How does it work?
  • Sometimes we get the request whether guests are allowed to book the plane ticket or ferry or other items. Our approach is simple: "The fishing trip should be as the guest wants it to be". So if, for example, a guest has a family member working with an airline and can therefore book for less money? Or if they have special arrangements with a car rental company through work? Do it yourself. So you can book certain parts of your fishing trip yourself without any problems.

    However, those parts that are not booked with us are not covered by the travel guarantee. Some guests think they are cheaper by booking a plane ticket online for a little smaller price. However, if you book everything with us in one booking, everything is also covered by the travel guarantee. If something goes wrong then we can and we also have to help you with that. We then have access to networks that the guest often does not have and can offer better and faster support.