Spain Bluefintuna

Top notch fishing from L'ampolla!

Spain Bluefintuna

Full service for bluefin tuna, garrick, bluefish and sea bass
Not too far away and yet a touch of tropical! From any airport in Europe it is a relatively short flight to the airport of Barcelona or Reus. From these airports it is respectively a 1,5 and 1 hour drive to L'ampolla with a rental car. And then you can just catch a bluefin tuna of 50 + kilos! Who doesn't want that? Here it's all possible. This location next to the Ebro delta offers a true fishing paradise where you can fish fully guided for a wonderful fishing holiday and catch the fish of your dreams.
Our partner is a small and very professional charter based in L’Ampolla, Ebro delta Spain. With over 20 restaurants and several bars there is also something to do in the evening after a long day fishing. But do not be late in the morning because this is serious fishing and all your strength is required to catch these strong and relentless fish. 
The fishing is based on the activity of the fish. When in spring the tuna are hunting actively for shoals of baitfish we sometimes follow them and cast our lures in the shoals.


But when the tuna are less active we start chumming to get them to our baits. Either way both techniques are productive here. Nevertheless the most used technique is chumming as we have the highest success rate. 
But next to that we also use live bait fishing with mackerel, horse mackerel, bonito or skipjack. This works really well for  sea bass, garrick, bluefish and off course tuna as well. When using this technique on a float or free lining we also cast lures next to it which can produce gilthead, albacore and skipjack. Dentex, barracuda and amberjack are some by catches that sometimes occur which are also very nice fish.  All these fish are fearsome fighters which will give you a great run for your money! 
Your host is Dutchman Martijn and he is a professionally licensed captain and owner of the company. He spent most of his adult life guiding people at the Ebro delta. He has fished ever since he could walk and has a true love for the game. He speaks English, German, Spanish and Dutch. 


As accommodation there are several different options at this location.
Hotel Sol at 100 metres, hotel la Roca plana at 500 metres and hotel Flamingo at 1200 metres from the harbour. All three hotels are fine and offer Spanish hospitality and also breakfast we can include. Also the town of L’ampolla has about 20 restaurant and an equal number of bars where you can easily have a nice evening out after a days of hard fishing. 
Alternatively we can also arrange private holiday homes or apartments. They will be a little further from the harbour so you would have to drive there. But any solution you choose will  be to your liking.
After years of guiding in the Ebro delta we found the best boat that has it all for this local circumstances. Extremely spacious, completely open, no rod breaking T-top, instead we installed a 8 ft bimini that provides more shadow and can be used when required, a 87 inch Minn-kota Terrova for instant anchoring and slow live bait trolling, top notch Sardamatic chumming devices, specially designed tuna proof rod holders, downriggers and lots of other features. And all of this is powered by a reliable Yamaha 225 outboard. The boat can comfortably accommodate four anglers.  Next to the fishing lunches in the form of sandwiches or bread rolls are included. Water and soft drinks are provided based on normal usage. In case you like more or specific drinks you can bring it yourselves and have them cooled on board.
No hassle at the airport with late arriving or even worse lost rod tubes. At this location very good  tackle is provided for the job. From 80lbs stand-up to light 1oz spinning gear. We also have a great selection of proven catching lures on board. Of course you are welcome to bring your own equipment but you just could come over here with your passport, wallet and toothbrush ��.
With regard to equipment we mostly use Penn.  For chumming we use Penn international 80 wide reels in combination with Höwk no limit bend butt stand up rods. In addition to that we have  Penn slammer 10500 reels in combination with Penn monster bluefin 130lbs stand up freeline rods. Or use the 50 lbs stand up rods with 50 lbs reels.
For casting we use the Penn Battalion 50 lbs spin rods in combination with the Slammer 8500. For the lighter tackle targeting bluefish, Garrick, se a bass etc we supply Slammer and Conflict reels from 2500 till 8000 with spinning rods from 30 to 100 gram.
Next to that there are two electronic reels to quickly catch live bait and fish for chumming at depth. And finally we have Sa quiver (feeder)sets for anchored fishing for sea bass. As you can see; for all kind of fishing there is a perfect set up. And in terms of lures, there is also a wide assortment here available.
Temperatures in the summer are of course higher and sometimes be above 35º C. In the winter it is wise to bring a windbreaker, because at 20º C it can feel considerably colder. It is a perfect destination, for example, to spend the summer with the family and go fishing for a few days. However, many guests also choose to spend a long weekend in the Ebro delta in spring or autumn. You can go fishing all year round and of course every season has its peculiarities. And for all our fishing trips, we create a tailor-made package for you.
January, February, March
Following the coast line we will look for activity and anchored up or drifting we go after Sea bass and Gilt head bream. With good weather conditions we can go after tuna as well.  Bring a thermo suit just in case. (winter fish pics)
April & May
Tuna and Leer/Bluefish time!! Good inshore fishing possibilities for blue and garrick. These two months the tuna fishing can be extraordinary with big fish on poppers and natural bait.
We fish for Leerfish, Sea Bass and Bluefish with slow trolled live baits and casting lures. The tuna is spawning so we leave them alone during this month. 
July, August
Great months for tuna fishing where we had an average of 5 fish a day the last few years.
September, October
Great for Tuna and Mahi-mahi and with the temperature slightly dropping the fishing for Leer and Bluefish gets interesting again. 
November, December 
These two months we focus on record size Blue and Leerfish and big Seabass. Tuna on the chum gives good results when the weather allows.
The boat can only be booked completely, so singles fishermen who want to join a group for just one day of fishing are unfortunately not possible. 
The choice of flights is huge. Almost any airline flies to Barcelona or Reus airport. From the airport we provide a rental car and within 1.5 hours drive you are in L’ampolla. 
A price example for 4 persons:
  • Rental car for the whole week (medium category), free mileage
  • 5 full days of guided fishing
  • including all fishing material, license, baits, petrol , captain etc.
  • lunch, water and softdrinks
  • 2 double rooms in one of the hotels in L'ampolla including breakfast
  • flight to Barcelona
This is available from around € 1650,- per person. 
Additional costs: dinners, drinks, toll and tip.
The exact price depends on the final period, the period until departure and the number of persons. But please request your free quotation so we can make a detailed overview of the cost for your desired period.

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