The Ultimate Dutch Fishing Experience (UFX) is the group of 4 top fishing guides in the Netherlands. They take their job and your fishing trip very seriously. They are full time professionals and are guiding on a fulltime basis. As a UFX Fishing guide they will continuously strive for their guests to have the best fishing experience possible. They do that by sharing their knowledge, experience and passion. Superb service and premium fishing boats and gear are the basis of this experience. Their goal is that you fish and catch like a pro.
These five topguides cover the entire Netherlands. We have defined five regions where you can go and fish across the Netherlands:
  • Dutch River Delta and Biesbosch
  • The rivers of the Netherlands
  • Friesland
  • Amsterdam
  • Veluwe lakes
So it is up to you to decide where you want to go fishing. You want to go two days at each region and fish the “whole of the Netherlands” or you want to target a specific specimen size fish during a week at one place? All is possible from 1 up to 15 guests at a time. Therefor this option is also perfect for business or incentive trips.
In the South-West of the Netherlands this is one of the most interesting fishing destinations you can think of: the Dutch Delta and National park Biesbosch. This is where the rivers Maas and Waal conjoin on their way to the North Sea, creating a superb fishing area. These tidal waters are ruled by predatory fish that feast on large shoals of baitfish. Pike, zander, and perch are the main target species. But also asp and sometimes even catfish are caught here.
The Biesbosch is a National Park with beavers, highland cattle, and an immense array of water birds that thrive in this dynamic and brackish ecosystem. You will be fishing in impressive waters, created by the elements. Seeing the countless river inlets, islands, peninsula's, lakes and creeks is an experience in itself. The shallows form a nursery for all kinds of fish, attracting the predators that feed on the young. And on their parents…
The Biesbosch is surrounded by great fishing grounds. South lays the Amer, basically the extension of the river Maas, with countless superb fishing spots. Our guides also love to fish on the Nieuwe Merwede, which is the extension of the river Waal, North of the National Park. West of the Biesbosch you enter the Hollands Diep: a truly intimidating body of water. The Hollands Diep is, even more than the waters mentioned above, famous for large predatory fish: pike, zander, perch, asp, and catfish.
‘Overwhelming’ is probably the right word to describe this fishing region. It's easy to get lost, let alone knowing where and how to fish if you're not familiar with this area. Luckily, our fishing guides know how the fish migrate and what baits they are responding to at any given moment.
In the East and South of The Netherlands, close to the German and Belgium border, you will find a network of rivers, each with its own character. However, there is one thing that all these border  rivers have in common. They are home to the most powerful freshwater predators. River fish owe their strength to the (fast) flowing water they swim against day in and day out. Of course, you will find typical river fish like zander and asp. But also, pike, perch, and catfish are permanent and abundant residents here. And our UFX-fishing guides know where to find them.
The majestic river Maas (also known as the Meuse) is the only true rain river in The Netherlands. Most of the time the current is slow or moderate, making it a friendly and easy river to fish. In case the water levels rise, and the currents are too strong to fish the river (mostly during the winter), there are lots of adjacent gravel pits, harbours, and canals that form a haven for both fish and fisherman. All predatory fish are well represented on the river Maas and connected waters.
The river IJssel is less wide than the Maas, but she's no less impressive. Characteristic for this river are the many groynes that guide the current. These rocky dams form interesting fishing spots. Not in the least because of the current seams downstream of the tip of each groyne. This is where zander lurks on the bottom. Perch, pike, and catfish hunt in the middle water layer and asp rule the surface. Along the river IJssel, there are lots of interesting gravel pits and other excellent fishing waters
And now the biggest and baddest river of all: The Waal. Everything about this river is supersized, not to say intimidating. The gigantic water discharge is beyond imagination. But be assured that our fishing guides know to find 'the sweet spots'. The areas between the groynes, for example, are fantastic to fish comfortably. Also, the current seam downstream of each groyne is a hotspot that produces lots of fish. This is where large zander hunt for baitfish on the bottom. Asp hunt on the surface and all other predators can be expected anywhere. Just like the Rhine and IJssel, this river is fed by both rain and meltwater.
Our guides also love to visit the man-made canals that connect various rivers: Maas-Waal Canal and the Pannerdens Canal. This seems to be a hard place to fish due to their straightforwardness, but we know where the hotspots are.
