Affordable top fishing on the island of Senja


Affordable top fishing on the island of Senja
Very affordable prime location! 
Welcome to Steinfjord! This fishing camp has been around for many years but in 2017 it was completely renewed and renovated. It is located, how surprising, in the village of Steinfjord on the northwest side of the beautiful island of Senja high in northern Norway. The fish camp has a long fishing tradition as it used to be the local fish factory. And that was for a good reason and gives you an idea about the quality of fishing in this area. 
Bergsøyan. Here, the nutrient-rich gulf stream flows along the northern tip of the Lofoten directly in front of this perfectly located location for fishing. The fish-rich area in the immediate vicinity is the reason for the location of the old fish factory. Within 15 minutes by boat you reach fishing spots where you can catch record halibut, coalfish and cod all year round. If you study the depth chart closely, you will see that from the west, a great depth pushes the water up to a magnificent and elongated plateau where the food and associated fish can roam perfectly in search of their next snack.
Apart from the perfect fishing spots, you are going to experience breathtaking scenery, fascinating wildlife, majestic nature and an abundance of fishing fun here. It is also important to mention with this location that you can hire a fishing guide here. This can be for 1 day or several days or even the entire period. The costs for this are very reasonable and therefore attractive to make use of. And that is unique about this location in northern Norway.
In total, this venue has 40 beds in 7 rooms, 1 flat and "the villa".
The studios 
The seven studios are located on the second floor of the main building. They all have 4 comfortable beds in 2 bunk beds and a sofa that folds out into an extra bed if needed. They are equipped with soundproof doors to the corridor, good curtains against the midnight sun, a coffee table and a small fridge.
Guests staying in the studios share two toilets with showers in the corridor. There is also a separate toilet connected to the kitchen and dining area. The shared kitchen has three separate cooking areas with cooker, oven and sink. The kitchen is also equipped with a fridge, microwave and a coffee machine.
The apartment
The four-bed apartment has its own entrance next to the central entrance of the main building. It has a toilet with shower, two bunk beds and a sofa that folds out into an extra bed. This makes it ideal for a group of four to five people. The apartment is furnished with a coffee table, a fridge with a small freezer compartment, a microwave oven and a small kitchenette with a furnace and 4 cookingplates.
Additionally there is a deluxe apartment which will be ready to use in spring of 2024. It is more spacious and offers a higher level of comfort.
The villa
The picturesque duplex villa is the perfect choice for the group that is looking for a bit more privacy. There are eight beds spread over four bedrooms, two toilets, one on each floor. The shower is based on the ground floor. On the second floor is the kitchen and living room, a bedroom and the terrace with beautiful views to enjoy while drinking your morning coffee.
The restaurant 
The restaurant was recently renovated. It seats 65 people and has a beautiful view over Steinfjorden. The restaurant is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. The chefs use fresh and local produce and the menu changes regularly.  This is the ideal place to end a great fishing day than with a drink and good food in the company of friends? At least once a month, there is also an evening of entertainment at Camp Steinfjord. Here you can enjoy music, local specialities, drinks and entertainment. 
The restaurant is open every day during the summer season, and off-season half or full board is also available for fishing guests.
For full board, you get a buffet in the morning with waffles, cereal breakfast, yoghurt, eggs, butter, cheese, jam, etc. For lunch you can choose to make your own from the breakfast buffet or get a soup brought by the chef on board. So you can choose this. For dinner, you get plate service in the evening with a local freshly prepared meal.

Service building
There is also a service building on site where you can change clothes, hang up your fishing clothes, fillet fish indoors and there is a large freezer with more than enough space. At the pier, there is also a loading crane to unload crates of fish, if you want to take them with you, and lift them onto land.

The fishing shop
Don't have your own or insufficient equipment? No problem because in the local fishing shop you can buy the right materials you need to fish here. As equipment is an important key to a successful fishing trip, they work with high-quality materials here. You can both buy and rent it here.
There are several boats are available at this location. 
  1. The 20ft (6.15m) Kvaerno fishing boats are good and widely used boats for fishing in Norway. They have a Mercury Sea Pro outboard engine of 115 HP with VHF radio, Lowrance elite ti2 fishfinder and chartplotter combo. There are 10 of this type of boats available.
  2. Alumarin 830 with 250 hp Suzuki outboard engine, GPS, fishfinder. This boat is only rented in combination with a fishing guide. It has a cabin and a large fishing deck where there is plenty of room for 5 anglers and a guide to fish comfortably. 
  3. Alumarin 760 with 200 hp Suzuki outboard motor, GPS, fishfinder. Two of this type of boats are available and can be booked either by the group itself or with a fishing guide. 
Furthermore, the boats are equipped with a gaf, flying gaf, halibut lasso and drift bag as standard. To fill up the boats, ready-filled jerry cans are available for purchase at the service building. At the end of your fishing trip, you can pay them on the spot with cash or by debit card. It doesn't get any easier. 
There are three experienced guides available at this location who will be happy to take you to the best spots at the time. You can hire the guide for a day or for a whole week if you like. Should a day be cancelled due to less favourable weather conditions, you will not be charged.
If you do not have the right equipment, you can also hire it here. They have:
Sea fishing Penn battalion Solid Carbon
Spinn fishing Prey light jigger V2
Sea fishing Penn Fathom, Penn Squal, Shimano Torium
Spinn fishing Penn Battle, Penn Slammer
Lines Wiggler Hurricane x8 Braid 0,26 - 0,40
To travel to this location, you can fly to three different airports.
  1. Tromso Approximately 3.5 hours drive
  2. Evenes Approximately 3.5 hours' drive
  3. Bardufoss Approximately 1.5 hours drive
Here we can provide a rental car with which you can drive to the location.
It is also possible to arrange a transfer from these airports. The cost is € 600,- for a return trip for up to 8 people. And that's a very attractive rate.
Senja is connected to the mainland by the bridge from Finnsnes, and the drive from Finnsnes to Steinfjord takes about 1 hour. The roads are kept open all year round and this ride takes you through beautiful landscapes. For the closest supermarket it is a 7 minute drive to Skaland.
Prices are like this:
Studio                     1050,-
Apartment               1750,-
Luxury apartment    2100,-
Villa                         3150,- 
Alumarin 830           2700,- can only be booked with a guide
Alumarin 760           1500,- 
Kvärnö 615                900,-
Fishing guide 1 week 1200,- with Alumarin 830 and 760
Fishing guide 1 day     250,- with Alumarin 830 and 760
Fishing rod with reel   50,-
Fishing overalls          50,-
Full board                 280,-
Prices in Euros per week, unless stated otherwise
Transfer airport 600,- return and max 8 persons
That means if 4 of you stay in a studio, book an Alumarin 760 and 6 days with a fishing guide, you pay only €3750! That's only € 937.50 per person! Of course, your flight and transfer are extra, but it is still an amazingly attractive price!

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