating here for years. They know the best places because they fish here with great regularity. You can go here for two types of fishing:
  • Shore fishing: surfcasting, popping and (live) bait
  • Boat fishing around the Al Hallaniyat islands popping, (live) bait, trolling and jigging
Whichever fishery you choose, it will be an unforgettable experience. Oman is located directly on the Arabian Sea which is part of the Indian Ocean. This is living room for many different species of fish including the Giant Trevally, amberjack, tuna, sea bream, ray, sailfish, king mackerel, bluefish, barracuda, grouper and more of these exotic species. Special about our local partner is that they work with local people. This means that they have short lines of communication with the local fishermen who know exactly where the different shoals of fish are at that moment.
For coastal fishing the guide has a 4 x 4 vehicle available 24 hours a day to take you anywhere and anytime at different hotspots within a radius of 70 kilometres. So you decide for yourself when and where you go fishing. Usually during the night the bigger species come to the coast to look for food. So to catch a GT, barracuda or other large species with the popper or stickbait, you sometimes have to get up early.
Fishing from the boat also takes place from Hasik. This is one of the villages closest to the Hallaniyat islands and is the best location for boat fishing. A fishing day takes 9 to 10 hours and you have to start well trained. The fishing is tough and the fish are sometimes massive. You must therefore have a good physical condition to embark on this adventure. In recent years our local partner has managed to find more than 300 waypoints with top locations and they regularly catch many beautiful and large fish here.
Oman is a safe and impressive country in the Arab world. It offers beautiful wild landscapes with impressive sunsets, breath-taking sunrises and warm-hearted people with an ancient and respectable culture. It is almost obligatory to sit quietly at the beach at least once and watch the sun sink into the sea. At this location this happens every day!
For both types of fishing, the formats that can be caught here appeal to the imagination. GT's up to 60 kilo + are already caught here around the islands Al Hasikiyah, Sawda and Al Hallaniyat. But what about groupers up to 100 kilos, yellowfin tuna up to 65 kilos and so on. All this fishing is subject to the right period of time.
Take a look at the comprehensive digital brochure here.


There is a luxurious and comfortable lodge to stay here. You will be picked up at the airport of Salalah and brought to the lodge in Hasik by 4 x 4 all-terrain vehicle in a 2.5 hour drive. Here there are three bedrooms each with 2 king size single beds available. The rooms are air-conditioned and all bedlinen and towels are included. Furthermore, there is a large living room with air conditioning and outside there is a dining area where breakfast and dinner are served daily. Fresh products are used daily and western tastes are taken into account. Each room has its own private shower and toilet and you will not miss out on anything here (except sleep :-).


It is also possible to camp outside at night on location on an uninhabited island. For guests staying 7 nights or more this is a free option to experience 1 night. This is possible for both shore and boat fishing. A good reason to do this is that the larger fish often movecloser to shore at night between midnight and 4 am to feed. So you are at the right place at the right time. For camping all materials are available on site and you don't have to bring your own. However, it is important to arrange it in advance so that any preparations can be made as food will have to be provided on the spot.


Note: During your stay in Oman there is NO alcohol available. However, you can buy it at a potential stopover airport. The use of alcohol se at your location is permitted but drunkenness will not be tolerated. So please treat this aspect with wisdom and respect.


We use three fine fishing boats here. The boats are 32, 31 and 26 feet and custom made for popper fishing. The deck is spacious and offers ample space for 4, 3 and 2 fishermen and the crew respectively. The boats are equipped with all necessary safety equipment such as GPS / fishinder, VHF, satellite phone, downrigger, toilet, live bait tank, 20 rod holders but also 2 x 200 HP engines. In other words, the perfect fishing machines that can take you to the right places in a short time.


To be able to catch the big fish here it is necessary to bring serious materials with you. Sturdy popper rods up to 250 grams throwing weight with strong reels. We use 100 lbs braided line! For jigging short and very strong boat rods up to a casting weight of 300 to 400 grams are necessary. We use leaders of 150 to 200 lbs. Besides the heavy material it is also advisable to bring lighter sets for both types of fishing.

There are two seasons in Salalah. The summer period with the monsoon running from mid-June to mid-September and then the dry period (the rest of the year) from October to April.
The GT is the largest and most important species we can catch here. For GT, the dry season is the best time. The larger specimens are mainly caught in October / November and March / April. But also the other months can be good. Fishing takes place with the help of (live) bait, trolling, jigging, casting and popping.
From December to February other species such as queenfish, permit, grouper, bluefish, sailfish, tuna, wahoo, spanish mackerel and amberjack. But also the guitar ray and the stingray are caught here. It is important to drink a lot of water on the spot. Sunglasses and caps are really a necessity here. Just like the tiger balm for the muscles!
In the basic package you stay 8 nights in the guesthouse based on a shared double room including breakfast, lunch, dinner and water / soft drinks. Return transfer from and to the airport, 6 days fishing, 4 x 4 with fuel at coastal fishing, boat with fuel at boat fishing, bait (sardines, octopus etc).
# persons    shore fish     boat fish
        2              2900           3995
        3              2500           3475
        4              2200           3095
Prices in Euro's per person excluding flight, visa, vaccinations and tips. In order to get here you have to fly in to Salalah airport. This can be done with different airlines and together with you we decide on the best option for your group. Of course we can also put together combined packages of shore and boat fishing according to your own wishes. Boat fishing must be included in the booking for a minimum of 3 days.
For beach / shore fishing it is also possible to stay on location in a tent with sleeping bag if you want to fish at night. The guide will then go along and cook for you on site. So you can literally fish under the stars. Would you like more information? Take a look at our extensive brochure here!

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