The Lek and Nederrijn basically are the same river, flowing from East to West. They are easy to fish and stocked with lots of well-sized zanders and (big!) perch. Last but not least is the Dordtse Kil. This is a small, but super challenging river due to the fast current and heavy shipping traffic. A superb destination for large zander, but not for rookies and the faint-hearted!
In the North of the Netherlands you find the province of Friesland, often referred to as 'the Pike Province'. But more and more zander are being caught in this area over the last years. Fishing here is quite different from the other destinations offered by UFX because of the modest depth of this maze of waterways. Fishing for zander and perch with soft baits is just so much easier when the water is only 2 meters deep, instead of 4 to as much as 8 meters.
With over 38.000 acres of water, it's impossible to even cover a fraction of this immense area in one day. Friesland is one gigantic network of lakes, canals, and other waterways that seem to be designed for sportfishing. Almost all these waters are connected, and we are proud to say that our local UFX-guide knows his way in this fascinating maze like the best.
Thanks to the wide variety of water types, there is always a suitable place to fish. The large lakes like the Sneekermeer and Tjeukemeer, both around 1,5 to 2 meters deep, are all-time classic hits for both zander and pike. On hard sand plates and mussel beds, you will find shoals of perch. No 50 cm+ monsters like you can expect on the rivers, but the numbers make up for that for sure.
Adjacent canals, such as the Prinses Margriet Kanaal, are up to 6 meters deep and offer good options for zander. And, to be honest, it's safe to say that you can catch each of the three predatory fish at any given location. Frisian pike, perch, and zander like to mingle.
Cities and villages set the stage for great fishing adventures too. Waterways filled with predatory fish run through countless wonderful places, from Lemmer till Leeuwarden. Fishing here is both an adventure as well as a wonderful touristic attraction at the same time.
In Friesland, not only the numbers of pike, zander, and perch are interesting, but also the size is worth mentioning. Pikes over a meter are quite common and there is always a good chance of catching a zander over 70 and even 80 cm. Especially for those who are new to predatory fishing and yet want to catch a big fish, Friesland is the perfect place to start. At the same time the province is visited by pro-anglers every day for a good reason. Fishing here is just top of the bill.
Amsterdam is often referred to as ‘Zander Capital of the World’, as well as ‘Zanderdam’ due to the amazing stocks of zander. Rightly so. But there is more, much more. Both the historical inner city and the surrounding waters are home to a healthy and challenging stock of predatory fish. As the water is getting cleaner, pike and perch flourish as never before. Also, if you're lucky enough, asp and flounder (and even an occasional catfish) can be caught.
The sky is the limit when it comes to the question of where and how you want to fish. One of the most amazing things to do is fishing the waters of the famous canal belt: a UNESCO world heritage. You will be surprised by the size of the zander, perch, and pike that rule the canals and the Amstel River. The special thing about the inner city of our capital is that you can fish here even with the windiest conditions because the buildings offer great protection.
At the back of Central Station is the IJ-river. This is a large, deep, and mystic body of water with one of the best zander stocks in the world. The many differences in depth make the IJ a very versatile water that offers great angling all year round. Our fishing guides know this water like no-one else. Therefore you are sure not to waste any time searching, and start fishing on the best spots right away.
When it comes to Northern pike, Amsterdam may be the best-kept secret in The Netherlands. Both on the IJ-river and connected water bodies are home to a healthy stock of pike, often over a meter in length. And we know where to find these leviathans.
The North Sea Channel, 25 km long and superb for zander fishing, runs from the IJ-river to the sea lock of IJmuiden. West of the IJ many other interesting water bodies wait to be fished by avid anglers like yourself.
Most zander are between 45 and 65 cm, but specimens over 70 and even 80 cm are caught quite frequently. A typical perch measures anything from 25 to 40 cm and catching a Perchzilla of 50 cm+ is always possible. Pike are less abundant than perch and zander of course, but their size makes up for that. On average Amsterdam pike measures around 70 cm, and it's striking how many do grow over a meter. Every year pike over 120 cm are caught here.
All the waters in and around Amsterdam are connected and hold an impressive number of fish that can be targeted all year round. We know where to go and how to fish at any given moment, ensuring the best fishing experience possible.


