Moen, Denmark seatrout and pike

Moen, Denmark seatrout and pike


The Danish island of Møn, in the middle of the Baltic Sea, is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Europe. All Danish landscapes are close together: fields and marshes, reed beds and beach meadows, sandy beaches and beech forests - and of course the impressive chalk cliffs on the northeast side which have become world-famous as top spots for sea trout. If you've been dreaming of a large sea trout for a long time, this is the place to be. Fish over 50 cm in length are more the rule than the exception here, and on our test trip we caught several seventy-somethings, with a fish of 75 cm/5-6 kilograms as the top spot.


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At Danish sea trout competitions, the competition anglers love to go to Møn because the largest trout invariably come from there - fishing well over 80 cm...Even those who like to fish for pike will find what they are looking for here. On this island you will find the famous inland sea Stege Nor: a beautiful brackish water lake known as one of the better pike waters in Europe. Ideal for bellyboaters and kayak fishermen, but wading or from a boat is also possible of course. We are happy to arrange a rental boat for you. You can also catch very large perch in the brackish water around the island, and, from May onwards, beautiful pencils. And if you are very lucky, you can catch a real salmon from the shore yourself - this happens several times a year. Read the story of Tom Sintobin in Sea Fishing 263 about fishing here.


It is also possible to use the services of local fishing guides who have lived and worked here for years. They know literally every bump and ridge in the water and know exactly what time to be at what weather. We can arrange one of them for you on your first day so that you can enjoy their knowledge and experience to the fullest during your fishing trip.



There are various possibilities to stay here, from cosy cabins to stately homes that are perfect for us fishermen.


The lodge

This is a beautiful and stately home that was built in 1870 and stands close to the cliffs of Moen. Peace, space and perfect for anglers! It is 500 meters away from the steps of Gråryg which descends directly to the beach.

The Lodge is equipped with a modern large kitchen adjacent to the dining room. In the garden there is a wood-burning stove and a fully furnished terrace with a beautiful view to the west. There are 2 bathrooms with shower and an extra bath in the basement. There is a cozy living room with TV and sofa. On the first floor there are 5 bedrooms with a double bed and closet space. In total there can sleep 13 people. Furthermore, there are facilities such as a traffic jam, freezer and running water.

The house can be rented all year round and wifi, electricity, water, heating and wood for the wood stove is included.


House of Snow white

This property is located directly against the forest and has a beautiful view. The house has 3 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 7 people. 1 bedroom has a double and a single bed and the remaining 2 bedrooms each have two single beds. On the ground floor there is a kitchen and wooon/dining room and to the outside there is a terrace available.

The house can be rented all year round and wifi, electricity, water and heating are included.


Forest cabin

The forest cabins are located in the middle of the campsite. The cabins are simple and the bunk beds give the cosy camping feeling, but still with a touch of comfort because of the fridge and the television.

There are 3 double forest cabins where each cabin is split into two parts. Each cabin has 2 x 3 bunk beds and is therefore suitable for up to 6 people. The lower 4 bunk beds are large enough for adults, while the 2 upper bunk beds only provide space for children. There are cupboards, a large table with space for 6 as well as a refrigerator and a television.

Toilets, showers and kitchen can be found in the service building next to the cabins.


Family cabins

There are 11 family cabins available and they are beautifully situated in the grounds. There is room for 4 adults and 2 children. The house is 25 m2 and has a toilet with shower, a TV, and two bedrooms, one with double bed and one with bunk beds. In the living room there is a loft with room for 2 children. There is a furnished terrace and the kitchen is fully equipped. Internet is also available free of charge.

All cabins have duvets and pillows. You have to bring your own bed linen and sheets or indicate at least 2 weeks before arrival that you want to book it. The costs for this are 20 euros per person. It is only possible to use a sleeping bag if you also use a cover for the mattress.

These last two types of houses can be booked from April 1st to October 31st and for a minimum of 2 nights!


It is super quiet and there is a nice Italian restaurant and bar on site, as well as a small supermarket where you can buy fresh bread in the morning and all kinds of toppings and small things. There is a permanent guide on site, who will be happy to take you to the best places and teach you the best methods and lures. Within walking distance of the campsite are true top catches. To get there you walk about 30 minutes through magnificent meadows and forests, far away from all roads and cars. Make sure you're in shape to fish these spots, because the steps to get from the cliffs to the beach are serious. Of course, there are many more spots on Møn than the chalk cliffs in the East, and they are easier to reach. On the west side, for example, you'll find beautiful beaches, close to the car park - an ideal challenge for bellyboaters or kayakers!


There are two guide boats available for pike fishing with a maximum of 3 anglers. Lars and Nick, the guides will take you on Stege Nor and will take you to the best fishing spots. They have great boats like a Smartliner with a 4 stroke Honda motor with trolling electro motor, GPS, fishfinder and throwing platform and a Silver Fox of 4.85 meters and 2 meters wide with a 50 HP Mercury and a trolling electro motor, GPS and fishfinder. The boats can therefore accommodate up to 3 anglers each and cost 350 euros for the first day including guide and petrol. For all subsequent days the cost is 235 euro per boat plus guide and petrol.


Furthermore, there are also fishing boats for rent to go out on the lake of Stege Nor. You have the choice of a spacious 17 foot Smartliner boat with a 10 HP engine where you have plenty of room for 3 people. Or you can choose the 14 feet boat with a 6 HP engine. This is also perfect for 2 people to enjoy a day of fishing.


You do not have to bring a lot of material. A spinning rod of 270-300 cm with a casting weight of up to 30 grams is ideal, in combination with a reel from the 2500-4000 series with 15/00 braided line you are set. This set up makes it possible cast nice distances, even when it's windy and catch decent sized sea trouts. Furthermore a leader of fluorocarbon 25/00-35/00 and some lures. We achieved nice results with the Sandeel Inline from Savage Gear (12.5 cm) and with inline spoons of 21 and 28 grams. These are available from several brands. You can mount a treble behind them, but even better is a large single circlehook (Owner Mutu Light Circle number 1 or 2, depending on the size of the spoon) a release clip+ treble number 12 (see article).


Of course you also need a wading suit plus a wading stick, and a sufficiently large net as fly fishermen use it. If the water conditions are like crystal clear and wrinkle-free water, you can also use a sbirulino (20-30 grams, sinking) and some flies imitating shrimp, or a fly rod of course, aftma 6/7.


For pike you can fish with normal materials but be sure you can use shallow running lures like jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and shads on a light (or no) jighead. Also bring some shads on a jighead of 20 – 30 gram to explore the bottom of the channel in front of the tourist information centre. A couple of years ago we did that for ten minutes and caught two pike.


You can reach Møn by car via Germany. The ferry departs from Puttgarden (several ferries per hour) and brings you to Rødby, from where it is another one and a half hour drive to your destination. ASnd for those who want to fly go to Copenhagen from where we will arrange your rental car.


In Stege you can do your shopping in one of the big supermarkets. There you will also find the necessary restaurants and a Tourist Office, where you can buy permits. These permits are also for sale online and after payment you will receive them digitally:


In principle, you can catch sea trout all year round on this island. April and May are top months, but summer and autumn can also be good months. In summer, the dark hours are the best, in spring you can catch them all day - and, as with all predatory fish, the edges of the day often provide the best catches.


An average price for a week stay with 3 persons with 2 days of pike fishing of which one day with guide and 4 days of sea trout fishing including each with 1 day guide and stay in a family cabin is around 850 euros per person. Exact prices depend on the season on the exact setup of your fishing days. But coming here with 4 guys and just fish for seatrout can start from a price as low as 395 euro. So come on and request your quotation asap.

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