These lakes are famous for the huge pike that get caught regularly. On these chrystal-clear lakes, the focus is on catching big pike with big lures. Casting your arms off with big softbaits, hard fights and bleeding knuckles: This is predator fishing at it’s best!

The Veluwerandmeren, close to Amsterdam, are the ultimate destination for trophy pike in the Netherlands. This habitat ticks all the boxes when it comes to vegetation, food and clarity to ensure a healthy population of pike. There is no water system in the Netherlands where you have a better chance to catch a pike of 100 cm or more.

The best period for fishing the Veluwerandmeren is March till November, with June and October as the prime months.

In every region we have selected nice and comfortable accommodation for you to stay and enjoy the Dutch hospitality
Postillion hotel Dordrecht
This comfortable and modern hotel is located in the South West of the Netherlands and just a few kilometres from the Biesbosch delta and Dordste Kil. It is a perfect and comfortable place to stay and offers all services you would require like a quality restaurant, parking, outdoor terrace etc.  And in the evening time it is just a short drive to the old city centre of Dordrecht with cosy bars and other nice restaurants.  It is a perfect and great quality place to stay.
Hotel de Brabantse Biesbosch 
This small hotel is situated in Werkendam in the middle of the national nature park the Biesbosch. It is a wonderful place for those who seek rest. It has a comfortable and family ambiance. It also has its own restaurant which offer simple but tasty dishes.  The spacious hotel rooms overlook National Park the Biesbosch and have a private bathroom with shower, Wi-Fi, hairdryer, television and telephone. Furthermore, the rooms are comfortably furnished with a desk and a seating area. It is situated just next to a harbour where the fishing guide can pick you up.
Hotel Trusten
On the egde of the Hollands Diep and in the beautiful little city of Willemstad this hotel is situated a three minute walk from the ,local harbour. Where you can be pick up by the fishing guide. The hotel has 7 modern state of the art rooms and has its own restaurant Restobar Cuarto Ocho and it offers special Spanish dishes which are served with real southern passion and even more important great taste. It offers a parking service and free Wi-Fi in all areas. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, an electric kettle, a shower, a hairdryer and a work desk. The hotel rooms have a private bathroom with free toiletries. A continental breakfast is served every morning.

Houseboat in Amsterdam
Unique. Stay on a houseboat! This is a 50's style 2 bedroom family houseboat apartment with terrace. It offers space for a maximum of 4 people in 1 double bed and 1 bunkbed. The bathroom offers a nice rain shower, sink and toilet. Thanks to the floor heating you will never have cold feet.  In the living room you will feel like you're back in the good old days, thanks to the retro wall paper, vintage furniture and even a real record player. 
In the kitchen there is a fridge with freezer and a sink - also with a retro look to it. Due to local regulations we are not allowed to offer cooking facilities unfortunately. However, with so much wonderful restaurants at walking distance, in general this is not considered to be a problem by our guests. From the kitchen you have access to the bathroom, tastefully decorated with two portholes and a comfortable rain shower, sink and toilet.  In front of the deck you have your own little terrace where you can enjoy a drink or a smoke.
The location in the east side of the city is very convenient for those travellers who like a quit night sleep and have a lot of space around them. By bike you will get anywhere in town in less then 30 minutes. You will find a bike rental pretty much around the corner. This houseboat is owned by the fishing guide which makes it possible to just step out of your bed directly into your fishing boat.
And if you want to rent a regular hotel room or a private cottage or holiday home we off course have a multitude of possibilities. Just let us know what you prefer and we arrange it for you.

RCN De Potten in Sneek
If you are going fishing in the North of the Netherlands we can really recommend this beautiful holiday park in the middle of nature and surrounded with water in the town of Sneek. It is a true paradise for water sports enthusiasts and almost all accommodations come with a view over the Frisian Lakes.
Here we have a variety of possibilities like de luxe villas, holiday homes, chalets and bungalows for 2 to 10 persons and in every level of comfort. Off course  they all come with private bathroom facilities, fully equipped kitchen, living room with TV etc.
Furthermore there is a restaurant and a shop on site so you do not need to go very far to get all you required foods and drinks. And for the fishing the guide can pick you up directly at the waterfront at walking distance.
Another possibility for the north of the Netherlands are the beautiful houseboats. Comfortable and luxurious and directly on the water. So in the evening time you can still do some fishing if you desire.  The houseboats are available between March 1 and October 31. They are moored to a quay in the harbour and offer high quality holiday but also extra fishing when you get back from an intense day of fishing with the guide. These high quality boats come with private bathroom, great views, living room with TV and off course pick up from your own deck from the fishing guide. The boats are situated in several cities like Joure, Broek, Langweer, Terherne, Akkrum and Sneek. 
Van der Valk Tiel / Nijmegen
When you want to fish the rivers in the East and south of the Netherlands we have an excellent opportunity for you at the Van der Valk Hotel in Tiel or Nijmegen. Both hotels are modern, comfortable and all you could wish for. All rooms have private bathrooms and include breakfast in the morning. They are situated in the close proximity of the departure points for the fishing and offer a very good price quality ratio.
If all these options do not meet your requirements just let us know what you are looking for and we will try and find the right accommodation for you.
And of course we can combine any of these locations for you to create a perfect week or more of the best fishing in the Netherlands. We can make it just to your liking. You want to fish 4 days and do some sightseeing on other days as well? No problem. Just let us know and we create a tailormade package for you.

Thom Prüst 
Being a passionate angler and fishing guide, Thom is a real specialist of the Dutch river delta, one of the best fishing grounds in the world. Here, in these waters with it's mind blowing fish, anglers from all over the world are guided by Thom on a daily basis. Every day is a new opportunity for his guests to fish in this angler's paradise and to have a good chance of catching the fish of a lifetime.
When he's not guiding, Thom spends his day off on the water with his fishing mates. Always on the lookout for new spots, new techniques and big fish, trying to fulfil his ultimate angler's dream, catching a meter+ zander on his specialism: jigging with light tackle. Languages: Dutch, English, German, Portuguese, Spanish.
Boat: Crestliner 1600 Vision Tiller, 60 HP Yamaha, Raymarine Axiom 9 RV with Navionics Autochart Live watercharts, Garmin LiveScope GLS 10 and Pantoptix LVS 32 with GPSMAP 8410XS and GPSMAP 922, Minn Kota Terrova 80 Lbs front troller with integrated Lowrance sonar.
Fishing Equipment: Savage Gear and St. Croix Rods, Okuma and Shimano reels, Savage Gear, Lunker City and Westin lures as well as other high-end tackle and gear.

Jeroen Kok
Having lived 30+ years abroad and fishing wherever his job took him, Jeroen decided to come home in 2018.  He chose the Province of Friesland with its vast body of water teemed with fish. As someone who spent most of his free time outdoors, the step to start his guiding service was easily made.
Jeroen will guide you through the 38,000 acres of water to the spots to try and catch Zander, Perch and Northern pike. Techniques used: vertical fishing, casting, fireball, dropshot, c-rig,T-rig, ned-rig. Languages: Dutch, English, German.
Boat: Baaiman 601 Fishing, equipped with a 70 HP Yamaha EFI. Two Humminbird Helix fishfinders with Navionics waterchart as well as a Minn-Kota Terrova 80 LBS front troller with spotlock and i-pilot 
Fishing equipment: Abu Garcia, Westin, Shimano , Daiwa and other top of the line brands.

Chris de Ruijter
Passionate entrepreneur with a drive to put everything at a higher level than the average in a market. Passionate fisherman since he was 10 years old when he got a bamboo rod in his hand and caught one fish after another on a sunny summer day. In recent years Chris has specialized completely in predatory fishing from the boat. Languages: Dutch, English, German.
Boat: Crestliner 1650 Fish Hawk SC, 115 HP Yamaha V Max SHO, Garmin with Navionics watercharts, Garmin Livescope, Minn Kota Ulterra 80 Lbs front troller.
Fishing equipment: St. Croix, Savage Gear and Westin rods, Shimano, Okuma and Abu Garcia reels.

Juul Steyn
Sharing the passion for angling, that is the life goal of this enthusiastic Amsterdam fishing guide. As a 6 year old he got his first rod, as a teenager he competed in the World Championships Coarse Fishing and ever since his early twenties he has been working professionally in sport fishing.
From the late ‘90’s onward Juul worked as an editor and chief editor at the two leading Dutch angling magazines. In 2010 he started his own business and became a certified fishing guide in Amsterdam. In 2020 Juul published his first book, called ‘Denken als een vis’, in English ‘To think like a fish’. And that is exactly what he does: make you catch more and bigger fish by teaching you to think like a fish.
The reason that he moved to Amsterdam back in 2007 is the superb stock of predator fish both in the inner city and the waters surrounding it. Juul lives on a houseboat with his fishing boat docked alongside. It’s safe to say that he’s got fishing on his mind 24/7. Languages: Dutch, French, English.
Boat: Starweld 1600 SC, 50 HP Yamaha, Humminbird Helix with Navionics water charts, Minn Kota 55 lb Powerdrive Riptide front troller.
Fishing equipment: St. Croix rods (Legend Extreme and Premier) with Shimano Vanford spinning reels and Shimano Tranx casting reels, as well as other high-end fishing gear of Daiwa, Spro and Westin.
Effective fishing methods
Every region has it’s peculiarities when it comes to using baits in relation to the time of the year and targetfish. But as all material is included in your day of fishing you do not have to worry about anything. Just let us know which type of fishing you desire most: pelagic, deadbait, trolling, softbaits, dropshot etc. It is all possible.
When targeting Northern pike, most of the time we stick to the motto 'go big or go home'. With specimens over 120 cm, it's nearly impossible to use bait that is too big. After finding the baitfish your guide will look for big pike swarming around with his Livescope fish finder. And then it’s time for action. Both casting and trolling are great ways to catch these trophy fish.
When it comes to pike fishing on the rivers, there is a wide range of baits that can be used. Casting is a fun and effective technique. Trolling XXL hard baits, swim baits and soft baits can be very rewarding too, especially if you got your mind set on a trophy pike. What to choose, ultimately depends on the location, the current, and your personal preference.
If you want to catch zander, you can choose both vertical jigging, drop shot fishing, and casting soft baits. These techniques generally result in interesting numbers, and there is always a chance of catching a true 'castle': a zander over 80 or even 90 cm. When the time is right, especially the bigger zander respond extremely well to hard baits. Casting a lipless crankbait with an aggressive rattle on a hot spot often triggers the weary and cautious big mamas to strike. This is also the way to go if you see hunting asp on the surface.
Vertical jigging is and stays a very effective and fun way to catch zander and perch. Nothing beats a sudden strike on a super-fast short jigging rod. Do you prefer fiddling with your bait, then the drop-shot technique may be just your cup of tea. This way you can present your soft bait in the most passive, annoying, and seductive way to both zander, perch, and flounder.
For perch, growing over 50 cm, there are lots of methods to choose from: jigging, casting hard and soft baits, trolling, and a range of finesse techniques. Just say what you prefer, and we will get you started right away.
In case we spot hunting asp, it's a matter of seconds before you are handed over a rod with a twitch bait or lipless crankbait. You will never forget the first time you get an aggressive strike from this toothless predator!
Although we don't offer specialized catfish trips just now, we land 'cats' more and more often when fishing for pike and zander. So far, the UFX-guides have caught species up to 180 cm, and we expect this record to be broken soon. The reason: the fast-growing population of catfish in our waters. Don't be surprised to hook a catfish over 2 meters in The Biesbosch and surrounding waterways.
If there is one type of bait that is designed to catch zander and perch in strong currents, it's the soft bait on a jig head. By choosing the right weight jig-head and the perfect size soft bait, you are sure to fish the best way possible. Both vertical jigging and casting are super effective – if done the right way. We are glad to show you how to get the best out of these techniques, because 'the devil is in the detail'. Small adjustments will increase your results dramatically!
Casting small hard baits is another super cool method to target both big perch, zander, and asp. Depending on the situation we will suggest using crankbaits, twitch baits, and various lipless crankbaits. Also trolling is an effective and fun way to catch these species.
Our guides are there for you if you want to get acquainted with finesse techniques such as the Carolina rig. During the closed season, between April 1st and the last weekend of May, this works well with big live worms too!
Last but not least we love to fish with a dead bait on the fireball jig: a super effective technique when targeting pike and large zander.
If required we organise your flight into Amsterdam, your rental car, accommodation and all other requirements you may wish. The only thing you have to tell us is at what area in the Netherlands you would like to fish and for how many days. Then we will make you an offer and hopefully one you can not refuse.
This is a unioque option to fish with your own group, or a group up to 15 people for just a few days or a week or even more if you desire.
Please note that there is a closed season for predatory fishing in the Netherlands. That means that from the 1. April till the last Saturday in May we are not allowed to fish for pike, zander, perch or asp. Apart from the closed season all other months are perfect to go after the predator fish. In every season we have different techniques that work better than others.
A complete fishing day with one of these professional guides and all materials included costs for 2 guests € 399,- and for 3 guests the price is € 499,- for a full day (of at least 8 hours) of fishing.
All other requirements are extra but an indication of 2 people fishing for 6 days, accommodation with breakfast, lunch on the boat, fishing licences, private boat and guide, all materials, baits looks like this:
  • With 2 people starting from 1700 euro for a complete week
  • With 3 people starting from 1350 euro for a complete week 
These rates are excluding flights and rental car. When you choose for one or more locations with these topguides and materials you get high quality service and fishing. You will not be sorry This is the Ultimate Fishing Experience in the Netherlands! Just let us know what you desire and we make a tailormade quotation for you!

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